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  1. I am resident in UK. Our house in France was sold two years and from time of purchase, to the time of sale, every conceivable tax was paid, so I know I can hold my head up. I certainly didn�t earn anything in France and we didn�t have any loans either. What was left of our �sale money� we now use for our French holidays. I don�t fancy the idea that the French Tax authorities will come back and say, �you owe us�. Our Notaire checked everything, so I feel that there is nothing there to perhaps worry about, but the letter I received certainly put an element of doubt in my mind. I�ll have a look at the two other links from pomme, a little later. Thanks
  2. Thanks for the responses. I am not asking them for my bank details, they are asking me to provide the TIN. I agree that they might be on a box ticking exercise. As for residency, we have always been UK resident, but used our �maison secondaire� for over fifteen years. Perhaps they think that having a �maison secondaire� means that we were resident in France. Judging by all the taxes we paid, it might will have been easier if we had. I now have to find my UK tax number, but reluctant to give it to them, as sure as h*ll they will find something obscure to tax me for.
  3. Just had a letter from my French bank, CA, with the heading,

    ‘ Infomation client sur les comptes déclarable dans le cadre de échanges automaiques d’infomations à de fin fiscales’.

    Having translated it, it would appear to be a notification by the bank to the French Tax Authorities under the ‘umbrella’ of possible Tax evasion and/ or money laundering safeguards. They also regard me a someone who has the quality of being a resident of one of the EU countries, (which I am, uk), but not resident in France which might be their interpretation. Having sold our house and with every tax paid, Foncière, d’habitaion, SdE, and TVA throughout, let alone Notaires fees etc. they are asking for a TIN (Tax identification Number). I have never heard of this. Can anybody enlighten me as to its disclosure? In view of the fact that we had our house for 15years, the bank will only disclose the details for the year ending 2016, and the following years (2017 onwards etc.). We currently have 3 accounts (We use them for our French holidays), of which they will supply the details for mine, my wife’s, but not the joint account. I cannot understand this reasoning. Anyone received a similar letter or enlighten me?


  4. Thanks for the info. I'll chase it up


  5. I have just received my TdH and thought that there was quite an increase from last years.

    I can see now that we have been charged for 'Contibution a l'audiovisuel Public'. However, as we do not have a telephone line, television or any form of mast etc. and never have had these, this is the first time that I have been charged for this.

    The simple solution would be to pay the TdH minus the 'Audiovisuel' with a covering letter? Would it be that simple?

    Or, knowing the bureaucracy that could be involved is there another method that they would be prefer?

    In previous years I have signed and sent the declaration slip back to them, so this charge hasn't been applied, but this year have not receieved one.

    Any info much appreciated,


  6. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AReZEjERo_o
  7. Our bathroom is fairly large and we need to put in a freestanding top loading washing machine. It will go into the soace that is currently occupied by a bidet. The bidet has a cold and a hot water supply but am I right in thinking that washing machines these day have only a cold water supply? Also the bidet dischagers to the fosse septique. Would there be any problems with using the washing machine in this set up?
  8. Have a look here


    It's what I use in the uk, but there is one available for europe. Audible alerts for all types of cameras and blackspots etc.

  9. Going to try to post the presentation but do i use the "direct Link" format, or the IMG link format(with the square brackets [ ] at the beginning and the end, as I would if I were posting a photograph?

  10. Just came back from a Classic Bike show, so I don't mind the whole world seeing it, but knowing the eclectic posts in the motorcycle forum I though it would be of interest to all and sundry. Although experienced with computer it would be the first attempt at putting it on the site.

  11. That crossed my mind so looking at the possibilities through Photobucket. Thanks
  12. For someone who doesn't like any cream what is the alternative to Powerpoint?
  13. Thanks for the info, plenty to follow through with.

  14. Can anyone tell me how to put a Powerpoint Presentation into an intended post.? Is it possible or are there any other options to achieve a similar result? I have seen it on past postings, i'm sure but a search has not revealed any possibilities.


  15. By coincidence our postman has just dropped the mail through the letterbox and there's a flyer from the Post Office regarding Overseas Porperty Money Transfers.

    No commission, no transfer fee, no receiving charges. Says it done by SWIFT. Haven't used them in the past as I've gone through the bank but might be worth a look;


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