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  1. Thanks Salty Sam for that, I guess its 3 strikes and your an insurance risk. The exclusions should have been explained to the member. I still think it is a worthwhile insurance for me. I looked at my AA cover, top band we have and there were exclusions for any car over 10 years old. ADAC didn't wish to know the age of the car, they informed me it was irrelevant. I was keen to ensure that if I took out and paid for cover I would get some. At the moment it is very competitive, but the proof will be if I need to use it. Fingers crossed 'no' but I have some degree of comfort knowing that if I broke down in the middle of the Massif Centrale someone would help me.
  2. Idun I know exactly what you are saying. Essentially there are issues everywhere. UK & France similar problems but different reasons. I do not know who is best/worse. Each country has its own economic problems. I wonder where we will be in 30 years time. I was posting here 10 years ago and times were different, there was more optimism and opportunities and now there is pessimism. The overriding point is good/bad weather! That is still true. The French have sunny weather (South) and snow. However, you can't live your life according to the weather.
  3. Am really enjoying this. It is eerie, realistic. Intriguing storyline, cant wait for the next episode. am not really a TV person, but this has got me going.! I mentioned the series to my friend who lives in France. She is a fluent speaker. She said she gave up on French TV long ago and only watches her UK Satelitte. She was quite intrigued to be watching a French programme on UK TV. I especially liked the French sub-titles for the UK Commercial Ads.
  4. The cover is to the next Garage for a repair, if they cannot fix it within 3 days (the aim is to fix there and then) or at Garage they will return car to base. Meanwhile they will pay 64e per night per person limit 3 persons plus breakfast. Not bad I thought. My car is old too - a 24 year old VW Golf - bless her. SHe has survived the odd break-in, badger-hit and the French roads! The cover is with me and spouse, plus I can nominate someone else to use my car and they are covered too. I can also use my cover is someone else's car, plus there is some medical cover involved too. God love those Germans!
  5. Hi Chancer, I paid 79e.I will receive the documentation shortly, even if it is in German, I have good enough knowledge of the language to understand it, if not I will speak with a German speaking friend to clarify! Now Salty Sam and Chancer, I know you are trying to be helpful, but c'mon boys :-) lets be nice - Chancer you have quite rightly taken the peaceful ground. Salty Sam - your knowledge is commendable. I will keep my AA still but apparently the ADAC service does include my car in the UK too plus if anyone wishes to drive my French car in Europe they will be covered too. Not bad for a 24 year old Golf! God love those Germans and their engineering and service too. Puts the French to shame somewhat. I am still annoyed with Hollande and his new regime! He will be France's downfall as he is not an economist - time will tell. Off my soap box now. Thanks for all your help. Have been with the Forum since 2003 and its still a lovely place sauf the odd person. I miss a few of the old original crowd TeamedUp aka Idun, Saligo Bay, Tresco, Panda,Opas and Malcolm forget his old name and of course Cooperlola bless her xx What happened to Kathy? Val2? and Malcolm? Sorry wandering a bit!
  6. Well I am know all sorted thanks to ADAC. I have to say their service was immaculate from start to finish. I am all rather impressed, but the proof will be if I ever needed it. Apparently I can use it on my own car here in UK as the cover remains with me. It is also extended to my husband. I might consider cancelling my AA cover as this appears to cover everything.
  7. I loved it! It was lovely to see the mountains again. This region is so beautiful and I miss it so much, Annecy is stunning and its surrounding towns/villages. I've watched it twice!
  8. Hi Cari, I would recommend that you do your research, which is what you seem to be doing. That said, I taught in French schools around 2005-2007 and there still was little provision. I taught in both rural and city schools. One child which I taught was dyslexic and he was treated as someone having a major special need by both Teachers and children but with no provisions made, he was mainly offered pity! Children in the larger cities tend to send to special colleges and put together with children who have social needs. In rural areas, children with needs were left to their own devices and parents were offered pity! Quite sad really. Life for Anglophones in French schools is hard particularly in rural areas, it is tough in the cities too! I chose to leave France because of this. A real shame as I love the Country so much!
  9. Hi Forum, its been a while since I posted. I wonder if any of you could advise me on breakdown cover for a French car. I have an old Golf which I use when I'm in France, its recently passed its Controle Technique, but I wish to use it for a couple of longer journeys than the usual pottering around. I would feel far more comfortable if I have some sort of breakdown cover whilst I'm doing these longer journeys, circa 3 weeks. Can I get temporary cover? Are there restrictions? Age of car etc? Do I add to my current policy. Any guidance would be appreciated. Debs
  10. I've just logged on. Very sorry to hear this sad news. Lovely lady. Deby
  11. Hi we are travelling down to Girona (Spain) tomorrow evening (20th July) and require bed and breakfast around the French border, do you have anything available. PM me if you do, we would need two rooms or at least a family room. Thanks Deby
  12. Any idea where I can best advertise last minute Special Offers to attract guests? We have a week which is free during the summer which we would rather sell at a fairly reduced price. Surely someone is fed-up with the awful UK weather at the moment and seeking some sun.
  13. Oooh la la! That must have been very frightening. Good to hear no one was killed or injured.
  14. Have you considered, renting for 6 months, before selling up entirely? Just 'test' the water before you jump in feet first! Do you have an exit strategy? What if it doesnt suit, I wont say goes wrong as that is negative! For some France does work, mainly for those retirees. It is much harder with a family and introducing a new school system. Having a good exit strategy will take the pressure off those earliest few months too.
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