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  1. The law was changed after a number of high profile celebrity cases where the drivers (footballers?) were unable to recollect who was driving their car at outrageous speeds on the motorways.  
  2. Might be worth a try........ http://kb.toast.net/index.php?action=artikel&cat=18&id=1037&artlang=en
  3. When you say , no go, following the steps I outlined what actually happened. Did you get all the way through? Did you try clicking the icon placed on the desktop?  
  4. Owen Thanks for that. As I said earlier, I had always assumed that it was some kind of extra-statutory concession, I didn't know from which particualr bit of the codes it stemmed. This welfare guide casts some light on the mysteries of why the entitlement period varies.......  http://www.benefitsnow.co.uk/incapacity/nicontributions.asp
  5. Wouldn't it be cheaper to pay full NI contributions until we could get back into the system than the cost of private cover that's if it was an option made available? Yes it probably would be cheaper, but you can only pay if you have employment in the UK.
  6. [quote user="Ron Avery"]They always could, there a private hospitals in France, but they cannot  ONLY have PHI., they have to be in the state system as well.[/quote] However the pressure groups are claiming that it is illegal  to make people pay the compulsory charges because of the EU ruling, even though the EU say that is untrue!
  7. I expect that the drivers have probably been installed by the Neuf disc already. So in Windows XP the steps are 1 Start 2 Control Panel 3 Network Connection 4 Create New Network Connection 5 Next 6 Connect to Internet 7 Set Up Manually 8 Connect using Broadband that requires a User Name and Password 9 Type "Neuf" 10Enter  User name , Password (Twice) ,Tick Both Boxes (From the Neuf Letter)  11 Tick Create Shortcut 12 Finish    
  8. The only way you can pay to extend the E106 is by continuing some form of work in the UK, thereby paying  "full" NI contributions. after being resident for 5 years we can go back in.........can anyone confirm? The rules governing re-entry are expected to be clarified in the next few days. No-one outside the French government knows the details at present.
  9. I think the point is that the French are  in breach of EU law on a technicality because they gave the job of collecting the statutory contributions to the chosen caisses without going through a tendering process. The right to impose a statutory scheme is not in question ; See the EU briefing posted by cooperlola at 18:30 yesterday (17 November) It all comes about because the Caisses and their collection arms aren't formally part of government, if they were part of the Tresor Public the problem wouldn't arise. There are a number of pressure groups trying to escape the statutory schemes because as high earners it is indeed cheaper for them to pay privately, until they become seriously ill.......and then they would quickly rejoin if they found they weren't that wealthy.
  10. Have you tried setting the machine up without using the Neuf software. When I tried to set it up using their disc it wouldn't work so........ I loaded the drivers from the disc as if I was installing any other bit of kit. Then used the Windows add new connection route , inputting the Neuf supplied details where required and hey presto it worked. Not very elegant, and the Neuf diagnostics didn't work, but I was able to connect., even though the Neuf software kept saying that the network wasn't there!    
  11. Joshua The problem is that those regulations were intended for "Employed or self-employed persons" living in a country other than their "competent State" .  The extension of E106's to people moving abroad permanently was probably intended as a measure to facilitate the mobility of labour, certainly not as a  free gift for early retirees. Once you have ceased working in the UK the competent authority becomes the one in which you live. The extension of cover by the UK  virtually amounts to an extra statutory concession. It could be argued that cover should cease on leaving employment, or certainly at the end of the contributions year in which UK activity ceased.   
  12. Changes to the rules to exclude French inactifs would  be fairly  pointless. I assume that 99% would  qualify for the CMU on the grounds of  more than five years residence.......
  13. I always assumed that it was the specified  amount of money and (ie after) paying for the insurance, because you were required to have both the money and the health cover.
  14.  they wont have all the detail. Since they were given new powers last year  the CMU and the Fisc can exchange full details of their clients. So the CPAM may well now everything that you told the tax authorities, not just the bottom line. 
  15. It might be a good sign. Part of the new regulations provides that in order to satisfy themselves that everything is OK, CPAM can carry out home visits. The purpose is like a tax audit so that they can compare your lifestyle with your declared income. So if you have been claiming the free complementaire hide the Range Rover around the back by the Lotus......... If they think you have a lifestyle above your declared income they can raise an assessment on what they believe to be a more realistic income than that declared.
  16. The point I was quickly trying to make was that if you are only paying 8%,  then you are only paying as an inactif, to be an actif you must be paying at the 40% level, because you must be paying all the other bits and pieces.
  17. I suppose the key thing is whether you have been paying 8% of your income as an inactif, or the more typical 30 or 40% as that an actif would pay.
  18. Just puzzled as to just what you have from FT that costs 70 euros per week. Most people only pay a maximum of 56 euros per month.
  19. I can't see how they will have enough time to sort out our French health-care problems , they seem too busy. Perhaps its a case of singing makes you happy. http://www.carrieanddavidgrant.co.uk/tv_media.html
  20. Um... thought it already was. I can get it on my skybox. But you can't get it on  any other box or a Skybox without a card,.
  21. For anyone who missed the deleted extract. http://entertainment.timesonline.co.uk/tol/arts_and_entertainment/books/book_extracts/article2799528.ece Its not that bad, and typical of the genre. Is it really any worse that A Year in the Merde? I think its probably above the standard of the average ST article. Has anybody read any of Mr Clarkson's ramblings recently?
  22. All other unearned income (bank/building society savings interest, investments, property rentals, drug trafficking etc) is liable for the social charges regardless of your healthcare situation. If they would accept drug trafficking as earned income, then one wouldn't be inactif so would qualify for full social cover health, holidays, unemployment  the lot.......[:)] 
  23. Unless you have previously registered on the FT website you have to create an account for yourself, starting at the tab just below identifiant and mot de passe pas encore d'espace client ? créez dès maintenant votre espace client
  24. My own opinion is that the French tax regs are quite clear in that CSG is payable Thats exactly what was said in the Telegraph article (Sourced from Blevins) that I mentioned on the previous page said   In practice, pension income from non-French sources tend to only pay 0.5 per cent CRDS social charges in any event, not the total 7.1 per cent
  25. Ron, is your private pension actually a Government  IE taxable in the UK pension? I think there are two things here. 1 If you have a 106/121 then you are exempt on pension income. 2 Even if you don't have a 106/121 then if your pension is taxed in the UK, as a Government or allied pension, then that is also exempt from CSG in France. As to the liability for those in the future who have no 106/121 and are excluded from the CMU????????? Personally I think they would be exempt. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/global/main.jhtml?view=DETAILS&grid=P8&targetRule=0&xml=/global/2006/04/11/expatqanda.xml On an unrelated thought If as is rumoured people with pre-existing conditions are allowed to stay in the CMU, will they be expected to take private insurance AND pay their 8%? 8% for their existing condition nd the private cover for the rest.
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