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  1. On the day that Christine Keeler died, we remember that John Profumo resigned after lying to Parliament. Davies has consistently lied,in Parliament, on television etc. Mrs May has also stated in Parliament that she has seen the Impact assessments. re we now more accepting of our politicians lying?
  2. Well worth a read https://economics.rabobank.com/publications/2017/october/the-permanent-damage-of-brexit/
  3. Quite. However even I am surprised to find that people who want a "No deal" feel that everything will remain as it is now... it will be far worse. In the meantime, Saint Teresa seems to have found the magic money tree to pay for the damage.
  4. On the other side of the coin. I know an Irish couple here who have been resident here for more than 5 years driving on an Irish plate.
  5. If you remember May sent Amber Rudd to stand in for her, despite her father dying just 48 hours before. Also the deal with the DUP may unravel as Gina Miller has challenged the government about this use of tax payers money, which now needs parliamentary approval.
  6. Maybe not. https://politicalscrapbook.net/2017/07/vote-leave-campaign-director-says-voting-leave-may-have-been-an-error/
  7. I have today received a response from Emma Rawle (although she does say she had previously sent me a private message.). Basically the answer is to go to edit your details, and then pseudo in name box and save. This I have done, and hopefully this will sort it out. I can see it has worked.
  8. I see that I post I made today shows my real name-any reason why this should happen?
  9. I rather hope this is false news: http://www.cnbc.com/2017/06/12/nigel-farage-to-gain-brexit-role-under-dup-conservative-deal--reports.html
  10. Your information here was most helpful. However I am having some brain freeze. There seems to be extra boxes this year : Nature of income public or private . I assume public is OAP and private is company pension. Thanks again
  11. I must be the lucky exception. At St Jean D'Angely on a bed within 5 Minute and admitted to a ward (2nd time Intensive care) within 2 hours.
  12. http://france3-regions.francetvinfo.fr/nouvelle-aquitaine/dordogne/perigord/dordogne-camping-libertin-va-ouvrir-sainte-alvere-1229893.html#xtor=EPR-521-[france3regions]-20170414-[lespluslus]
  13. This is exactly the method I have used every year.
  14. According to Blevin Franks: We have been advised by our accountants that the exchange rate that they will be using for tax returns this year is 1.2188. They arrived at this figure using the average end of month exchange rate using Banque de France data. The rate for wealth tax, i.e. the rate on 31/12/2016 was 1.1680.
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