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  1. Does anyone know anything about Numeo?  At the moment I'm with Orange on dial up, which is soooooo slow; Numeo can I believe provide a higher speed connection, but I'd like to know a bit more about their quality of service.
  2. Did you find someone to do your spraying?  If you did could you let me know if they did and good job and the cost? Thanks
  3. I know I can't get ADSL yet, and so have dial up with France Telecom/Orange, but what I'm really looking for is a cheaper package for dial up and phone - has anyone any ideas or experience of other deals? I need cheaper calls for phoning withinn Europe (Germany and UK). Thanks
  4. Yes I heard that one.  We're moving down here permanently mid September; from Germany and I do find it more expensive here than in Germany, but not as expensive as the UK!!  Looks like a potager is going to be the first thing to be got up and running, along with getting our firewood from the community forest each autumn.
  5. Is this a 'recuperateur de chaleur' you're talking about?  We're thinking of getting one set up in our house to make use of the heat our wood burning stove belts out.
  6. We will be moving here permanently on about 21st September from Germany and can't wait to get started on what we want to do to our first home after years of living in army quarters.  We have children in England and Germany so France seemed an obvious choice as it's about equi-distance.  No doubt I will be asking for advice on various things on the forum - so watch this space!!!
  7. We've had hoopooes in our garden too.  I hadn't seen them since we lived in Cyprus.  My Jack Russell didn't take kindly to them unfortunately and 'saw them off' his territory!!
  8. I had already replied to this when I tried to post it, it got obliterated - this time I will copy my words of wisdom before I post them!! We bought a house a year ago in preparation for our retirement.  Having spent 27 odd years in service of Queen and country, we found we couldn't afford a decent house in the UK; fortunately our experience of living in many different countries meant we could broaden our horizons!  So we plumped for France - our children are for the moment settled in Germany and England - so we went for the F in France, which puts us in the middle! (If you understand what I mean)  We don't rent the house out as we live in Germany at the moment and I  drive down (6 - 7 hours) during any school holidays (I'm a supply teacher) while my husband comes down when he can take leave.  We are quite happy for family and friends to stay in the house and are fortunate enough to have good friends who live 10 minutes from our house and  keep an eye on it, collecting and sending on any important post.  We hope to move in  permanently by the end of September 2008.  [:D]
  9. I like the 'good student - bad student' routine ! [:D] Note I'm smiling too - must be the end of the day!
  10. If he's dead his website is not letting on - still referred to in the present tense.  If you buy any of his CDs you can find out all about his theory on teaching languages - don't get them from his site - Amazon or EBay would be best (much cheaper).
  11. I was also told by a young American that USA was the cradle of democracy [8-)]
  12. [quote user="Susan"][quote user="Blitzen"] The way I heard this one was that it was a choice between English and German!?[8-)] [/quote] I'm sure it was French, in fact the French helped America win the war of Independence just before they revolted. [/quote] I've also heard it might be yet another Urban Myth!![:D]
  13. You know you've cracked German when you can put the right verb at the end of the sentence someone is saying before they do!!! [:P]
  14. [quote user="Susan"][quote user="Will "]That's very true. Read any of the many excellent recent histories of the English language, by people as diverse as Bill Bryson and Melvyn Bragg, and all say the same. French was the language of the ruling classes, the well-to-do and the law makers, English was the language of the peasantry. Plus ├ža change... [;-)] [/quote] And I think I'm right in saying that when America won its independence it had to decide upon either English or French as the national language - if they had chosen French then how different would things be for the English now? [/quote] The way I heard this one was that it was a choice between English and German!?[8-)]
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