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  1. Thank you everyone for all your help and advice. We will be making thr trip tomorrow and will keep a close eye on the fuel guage! Thanks again Paul.
  2. My final destination is Bordeaux and I'm afraid that my car can only travel 300 miles on a full tank - hence Tours is normally where I fill up. To be safe I would need to be sure of getting some petrol south of Le Man but north of Potiers. Thoughts welcome! Many thanks Paul.
  3. Hi All, We are arriving at Calais at 10am on Tuesday morning (Oct 26th) and driving down the A16 and then A28 towards Tours - does anyone know if the petrol stations on this route still have petrol and wether we are likely to encounter any issues? Many thanks Paul.
  4. The stupid thing is that I already have a built in Sat Nav within the car - but it dosen't alert me to either me exceeding the speed limit or speed cameras which are the two features I really need after missing a speed reduction sign last week. Does anyone have any suggestions to a product which will provide me with an audiable alert when speeding or approaching a speed camera in both UK & France? Many thanks Paul.
  5. Many thanks. Does any one have a TomTom which would give an audiable warning when you exceed the speed limit? Thanks again. Paul.
  6. Hi All, I know quite a few people on this forum have Sat Nav's I wondered if anyone has the Garmin 1340? I was at Halfords today and the assistant insisted that this device would provide an audible warning if you exceeded the current spped limit but Garmin's web site would seem to say otherwise within the FAQ section. Can anyone who actually has one confirm who is correct? Many thanks
  7. Thank you. Just to close this one, is there any mapping service which you can enter your French journey into that will then tell you on the roads on which you will be travelling what the speed limits are? I have seen mapping tools which tell you where fixed cameras are to be found but not a service which tells you the speed limits? I'm just keen to not to miss another 90 kph sign in the future especially in the dark.
  8. It is the points added to my UK licence that I worry about - can I assume as I wasn't stopped that no points will be added? If say some UK registered car was stopped - I assume they have to pay the on-the-spot fine, but would they also get points added to their UK licence? Thanks again.
  9. Sunday Driver – Many thanks for taking the time to confirm my error – I thought it was 110 kph, a lesson learnt for next time. Polly – I like Chancer drive at 100kph for economy and truly thought the speed limit was 110kph. Thank you all for your replies and time taken. Paul.
  10. Hi All, I was just leaving the last peage on the A16 tonight (it was almost dark) heading towards Eurotunnel and just after I cleared the bridge which directly follows the peage as you approach the slight incline I noticed a flash and a policeman standing on the side – could he have had some form of held hand speed camera? Does anyone know the speed limit over the bridge as I had my cruise control set at 100km/h. If it was a speed camera and the limit was less than 100 km/h can I expect a fine/points to my UK address? I was driving a UK registered car. Many thanks for your thoughts. Paul.
  11. Thank you Just John. Does he speak English as I want to avoid any mis-communication? Thanks again Paul.
  12. Hi All, We recently had our first annual service for our hot water/central heating boiler and asked the engineer to investigate why the boiler water overflow was constantly running – almost as much as a partly open tap. He responded by identifying a small valve within the boiler which had failed and showed us the history of the boiler on his computerised records and showed us that this has happened previously on a regular frequency – he said the problem was the pressure reducing valve fitted just prior to the boiler “was too short”. He pointed to the fact than whenever any water was run from the system it takes a while to fill back up again and the valves in the boiler were breaking due to a build up of pressure issue. I am no plumber so wanted to ask is the resolution as simple as seeing if the pressure reducing value can be adjusted – I am assuming it needs to allow more pressure as the water pressure from our taps and shower is very low. However, if we increased the water pressure would this not just make the pressure build up in the boiler worse? Please bear in mind the complete boiler discussion was in French and my French is now up to this industrial standard so I have made some, or many misinterpretations! We only use the house as a holiday home and live near Villebois in Dept 16 – if there is a plumber in the area who believes they could help we would be most grateful. Best Regards Paul.
  13. Thank you Danny - all sounds very simple.
  14. Thanks Tom - do you include the "payment slip" also with your cheque but don't complete the details?
  15. Hi All, I have today received our very first “Taxes Foncieres” bill to our UK address for our holiday home in Charente. I am very keen to ensure this gets paid as promptly as possible but could someone please help me with some of the documentation – it would be greatly appreciated. At the bottom of the letter is what looks like a detachable payment slip which looks like it is asking for my bank details to be entered to pay (TIP Titre interbancaire de paiement). Can someone please advise do I have to complete this form with my bank details or can I just send a cheque? Many thanks Paul.
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