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  1. Thanks for that... in this case 'Renovated' means to a very high standard by professional craftsmen using the finest quality materials - we've seen to many 'bodgers' and 'so called builders' which is why we used our own highly qualified people. Projects for a DIY enthusiast is self explanatory - we've left some areas in the barns to finish, having done the hard work ourselves - its up to the buyer to decide upon decor. Great potential - We have been buying and selling luxury houses for decades and know potential when we see it! I am disappointed with your negativity - please don't assume that we are all out to make a quick profit for very little return.
  2. Thanks for all your replies... I'm following some advice and contacting  a couple more agents who might want to add our house to their books , I'll leave the listings on GreenAcres and FPN as well though. Our house is a renovated (although still has projects to inspire a DIY enthusiast) prestigious property with great gite/B&B potential... I'm dreaming of a semi retired couple who want to live the perfect French life in a beautiful house and earn an income! As I keep reminding myself - it only takes one person to fall in love with the house and want to buy it... just a small matter of finding them! Good luck to everyone who is trying to sell at the moment.
  3. We've just put our house (Dept 87) on the market, privately through on line French property selling sites and are keeping our fingers crossed. We had a visit from a local estate agent who gave us a ridiculous estimation of selling price in order to 'sell the house really quickly' and for thousands of euro's fees! We have done our homework regarding pricing, market factors etc and so have followed the private sale route... we may have to wait for as long as it takes to sell but won't be lining the pockets of greedy agents who are out to make a quick sale at our expense! A couple of our friends have sold recently so there is some hope that the market is starting to pick up.
  4. We have cordless phones - you only need to plug one into the socket.  We have 2  by the way - 1 through the livebox to make calls and 1 through the FT line to receive. That seems to work.
  5. I prefer to queue at the post office, I don't get embarased at the counter any more over the length of time I take - the locals in my town take ages to do their business, even buying a stamp entails a conversation that lasts at least 5 minutes... still, it helps to improve my French I suppose! Interestingly when I have used other post offices to post the same weight they have charged me different amounts - it is worth keeping your eye on it.  I find that posting a parcel to UK or US is cheaper than posting it to an address in France!
  6. I call mine a '15ft bucket of cold water that sits in the middle of the lawn!!' - wish I'd had  bought a hot tub instead... though if we get a really really hot summer I'll probably appreciate it more!
  7. I think I'm right in thinking that EDF read my meter in December (twice a year), this was about 150 euros higher than usual which I thought was a catch up.  In February I found my bill almost identical and estimated - can't possibly have used that much and wonder if they have estimated it on the higher bill in December? Don't want this to happen again - how do I submit my readings and when can I do it?  I have bi-monthly bills.
  8. We plan to put our house on the market in a couple of months time and in no rush for a buyer (if it happens, it happens!) just wondered though about any any taxes we will be liable for when we do eventually sell. Also, I've been told that there are still people out there in Europe who are looking for larger, renovated houses... hope so!
  9. Can anyone advise me about pet insurance in France please?  I have 2 dogs & 2 cats, cats are 10 years old and all are in good health and I'd like them insured... just in case!
  10. Happy New Year! I'd love to hear from anyone who has a student at any Lycee in Angouleme that has an International section.  I understand that Lycee Jean Rostand does but can't find their web site for more information! We are planning for our son to start in September.
  11. I've had it and lost it... the English speaking number for Orange.fr - if anyone could give me it again I'd be grateful. I thought everything was running smoothly, paying my factures when  they arrived by cheque and just noticed that FT have been taking payment from my bank account every month of around 60-70 euros.  Don't know what this is for since I have the Livebox and pay for the line rental in that, we never call out on FT line incidentally!
  12. Hello and thank you for your reply, it all seems so much clearer now. I think I will chase up the Carte Vital again although Christmas is coming up....!
  13. Still waiting for our Carte Vital to arrive (since February) hence we have had to pay for doctor etc.  We filled in all of our feuille de soins-medecin and sent them off to be re-inbursed.  Have just noticed on our bank statement that we have a couple of small payments paid into our account about 10% of what we have paid out. As we are new at this my questions are:  what should we expect to get back?  We have a top up insurance which should cover all extra's but haven't actually used it yet - will we get a form from the CPAM office that we have to take into Mutuelle De Potiers? We have tried to chase up our Carte Vital but get the usual shrug of the shoulders and told that it will arrive sometime (I can live with that if I can get this sorted out!).
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