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  1. To all our fellow Chambres D'Hotes owners (and everyone on the forum) We would like to wish everyone a very "MERRY CHRISTMAS" and a happy and successful 2012. Best Wishes to all and good health. Kind Regards Mel and Ste.
  2. Hi all, Just had a full "cam belt kit" and water pump supplied and fitted, M.O.T. done, by my local mechanic (always use the same fella when i'm back in the UK) all in for £240. I thought that was a good price and as usual always pleased with the work he does for me. Just thought i'd chip in. best wishes mel.
  3. Hi, I hope this doesn't sound patronising it's meant in all honesty. I just wanted to say i've been reading this post with interest just because Neil sounded so desperate on the original post. I've been so impressed with all the sensible and sensitive replies to the original poster and the help that has been offered I just wanted to say it's been a pleasure to read. I've posted quite a few questions myself and have always been offered a great bundle of help but this post just got to me. Good luck Neil with all your advice and I'm sure you'll get it sorted out to your satisfaction quickly. "WELL DONE FRANCE FORUM" Best Regards Mel.
  4. Hi Louise, As ericd said...................lots and lots of your favourite teabags, so expensive over here for anything decent !! I don't miss anything food wise apart from Marmite, I always bring it over with me when am back in the UK and get friends and family to bring it too..............I'm a bit obsessed with it !! Be ready for the cost of living over here, prices have shot up since we bought in 2005. Apart from that just bring your excitement, happiness and enthusiasm !!!! Am very excited for you, the very best of luck and good wishes. Best wishes Mel
  5. Hi Louise, I have sent you a PM just in case I break the "no advertising" rule on the forum. Mel.
  6. Hi Louise, Only me again. Just to let you know that I have just done my first on-line declaration for the A.E. System. This worked out better for us because of the ability to "pay as you earn" and avoid the "predictions of what the authorities think we MIGHT earn" It seems to have worked out well for our situation and was so easy to do on line (after help from everyone that replied to my plea's for advice !!!!) and our Chambres D'Hotes has done much better than we could ever have hoped for, for our first year. Lots of French, Belgian, Dutch and English guests. We did all our advertising via our own web site and Owners Direct. But had loads of help from our enthusiastic Marie who got us into all the tourist brochures and on their respective web sites. We have not registered with GDF, we thought they worked out expensive. Our friends DID............and they only got 1 booking from them all season. Whatever system you decide to register through I'm sure it will work out well for you. Best Wishes Mel.
  7. Hi, Just done it.................thanks for all the info. It worked out to exactly what I thought it would. Happy Days !!!!! So far !!!!! Kind Regards Mel.
  8. Hi, Thanks for all that info, I didn't realise it could be done before the end of October so that's great. I will have a go in the next few days and see how I get on................if I get into trouble I'll get back and hope that someone can "talk" me through it , being my first one I'm a bit apprehensive. Thanks so far !!!! Kind Regards Mel.
  9. Hi Louise, We opened this year and registered with A.E. because we can pay "based on what we earn each quarter". We are doing our first declaration this october on-line via Net-Enterprise (have asked some questions on the forum and are awaiting replies) so will let you know how we get on. The very best of luck with your new venture. Kind Regards Mel.
  10. Hi all, Hope someone in the know can give me some advice ? We set up our Chambres D'Hotes this year (May) and did not have to do our declaration in July as we were out of the first 3 months time scale, our first declaration is due at the end of October (and then 3 monthly after that). We have registered with Net-Enterprise for on-line declarations and had heard on the grapevine that they will send us a reminder just before we are due to do the declaration. 1) Has anyone experienced this ? 2) If this is not the case do I just do the declaration on the 31st October ? Any experience of this would be really appreciated as I don't want to be in trouble with "the authorities". Thank you for any tips or advise. Kind Regards Mel.
  11. Hi, I know this doesn't really come under "french food and wine". I'm looking to take some freinds out for dinner and they want to eat chinese. I know there are two on the outskirts of Limoges (by the old Mr Briocolarge) and the other one opposite the Troc. Has anyone tried these of an evening time and if so can you give me your thoughts (and names of them???) I have heard there is also a very good one by the "McDonalds" the opposite side of Castorama ??? Any help would be really appreciated. Thanks in anticipation. Regards Mel.
  12. Hi Jan, Sent you PM. Hope thats ok ? Kind Regards Mel.
  13. Hi Here's the official guide from Heathrow airport. It should point you in the right direction. Looks like it could be a No No for most of it though. Regards Mel. http://www.heathrow-airport-guide.co.uk/security.html
  14. connolls


    Thanks for your concern Betty ....................but I wanted some ADDITIONAL tablets for him, I have a supply of his anti-inflammatory medication that he usually takes but wanted to give him a little boost...........more for my piece of mind and I didn't want to overdose him thats why I checked with my vet. HE'S NOT STRESSED ABOUT IT AT ALL BETTY IT'S ME !!!!! If your suggesting that he's been neglected then you don't know anything about me.............. and I managed to get some from my neighbour today but thanks for your concern. To everyone else thank you for the information. Mel.
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