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  1. Exactly my plan. Diesel is so cheap in France and my trip contains two identical legs, so I thought I'd give it a try. Sarcasm passed me by as Le Mans to me is a crescent in Bolton
  2. Good. So where do you buy? Car is just a tool to me, I don't follow motor racing
  3. Back on diesel after a few years of petrol. I have 1500km trip next month so thought I'd treat my engine to some premium fuel, bearing in mind how much cheaper it is compared to UK.. Curious to see if it provides any benefits. So, do any of the supermarket chains sell premium gazole, or will I have to stick to the brands?
  4. Thanks. "Stockage" was the keyword. I've now found what I'm looking for
  5. Has self storage reached the area yet. Looking for something within reasonable distance of Magnac Laval
  6. Anyone planning to travel back either the first week of November or from 8/12 until start of xmas rush? I have furniture and stuff that needs to come back. Load dependent on your free space.
  7. My replacement Britline card won't arrive before I head across the channel agfain, so I've treated myself to a Post Office Euro card. Do these work OK now on automated supermarket pumps?
  8. .....anyone doing it ? Any contacts for shipping etc.
  9. Many thanks to everyone who provided me with invaluable advice
  10. Thanks. But I need an immobilier for a specific reason and also one who is currently trading.
  11. Please PM me if you have details of a good local english speaking agent who is also currently trading
  12. Is this anytime in the recent past ? It certainly wouldn't be the experience of anyone with that degree of disability any time in the last 15 years.
  13. Part of the reason they'll only rent to credit card holders, so they can bill you are their leisure
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