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  1. Hi Folks,just been diagnosed with an ALD health problem which means I have to go for tests or consultations to the next larger city hospital some 30 km away.My last visit last weeek,my own doctor gave me a prescription Medical de transport for my wife to claim mileage to use our our own car.Tommorrow I have to visit again possibly for 4 hours ,possibly for longer.The hospital told me to arrange my own ambulance transport.Where do I now get the reimbursement forms?Any advice will be helpfull Maude .
  2. Hello Folks.Just ben diagnosed with a serious health problem and had 3 weeks in hospital.difficult for my wife to maintain the woodburner,fetch wood,clean it out etc.We are now looking to change the heating system without spending trillions.Question-how noisy are the internal fan units-seen the decibel figures but how to relate to normal living is difficult-anyone any guide? thanks Maude
  3. Hi Folks-a little query I hope someone can answer please.Just been released from hospital after emergency admittance almost 3 weeks ago.Transferred from local hospital in Fontenay Le Comte Vendee to Niort after a days tests.My query is-will my registered doctor be automatically informed or will i have to go through all whats happenned on my tomorrows phone call.My dossier is still at Niort as we are all awaiting a biopsy result.Thanks,Maude
  4. Hi Foks,is there a French website which lays down the legal requirements before we try and sell again.There seems to be so many different ideas.We only have one gas(butane) hob,does this have to come into the equation? Seems a load of money grabbing again. maude
  5. Many thanks Folks-what I thought it might be.will get it sussed asap.problem solved Maude
  6. maude

    eye problems.

    Ok so we have to wait 5 months for an opthalmologist to carry out an eye test.Now what happens if urgent (to the patient) eye problems occurr.I phoned the opthalmologist that I have my R.V for may to ask for an urgent appointment.They dont do it I was informed.The second Optho in Fontenay Le Comte this morning had got a phone line problem cos France telecom said so.The optho department in our local hospital was engaged all the times I phoned.Now what.Eyes and Dentistry,and gyno for the ladies does not require your generaliste intervention.Also what is the point of paying again to see the generaliste.Any advisce welcome,but tomorrow I am storming the optho and the ,opital.seems idiotic as usual to me. Maude
  7. Hi Folks.Just had my run about CT.d after failing last wednesday.Our local tester speaks machine gun french and will NOT slow down,which is why I am asking for this translation.It failed on the front RHS suspension arm-called a "triangle" by the tester.It aint no triangle and is not called this by Peugeot!This has been replaced so passed the CT,but the tester has put on the report again- angles de ripage avant.ripage excessive! What is this,cant find any dictionary translation.Help Maudel
  8. Yep-superb!.M.Roux for EU boss and Fred for French prime minister! Maude
  9. There aint no fan-just natural convection.
  10. Hi folks.I would like to hopefully reduce the amount of filth emanating from our foyer.Has anyone any ideas on filter material suitable to fit in the hot air outlet of the cheminee.I have tried a kitchen filter but it will not withstand the temperature.Just trying to cut down on the airborne filth.With the foyer external air inlet emanating from the front above the door,this is the first place for the filth to be drawn in and circulated out of the outlet when loading up with wood.Tried everything else.the flue is in good order. Maude. To fit the filter on the inlet,this also is very hot due to conducted heat.Possible answer is to go electric underfloor-especially looking at the price and diminishing quality of wood.I have now reduced considerably the amount of filth coming out of the upper air outlet by covering the lower air inlet just above the door by a fance anodised aluminium cover self tapped to the ,orrible original.Still a filthy way of living in this day and age.Maude
  11. maude


    probably cheaper to look in at the local Emmaus charity depot-they are usually around all towns. maude
  12. As the new law re marketing the house Jan2011 requires an energy survey,does anyone have an aprox.cost for say120m2 house ancienne,insert foyer.?just fishing ideas around at the moment so dont want to spend yet more money than is necessary.thanks for any guidance. Maude
  13. someone said the French were revolting !!!!!!! Maude
  14. Thanks for the tip Patricia,will give this a try, sounds more like the method my Mother would have used, I have heard conflicting opinions on whether to 'rest'the batter or not, and full cream milk or not, wooden spoon or electric mixer!!! We will overcome!
  15. Thanks folks for the replies.Sounds like a couple of megabucks proposals.The house isnt as bad as it sound -just want some fresh air as well as exhausting the over hot air.Bedrooms are a tad too warm in winter after the woodburner has been lit for a couple of hours.I dont have any chance of any form of saving over expenditure of the heat recovery proposals unless i live to be about 150years. Thanks anyway folks-all very intersting stuff. Maude
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