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  1. Ladoix - thank you... that's the kind of thing I was looking for... a definitive answer, easy to follow, and from a forum member who doesn't have his or her head stuck up their a*se. What a shame everyone here isn't as nice, welcoming, and helpful than everybody else.

    You'll see I've been here since 2005 when I moved out, but I don't feel the need to post often - mainly as I can answer my own questions, and I realise that I am not very qualified to answer others - it's a shame others don't think the same.
  2. It wasn't me that posted Wikipedia... I am not a fan of the inaccuracies found on that site.

    I just don't like your tone, but I still seek the correct and definitive answer. Perhaps not here though.
  3. You know what, pachapapa? People come here for help and guidance from those who know more. Clearly you prefer to ridicule and for that reason, I will not continue in this thread.

    I am very unhappy about that, but I find your snide suggestions offensive.
  4. NO - no ulterior motive, I promise! Just as the thread panned out, I thought it would get interesting...

    I'm not sure I like it that some thought me ignorant for posing the question, after all, some replies show others to be quite in the dark, and I have learned something, even if not the full response to my original question!
  5. [quote user="Cendrillon"]Children are no longer allowed to be on U.K. parent's passport they must have one of their own. Our latest granddaughter got her passport age 7 weeks![:)]


    Yes - both my other children had passports from birth, which are valid for five years - so looking at an almost-five-year-old and comparing them to a baby photo... not easy!!
  6. Why, when I Preview my reply in which I have hit Quote, does it look right... but then when I post, it looks wrong?

    Also, why can I not use Firefox for this forum?? (My FastestFox addon causes loading problems.)
  7. [quote user="Anton Redman II"]Why do you think your child is a French Citizen by birth ?

    A child born to French parents resident in the Uk would not automatically be British. Wikipedia link below corresponds to my view. Suspect child either needs own UK passport or entry on parents.


    Good old Wikipedia!!

    Actually, as we are (and have been for some years) French residents, my daughter is automatically claimed by l'Etat as property of France... And her birth certificate also shows that!

    And, as we are British, and continue to have a right to live in Britain, my daughter is also British... so, of course she can have a British passport - but at £150? this becomes an unnecessary expense, if she can have a free ID card or a 17€ French Passport.

    I knew this would become an interesting thread!
  8. [quote user="andyh4"]...neither do you [need a passport].  You do require it to cross out of the Schengen area however.[/quote]

    That I didn't know... interesting... so my panic to renew three just last month was unnecessary then?

    But the UK isn't part of the Schengen area... so I guess I still need something to travel freely there and back!
  9. Erm... I feel that I am being told off here...

    It is the French passport which carries a €17 fee, which I compared to the UK passport ex-pat rate here in France of €120 (which then gets P&P etc added to it, so goes up even more...)

    I know the ID card is free.
  10. Thank you Nectarine... that's nice!
  11. I would rather she had a passport, but when I travelled recently with some French friends, they entered the UK with ID cards. Within the EU, you can travel freely with any national ID card, although now the UK cards have been scrapped, I guess any previously issued ID cards would not suffice. Technically speaking, you should be able to travel on any official photo ID, including a driving licence... I'd be interested to hear of anyone that has done that successfully! I suspect there will be no-one...

    Unlike me, my new French daughter doesn't require a passport to live here!

    Unfortunately, where I live, the secretariat of the Mairie are really not very knowledgeable - but we are a commune of just 82 so... However, the mayor himself is quite switched on, so I'll ask him... otherwise I know I can go to the city and get a passport - I just know how that could go, with me being British, and her being French...

    Still, at 17€ instead of 120€ for a passport, it is well worth the hassle!!
  12. Certainly she can travel on a French ID card... Not sure if she can get one though! Or how. Thanks for the link... useful.

    Any other thoughts?
  13. Don't know where to look! I think someone on here might... please???!!!

    My family and I all have British passports, and live full time in France.

    A new daughter was born to us this week, here in France.

    We now want to be able to travel quite soon to the UK...

    What document does my baby require, and where can I get it done?

    She had her birth registered in France of course, and is a French citizen by birth...

    I know I do not need to notifiy the UK authorities about the birth etc, and I know I can apply for a UK passport... but really, as this is unnecessary, I don't want the expense nor the long wait for the process...

    Thanks in advance...
  14. OK - I think I have it now, on a page that was opening whilst writing the above:

    si le véhicule a plus de 4 ans, la preuve du contrôle technique devant avoir été effectué dans les 6 mois qui précèdent la date de dépôt du dossier de demande de nouveau certificat d'immatriculation à la préfecture (ou de moins de 2 mois si une contre-visite a été prescrite)

    So I am ok I think...
  15. I know this will have been asked before, but try as I might, I cannot find the answer here or anywhere - although if I wasn't in a hurry to know, I could phone the préfecture.

    I need to register a used car... I bought it with a CT that needs a contra-visite, due to a shot exhaust. I have bought the exhaust, it's coming, but it won't be here in time to fit it, get the CT re-done, and do the necessary at the préfecture, before the month is up...

    So my question is simply, does this CT allow me to register the car or not? Or do I have to get the contra-visite done as well...

    Presumably, if I pass the month for registering, I can still do the registration, just not drive the car...

    Thanks in advance.

    Mr C
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