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  1. [quote user="sweet 17"]So, you belong to the "root nation" do you?[/quote] You know I dont, but you also know the real issue here!
  2. I think any measure that tries to redress the balance, in favour of the root nation is a step in the right direction.
  3. [quote user="maude"] Does anyone kindly know whether it is in order to have macerator toilet waste piped to the fosse septique.I have been told that ;a) it causes problems with carry over and fouling of the sand filter                                                                                            [/quote] Hi If you consider the normal treatment of waste thru the fosse, the solids sink to the bottom and are partially digested by bacteria, the liquid filters out at a higher level to prevent solids entering the filter bed. The macerator action makes the solids small enough to pass thru the small bore piping, but they are not turned to liquid of course, and solid particles still exist and being smaller and lighter may well exit with the waste water, thus it is feasible that the piping in the filter bed can become blocked. However, I dont know you have any other option than to run it to the fosse? sorry can't be more helpful 
  4. [quote user="rog"]Can I also tap in to the out going line for wastes from other bathroom fittings without fear of sewage waste backing up into other sanitory ware?[/quote] You should try and make sure the unit waste comes after other fittings like the shower or bathtub, in any event you should fit non return valves to the wastepipe of any other fitting that could be affected if a blockage occurs. Non return valves are available here around 20 - 25 euros
  5. Hi When we learn another language, the brains order of learning is usually to begin understanding what is being said, the next stage is when the brain and you have enough confidence to actually begin speaking, until this happens we have a very limited vocabulary and understanding, based only  what we have read and heard.The actual conversation stage is the hardest bit but is then followed by much quicker learning and a rapid increase in our word bank.  Once the foreign language becomes the predominent one, the brain will in simple terms, begin switching over, this is when we find ourselves mixing the languages as we speak, all perfectly normal. As the brain switches over, it becomes less and less dependent on the native language and gradually, and unconciously you enter the phase where the brain actually starts to think in the new language. It follows, that with extended isolation from the native, you will lose the ability of that language, but we are talking a long time.   
  6. Hi You dont need to carry the book around with you thats for sure. I 'm not sure that she needs the book at all if she is only selling on ebay, but if she wants to do the fairs then she definitely does. you can email me if you wish
  7. Hi JR beat me to it, if the house is plastered and closed up, thru winter, no heating, your liable to find some mould growth, best advice wait til spring.
  8. Hi Have a small problem with a wood burner, it is rather ancient and there are a few small holes in the fire chamber walls, which this year are obviously somewhat bigger and produce an unacceptable level of fumes into our hallway. Question, is there a product that could be used to fill the holes, an epoxy maybe, that can stand the heat, rather than having to go to the trouble of having it welded? your comments appreciated
  9. You need to take the book to the police station and have it officially opened, ie stamp and signature of the commissioner. You then need to keep invoices for purchases, and enter them in the book, all single items over 60 euros must have a seperate entry. On the other hand you may have an invoice where you bought a whole load of stuff for say 40 euros, you make one entry say No1 and number all the items as a subpart of entry No1, 1/1 1/2 and so on, not in the book just physically by labelling each item, as you should realise every item you purchase must have a registration number that corresponds to the book, so if you are at a brocante and the police ask for it, they can pick up an item from your stall and the number allows them to find the entry in the book.  And just to clarify, you take the book in the first instance to the police station, you do not have to show it again unless they ask you, normally gendarmes visit brocantes and foires armed with a list of stolen goods and if you have anything on display that they think matches the description then they might ask to see the book or at least something to prove it came to you legitimately. You can complete the book whenever you like, since you should not be buying and selling at the same time and place, its not done. In theory, each purchase must be recorded, but in reality its not practical, asking for receipts for small items is not on really, and they would be more than reluctant to give one.  Some traders only enter items over 15 euros in the police register, since it doesnt have many pages and costs 50 euros, the others they just keep in a regular exercise type book. One other thing, there is a column which asks about the "final value" or something to that effect, put in the price you paid not what you sold it for, its none of their business, remember the book isnt just available to the police! good luck  
  10. tj

    health care

    [quote user="bill k"] just to let you all know out there i have today received my letter to say i have no health cover from march 2008. [/quote] Am curious about one thing, since the french decided all those of pre state retirement age can no longer receive health cover unless they are working and paying cotisations, does that mean the ball is now in the UK court so to speak? I mean does not the British system have an obligation to pay for you? And I would suggest the UK government adopt the same attitude, although I'm sure they wont since everything now must be "PC".  Just confirms the opinion that all this political correctness, is infact as many agree, the dissassembly of our nation and heritage, in some mistaken beleif that a more liberal and multicultural compost heap is preferable, but for whom I wonder? certainly not the rightful heirs to their country.   
  11. Hi I dont know how the holiday homers go on with theirs, which is kind of irrelevent to your question.. But when you put in your tax return, it asked where you were living on the first of Jan 2007, and this is the basis of your habitation tax demand.    
  12. Hi Habitation tax is generated by your tax return, also includes your TV licence fee, just received ours a few days ago  
  13. [quote user="Deby"] Yes, I know my statement is contentious, but in light of holding strikes whilst hosting a major sporting tournament -this is simply wrong. [/quote] UK is just the same, postmans strike during a major event. 
  14. [quote user="12Monkeys"][quote user="tj"] [quote user="woolybanana"]BIG STRIKE DAY: no public transport, no schools, no nothing as the "old" France takes on the future of France. Just the private sector paying for their lifestyles.[/quote] and your point exactly? [/quote] I think WB is trying to give out a friendly warning of a strike on Thursday, what exactly is your point? regards [/quote] Ah, so it wasnt a dig at the private sector then, which was definitely the tone of the post.
  15. [quote user="woolybanana"]BIG STRIKE DAY: no public transport, no schools, no nothing as the "old" France takes on the future of France. Just the private sector paying for their lifestyles.[/quote] and your point exactly?
  16. Hi Will be doing the same hopefully in a few weeks. I was advised for the first burnings you should not build too big a fire, to prime the whole thing, a kind of running in process.
  17. Hi Easiest way is choose two colours, use one as undercoat and then one as top coat, then use sanding sponges to distress the bits you want.    
  18. Hi Thanks for your replies, after much messing around with the damn thing, I went and got a new box, and we're back in business! And they filed a report for the engineer to come out and check the local distribution board to see if they can sort out the problem of losing the signal when it rains, so a fairly productive day, in French terms anyway!   thanks alot  
  19. [quote user="Liz"]We have just had new en-suites installed and have been advised that we will need to fit extractor fans as a legal requirement, even though each en-suite has got windows, can any one confirm that this is so.[/quote] Hi I,m pretty sure it is for a new build, renovations don't have the same rules, but in any event you should fit them if you can, the damage caused without them isnt worth it and for what they cost its no big deal. regards
  20. Hi Hope theres a techy out therewho can help with this nightmare. We have the Orange Adsl and telephone package, ie the telephone is connected into the livebox rather than the wall socket, A normal occurence is that when it rains we lose our connection, almost immediately, not for long generally. This time however, it rained hard a couple of days ago, we lost the connection and now cannot make any calls, or receive them of course, but the ADSL is fine, surf the net, email etc etc all fine. I have replaced the cable to box where it enters the house, have updated the livebox with the latest firmware, you name it I've done it, still no joy. Any ideas ? by the way, for those who have the same set up, when the livebox is unplugged and you lift the receiver you get an engaged tone, normally that would change to a dial tone with the box switched on, but now it goes from the engaged tone to nothing. help appreciated
  21. Hi It's not rocket science, well done for having a go! My only query, wold be that generally, a condition of your house insurance is that you have the chimney swept each year. And in case of a claim they would demand the invoice. anyone any thoughts on that?
  22. [quote user="EdF"] I am still amazed at the often appalling photos shown. [/quote] Wish you could have seen the photo of the house we bought, the ideal photo if you dont want to sell a house. The main photo was of the barn door and the larger opening above where they would have passed stuff thru for storage. But was good for us I guess :)
  23. Hi I pay around 100 euros per 1000 for old ones, good deal I reckon! But from a dealer I guess it would be more like 500 euros!
  24. tj

    Polish Dentist?

    [quote user="Christine Animal"] How do you know that Bugbear, is he famous or something ?  Is that why you are looking for him tj ?   [/quote] Hi He was recommended to me by a friend, who knows people who travel alongway for their treatment. East european doctors, dentists etc tend to be more patient orientated and generally have had better training, which makes them more able..Its always a bit of a lottery but will certainly give him a try, cant be any worse than the remaining choices!
  25. Would need a little research, but the impressed mark, is actually HP
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