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  1. Does any one know the coverage in the Limousin area ? My location come up as n 45`39.454 e 1`40.687 on the sat nav. I can see a transmitter mast about 5 mile away , but do not know what it is for.
  2. I applied to the Limoges  Drire office and they have returned my paperwork along with this list which appears to be the latest list of paperwork they now require. Ve'hicules importer conformes A une reception par type nationals franVaise ou une reception europeenne IMMATRICULATION DU VEHICULE La lists compl6te des documents A fournir pour l'immatriculation du vdhicule pent titre obtenue en prefecture ou sur le site internet : www.service-public.fr UNION EUROPEENNE & ESPACE ECONOMIQUE EUROPEEN n         Les Etats membres de l'Union europdenne (UE) sont les suivants: Allemagne, Autriche, Belgique, Bulgarie, Chypre (partie grecque), Danemark, Espagne, Estonie, Finlande, France, Gr&e, Hongrie, Irlande, Italie, Lettonie, Lituanie, Luxembourg, Malts, Pays-Bas, Pologne, Portugal, R6publique tch&que, Roumanie, Royaume-Uni, Slovaquie, Slovdnie, Suede. n         Les pays de l'Espace 6conomique europden (EEE) sont les suivants : les Etats membres de l'Union europdenne ainsi que les pays ci apr6s : Irlande, Liechtenstein, Norvege. Pour les Whicules importer non conforms de VUE ou de VEEE, la pr6sente fiche tient compte des principes du droit communautaire introduits par la Communication interpretative 2007IC68104 du 14 fivrier 2007 de la Commission Europgenne concernant les procedures d'immatriculation des Whicules originaires d'un autre Etat membre. VEHICULES CONCERNES Voitures particuli&W importdes conformes A un type rdceptionn6, quel que soft le pays de provenance. Whicules usages ages de moins de 25 ans.     * Abrdviations des genres : VP     NATURE DU DOSSIER A CONSTITUER q Piece 1 Demands d'identification dement renseignde (cf models ci-joint) q Piece 2 Titre de circulation du vdhicule daps le pays de provenance     Ou     Document officiel prouvant l'origine de propridtd du vdhicule et certifiant que le titre de circulation du v6hicule A W retire par le pays d'origine, Ou certificat international pour automobile en cours de validitd ddlivrd par les autoritds du pays d'origine q Piece 3 Proc6s verbal de contr6le technique du vdhicule acceptd et valide, dtabli par un centre agree par la prefecture pour les voitures particuli&es et vdhicules utilitaires de moins de 3,5 tonnes, de plus de 4 ans. q Piece 4 Pour les vdhicules de la CEE :     - certificat d'acquisition ddlivrd par les services fiscaux (quitus fiscal)     Pour les vdhicules hors CEE :     -           certificat de dddouanement (formulaire n° 846-A) q Piece 5 Titre de            paiement           :           Cheque bancaire           ou mandat cash de            67,38   euros    A         l'ordre du     TRESOR PUBLIC RTI01.2           version 01.02.2008       
  3. Just been looking at the French merc site they will do a coc for less than the UK office , but for UK cars they want proof re the headlamps and the speedo , not to sure as my French is not good and putting the site through a translator came out with some odd words. http://www.mercedes-benz.fr/content/france/mpc/mpc_france_website/fr/home_mpc/passengercars/home/services_accessories/homologation/Importation_vehicule_d_occasion.html
  4. Now this is getting interesting , we have always had cheap cars but now as we are getting older I have just got an SLK  (7 yr old ) as a final treat our other is a KA.
  5. [quote user="Boiling a frog"] Enquiry 4         What king of dogs do you have ,our children are frightened of big dogs. Answer            Small dogs yorkshire terriers.. [/quote] I am surprised no one has argued with you regarding "yorkies " as being  "king of dogs"[:D][;-)]
  6. I had read the link price , but as this was about the same price I paid two years ago for a previous car I thought the price must have gone up by now .[:-))] edit , in fact the form is dated 2005
  7. Does anyone know the latest fee for a coc from Drire ? I have the link to print off the application form. I tried Mercedes UK and they wanted £105 . Has no one found a site to print out a coc yet , after all it is only one A4 sheet ? (wishfull thinking [;-)]).
  8. wooly are you really married to her who wears the tabard ?
  9. Brilliant as always SD [:)] I thought I would find the answer myself by looking through previous posting , but you come up with a great site , thank you.
  10. I have been looking up previous postings on this subject , it has been well covered. I have just found this car selling site and a lot of the cars listed have their cv value. It may be useful to others as a guide. http://www.annonces-automobile.com/
  11. I can now answer my own question , no not all Mercedes have headlamps with a lever for RHD/LHD.
  12. Well I have done a deal , contacted a few dealers most said go away but a few said yes. They all only offer "Glasses guide price".So I am now back in France with a UK car to register again , thankfully this time I know the ropes thanks to SD. And a plus my French insurance said no increase for a higher group car ....UK insurance would want lots more dosh .[:)]
  13. Arrived at Boulogne this morning for a Speedferries crossing to be told canceled due to fisher men.So drove up to the tunnel and paid my £145.00 along with a lot others. Speedferries had sent me an email yesterday , but I have been out of reach until now. [:P] Just read another email from them , they are going to give me a return ticket valid for 12 months for the inconvenience as well as honoring the ticket I did not use today (not bad it was only a £10 one way ticket ) and it was not their fault .[:)]
  14. [quote user="LEO"]At the back of the headlamp on a Mercedes there is a lever/switch for RHD or LHD .Takes two minutes to excecute the change[/quote] Does this apply to all Mercedes ? I am thinking of getting an SLK.
  15. Is it time to move my money ? Is anywhere safe ?
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