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  1. We think you may get more replies to this query if you post under "North Western France", rather than here under good value travel deals. We are in Normandy but not Orne so unfortunately cannot help. Hereford
  2. Certainly cartes de sejour are not being issued to other EU country members any more, but we cannot believe that cartes vitales are not.  Are you sure you have been asking people about a "carte vitale" (it is not called a carte verte/green card). The card is in fact green but that is not its name. H.
  3. Brilliant, thank you. Infobel does indeed work without a town/dept. It asks for town but just gives a list of all people with entered name if you ignore town entry. I have now been able to find the info I needed. Hereford  
  4. We think this point has been answerd before but can't find it!  Is it possible to search for a name in the phone book covering all of France rather than have to type in a department. We are trying to find out if someone (with an unusual name) is still living in France but we are thwarted as we seem to be asked always for a department name. many thanks for any help Hereford  
  5. We use the German weather site which seems to be able to give a forecast for all sorts of places not just Germany. Certainly in France. www.wetter.com    Just type in the name of your nearest town or main commune village in a box on the top left of page where is says "wetter-schnellsuche".  You get a forecast for a week, with pictures so that a knowledge of German is not necessary (though you will learn some by default). This site is all free. H.  
  6. It seems to be called  "Brick" in France!! Mrs H
  7. PLease do't anyone tell us the winners name. Some of us are watching in France on TPS satellite (BBC Prime) and we are behind the UK in programmes shown!   H.  
  8. In the hospital waiting room where I was waiting for an x-ray recently there was a poster with pictures of several different drinks asking "Do you know the alcohol content of these, which is highest" (in French and can't remember the actual wording).  The poster said to "ask your doctor". H.
  9. We had a flyer for "Restos du Coeurs" (not sure of spelling.)  If you give them cash you can deduct 66% of donation from your next tax bill - how's that for government support! H.
  10. You will not find a "builder" in France who can do all the work, you have to employ individual tradesmen. We know of a very good dual qualified electrician/plumber in Notre Dame de Touchet. If you would like his name please email us or send a private message. H.
  11. Thanks for replies re washing balls.  I shall definitely get some. 2heads: I will phone over week-end. I am off to UK anyway in January so could get/collect some then. Mrs H
  12. Query for Iceni (or anyone else who knows): What is a "washing ball" please?.... Mrs H
  13. We have just had a letter from CPAM which sort of explains it. I quote below the relevant sentence: (sorry no accents) Pour chaque acte medical, un euro sera directement deduit des remboursements, Ce sera notre contribution aux depenses de sante. It goes on a bit after that.... Does not affect minors, preg. women or those on CMU. Starts 1.1.05 What we wonder is: will the Mutuelle pick up the one euro?  Also at the pharmacy we currently just hand over our card (which has Mutuelle attached) and pay nothing. Will the pharmacy have to ask everyone for one euro!!!!! H. PS We assume these letters will arrive as and when people get a statement from CPAM.
  14. Back to the original question: Your Granddaughter may be interested to know that in 1901 out of 56,000 population of Calais more than 1,500 were English, and out of 46,000 in Boulogne more than 1,000 were English. This from Baedekers Northern France (approx. 1910 edition). In the case of Calais the English were described as mostly in "tulle" manufacturing  (i.e. fabric). Bruges at about the same time had 3,000 English out of a population of 58,000.  Pau had a very big English population in the 19th century, either for retirement (climate) or to recover from TB.  There is nothing new in Brits in France (or Europe)! H.
  15. We picked up a couple of choc mousses in a small supermarket recently. I admit we did not check sell-by date.  The cashier (owner probably) noticed they were out of date and refused to charge us at all !  They were only one day out of date and tasted fine. We were slightly embarrassed but she seemed to realise we had not done it deliberately (they were in fact the only two mousses she had left). H.
  16. Just to correct my post above: Mortain Christmas market is, so our French teacher tells us, on the last weekend of this month and the one in Gorron is on 19th December. H.
  17. We understand that there is a Christmas market in Mortain (possibly this week-end - we will be buying a local paper today so will check) and one in Gorron 18/19 December. H.
  18. You have had a reply now as to help available in Avranches, so we hope you get your problems sorted out. We were told (in no uncertain terms) by our daughter and son-in-law who both work for a software company not to download XP pack 2 until all the bugs were sorted out! Still waiting... H.  
  19. Further to our earlier reply we think we took passports too to CPAM - to prove we were the people on the E form!! We agree that you should find a CPAM office in any largish town near you. Ask the Maire or a neigbour. H.
  20. Many thanks. We saw the eldest son today, tending his cattle, so made suitable noises of condolences.  I have to say he did not seem a bit upset! H.
  21. You will also need birth certificates (long not short version), marriage cert. if applicable. Also for a woman (if applicable) divorce paperwork to show transition from maiden name to current name. CPAM also need a RIB from your bank so that they can make refunds direct to your bank account. That should do it!   H.
  22. We would be glad of advice as to the correct "form". We were away on holiday last week and when we got back yesterday evening there was a notice in our letter box notifying the death of an elderly villager. We did not know the lady but her eldest son keeps cattle on the field next to our house. The funeral was yesterday afternoon - so we have missed it. The notice gives details of the undertaker and says: condoleances sur registre. What, if anything should we do now?  Is it too late to add our names to the registre at the undertakers as the funeral has taken place? Perhaps we should send a card to the son that we know? Any advice gratefully received as we should not like to cause offence. We live right outside the village so do not have any close neighbours that we know well enough to ask. Thanks H.
  23. The Fench take their holidays in July and August.   Definitely avoid the first week-end of July and the last week-end of August, but MOST importantly avoid like the plague the cross-over week-end from July to August when the "juillards" are travelling north and the "aoutistes" are travelling south! Hereford
  24. We don't think that churning out a receipt is universal, we have certainly never been given one but we always get our reimbursements OK. H.  
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