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  1. I've just bought my second Samsung CLP300 colour laser printer (one for each son) It has a duty cycle for the toners of 20 000 (yes 20k) sheets of A4.  After No. 1 son giving it a good hammering at Uni all year, it has hardly made a dent in the toners.  A set of toners cost £90, which is odd as a new printer has just cost me £84 !!! I think you will fiind that 20000 is the life of the drum The stated average life of the toners is 2000 sheets , though the initial kit they include with the printer is for only 1500 B&W sheets...... Edit Someone bea tme to it .  I was fighting off a not to be missed money making scheme being offered by a call centre... http://www.samsung.com/us/consumer/detail/spec.do?group=printersmultifunction&type=printersmultifunction&subtype=colorlaserprinters&model_cd=CLP-300/XAA&fullspec=F  
  2. As it is lead in paint they are looking for I believe the survey is perpetually valid. That is correct if the survey confirms that there is no lead risk. However if the survey confirms that lead is present the document is valid for twelve months for the purpose of a sale or six years for a rental. http://www.astria.com/astriaEtVous/Newsletter21/diagnosticsTechinquesImmobiliers.htm  
  3. Additionally,   note the huge cost of ringing the helpline if things go wrong (28 p per minute seems licensed banditry to me). Neuf have recently changed to a local rate call for customer service. I think they have also complied with the Government edict that means they aren't allowed to charge for the initial period while you are waiting for them to connect you with a human(oid) operative.
  4. Isn't there a charge for loading and / or spending money via a Post Office Electron card?  
  5. I think fans of tinned mushy peas are going to be disappointed. Due to new food regs they are required to stop using the green colouring by next year. As people don't like grey peas most manufacturers are likely to stop producing the tinned variety. I suspect that many of the boxes of dried peas also contain some of the colourings so it looks as though it will be grey peas all round. http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/woman/health/health/article1027066.ece PS Sorry about the source of the article, but though I remember reading the story in a proper newspaper, I can't find anything online.  
  6. exactly how the numbers will work for the OP I have no idea Particularly when you consider that in the UK someone on really low income and savings  would qualify for 100% exemption from Council Tax
  7. At present you have a line from FT but all your calls are preselected to be  routed through UK Telecom (IE You don't have to dial any special codes). If you want to keep this arrangement you will be obliged to pay the 5euros supplement on your ADSL rental.  
  8. And to get the 14.90 offer you need to be in an area with full degroupage otherwise its 19.95 (+5 Euros if not preselection). We have been with Neuf preselection and they are slightly cheaper than FT in most cases, though not as cheap as many of the alternative operators, so our call bill with Neuf is pretty small!
  9. Once you have been paid the winter fuel allowance in the UK you keep your entitlement even if you move abroad. The same does not apply to pension credit which is only paid while you are resident in the UK.  
  10. I assume you mean this one http://www.completefrance.com/cs/forums/1348142/ShowPost.aspx
  11. Broadly speaking I think that if you can manage on £x in the UK then in broad terms you will be able to mange in France. Some things are dearer some things are cheaper but by and large if you haven't got a mortgage to pay things work out pretty much the same. However In your case I think the problem is that nobody in the UK is expected to survive on the basic pension. That's why the Government introduced Pension Credits. You won't get those if you live in France, and you won't get anything from the French system either.    
  12. How do Screen scrapers acting as price comparison sites differ from the many insurance and electricity price comparison sites? Aren't they performing the same function? Are you saying that the likes of moneycomparison.com are acting like thieves?  
  13. Its been a while since I stayed in one , but its very simple. Its like a cash dispenser, you put your card in the machine and follow the onscreen prompts. I think you probably need the booking reference number and you definitely need the card you paid with. The machine gives you a code for the front door and one for the room door. I it comes up on the screen and I think it also prints them out for you.
  14. I never believe anything that Marie has to say for herself....
  15. The subject has cropped up before, and even though its AI you referenced, I seem to remember that it is a legal requirement. PS Here is  link to the legal ruling. http://tinyurl.com/56rw5r      
  16. Machine a Pain In one way Boulanger is the answer! http://www.boulanger.fr/petit_electromenager/appareils_de_cuisson_conviviaux/machine_a_pain/c_39501.htm
  17. http://www.gro.gov.uk/gro/content/births/obtainingbirthcertificates/index.asp But its probably cheaper if you can visit the local offices.
  18. Have you gone through all the recommendations at http://www.free.fr/assistance/228-freebox-freebox-en-chenillard-lent-chenillard-lent-votre-installation.html ????
  19. 'frais de dedit' was 12.83 deplacement sans intervention was 22.53 Both of these seem to suggest abortive work charges; things such as cancelling a visit with less than 48 hours notice, agent visiting the premises for an appointment when nobody was there to meet him etc etc.
  20. http://www.piscine-center.net/kit-panneaux-solaires-pour-piscines-avec-regulation-pompe-automatique/213
  21. I am sure that Cooperlola's document goes into it in great detail but in essence I think these two documents give sufficient detail of the dangers implicit in flitting from country to country. 1 What determines the eligibility for free UK hospital treatment? Being ordinarily resident http://www.dh.gov.uk/en/Healthcare/Entitlementsandcharges/OverseasVisitors/Browsable/DH_074374 2 What does that mean? Well it all depends , but this government guide gives some of the factors to be taken into account. http://www.hmrc.gov.uk/manuals/cbtmanual/cbtm10020.htm I know its a tax document but the factors will be similar if not exactly the same. Examples of relevant factors: Will the person be returning to the United Kingdom? If so, this may indicate that ordinary residence continues during the period(s) abroad (the sooner, more frequent or longer the return visits, the stronger that indication). If the person does not intend to return, this indicates that they have ceased to be ordinarily resident. What will the purpose of any return visits be? Visits to see family who have remained at the person’s home in the United Kingdom or holidays spent at such a retained home in the United Kingdom may indicate continued ordinary residence. Visits connected to the absence abroad (for example, being sent to the UK for training by an overseas employer) are less likely to indicate ordinary residence. Will the person’s family (spouse or partner and any children) be going abroad as well? If so, this may indicate that the person (and his or her family) is no longer ordinarily resident, particularly if they do not maintain a home in the United Kingdom. If the person’s family remains in the United Kingdom, however, this may indicate that the person continues to be ordinarily resident here. Will the person retain a home in the United Kingdom during their period abroad? If so, this may indicate continuing ordinary residence during the period of absence. If not, the person is less likely to remain ordinarily resident. If the person retains a home in the United Kingdom, will it be available for their use when they return? If so, this is an indication that ordinary residence may continue. If not - for example, because it is let on a long lease - then it is less likely that the person will remain ordinarily resident. Will the person be returning to the United Kingdom at the end of the period abroad? If so, this may indicate that ordinary residence continues. If not, this may indicate that the person ceases to be ordinarily resident, particularly if they do not retain a home in the United Kingdom during their absence. How long has the person lived in the United Kingdom? The longer the period, the stronger the indication that the person is ordinarily resident. Now it strikes me that someone retired, coming and going, living in a motor home would start to raise some questions. It strikes me that the easiest way to increase one's "residence score" would be to maintain a real address, perhaps a flat in the UK.
  22. Tele2/Neuf  do sell this sort of thing http://www.neufstore.com/produit.asp?PdtNum=2-PTN002-01 Which claims to send a phone signal through the mains wiring of the house. I have often wondered how good they are,, and perhaps WoolyB has given us the answer. I was puzzled how it would work if the two plugs were on different rows of the main , or even off  discrete distribution boards...... Edit... PS I know the particular one on the euf link above is an ethernet link, but though I can't find it at the moment I know some IP providers sell a phone version.
  23. Are you sure that you are fully degroupee, and not simply buying an inclusive package with no FT rental? Full degroupage is usually only available in or near the larger towns and cities. If you are in a more rural area then going degroupee will make no difference to your speed of connection, it will simply save you the 16 euros per month rental charge. PS in the rural areas you are unlikely to get the TV service .  
  24. Is it one of these? http://www.leboncoin.fr/vi/15898526.htm?ca=11_s
  25. It will be interesting to see how / if  things change once the EU eventually  implements the free movement of services in a few years time. I will have to check to see what exemptions have been made for cultural services. Edit In fact I see that  les services audiovisuels  are excluded from the proposed directive as they are already covered by other legislation. Now what is that likely to say.... http://www.euractiv.fr/marche-interieur-entreprises/dossier/de-la-directive-bolkestein-a-la-directive-services-revisee
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