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  1. [quote user="idun"]If you did your declaration on line, you can just amend it on line without contacting them by letter.[/quote] Are you sure, once a declaration has been processed surely one cannot just amend it on line.
  2. [quote user="Patf"]If we are asked not to enter amount of tax paid on UK rents, what does this mean? (form 2047 V11, column 5): "Nature et Montant de l'Impot Eventuellement Acquitte à l'Etranger". That's where I've been entering any tax paid. [/quote] Problem is that one does not complete that section ,one completes section V1
  3. [quote user="Clair"][quote user="nomoss"]...Let's see what happens.....[/quote] The only way he can step out of the embassy without being arrested is for him to have diplomatic status. He's have to take Ecuadorian nationality and be appointed as a diplomat "to the Court of St James". He gains diplomatic status and walks out of the embassy, giving the UK government no possibility to arrest and deport him. Everybody saves face. Problem over. [/quote] The only person the problem is over for is Assange as he has evaded justice. The victims still have a problem because justice has not been done, the Swedish still have a problem as they have not brought someone to justice and the British have a problem because they have failed in their legal duty. So, the problem is not over.
  4. As I have just said, there is a huge car park in front of the terminal building, it is common practice for caravans to park up overnight on this car park,indeed I have done it on several occasions both on outward and inward journeys. The lorry park is NOT recommended, movement all night, no security nor is an aire. Tip, fill up at Auchan just 5 km from the terminal, easy access off the motorway and good access for caravans.. http://grande-synthe.centrecommercial-auchan.fr/
  5. Yes, huge car park in front of the terminal building. Just follow the signs for the ferry and then follow the signs for non booked vehicles/terminal building,which is too your right. Parking is free.
  6. I wonder what all the righteous would say if a british citizen, accused of a child murder,managed to get into the Ecuadorian embassy in London and claimed asylum under some spurious pretext..
  7. [quote user="Hereford"] Quote: Just to clarify, the CPAM will only reimburse French citizens, not French residents. CPAM refunded the costs of anti-biotics and a consultation in China for someone we know - UK citizen but resident in France - 18 months or so ago, but probably they were fazed by the chinese! [/quote] I agree it has nothing to do with being a French Citizen, it is about how one is affiliated to the system When I was affiliated via CMUB I had a French EHIC and was reimbursed for treatment I received in a non EU country by CPAM. I now have a UK EHIC so the rules for reimbursement outside of France are the UK rules. Nothing whatsoever do do with ones nationality.
  8. Double taxation treaty covers it, only the UK can tax a Govt pension,been there, done it, got the T shirt and the lovely lady at the impots gave in.
  9. However, one does not pay CSG or CRDS on a Government Pension or on an Invalidity benefit which appears to be the case with the OP.
  10. Just to clarify the contribution level for CMU B (affiliation to the French Health Service) The contribution is 8% of your net income(your revenue fiscal de reference) minus an allowance, currently 9164€ . Thus, if your income is €20,000 a year you deduct the CMU threshold of €9,164. This leaves €10,836 as the base figure used for calculating your 8% contribution to the CMU. This gives a premium of €867 pa for health insurance cover.
  11. Try http://www.weldom.fr/ If I remember correctly it cst me about 60€ for glass from them
  12. [quote user="Chancer"][quote user="Boiling a frog"]First of all Freeview works thro an aerial so will not work in France. But I stand to be corrected.[/quote] In which case I must either correct you or make a precision. Freeview works fine for me in France via an aerial on a 75 quid Tesco television, it picks up all the French free TNT channels. I think what you wanted to say was, if you want to recieve the UK freeview channels in France you will not be able to do so via an aerial. In fact this is one that I would love to be corrected on [:D] [/quote] As "Freeview" is a brand name for a service, not a description of free TNT channels ,I believe I was correct in saying that "Freeview" the brand will not give the Freeview service in France.
  13. First of all Freeview works thro an aerial so will not work in France. You will need either a freesat box http://www.freesat.co.uk/ or a Sky box I doubt if you can pick up UK sat transmissions on Astra 2(28.2) and Orange fr(Astra 1 19.1) )transmissions on the same dish, even with a 2 head LNB ,too far apart. But I stand to be corrected.
  14. As I have mentioned, I go to a caravan site in Spain for a couple of months during the winter. Out of approx 100 Brits on the site I know of 10 on disability allowance. However they all seem to be perfectly fit. One uses a walking stick but still manages to walk about in high heels and often forgets to use the walking stick to support herself. Another one goes for a 5 km walk every day but proudly announces she is on disability benefit. A young couple with no apparent disability( I see them every day) are both claiming benefit. There are obviously genuine claimants but I have not come across a single one on that campsite. I suspect the situation is replicated on hundreds of campsites throughout Spain during the winter.
  15. Me, I have a French bank account, so will gladly accept a cheque drawn on a French bank, Camp sites in Spain have also accepted my French cheques . Makes no difference where the cheque is written.
  16. So, he does get ratty,but only by PM to keep the "lovey" persona intact.
  17. I just wondered if anyone had ever asked the legalities of it or just accepted what someone(or several people) had told them. On reflection it has all to do with the law of contract. When you are issuing a cheque you are entering into a contract . so it is essential to the contract to specify the date,have it signed and in French contract law the place where the contract was initiated.
  18. It is now reached the stage where Mods are fighting amongst themselves. One Mod has been dismissed and banned from the forum with no explanation,so for us mere mortals the signs are not good .
  19. [quote user="Debra"]In his favour, I have to say I don't think I've ever seen him get ratty or bolshy like the rest of us mere mortals - even in the face of some quite nasty criticism. [/quote] You obviously have never been on the receiving end of a PM from him. I have ,on several occasions, and he turns nasty if you dare to suggest he does not understand the question ,which he often does not, or that the answer he has given is irrelevant.
  20. [quote user="Debra"][quote user="Boiling a frog"]Have you ever considered that it is not the rule[/quote]I haven't actually - I guess I just believed the bank manager, the notaire and the primary school headmaster who told me that it was the rule when we first came over here in 2005 and then just continued doing it that way - and I have seen others do it too so that reinforced the idea. Isn't it the rule then? [/quote] I suspect there must have been some element of doubt in your mind if you had to confirm it with 3 separate people, or were they all there ensemble at the signing of your first cheque.
  21. Have you ever considered that it is not the rule
  22. Art 697 of the civil code states that it is the person who benefits from the right of way who must maintain it at their expense unless there is something contrary to that in the agreement drawn up establishing the right of way. Best to consult your Notaire
  23. The European procedure may be more relevant http://europa.eu/legislation_summaries/consumers/protection_of_consumers/l16028_en.htm. As far as the Notaire holding the money, on a point of law the Notaire can only release the funds on the agreement of the party whose funds he/she is holding. If that party refuses the release of the funds then the other party has to take the matter to court. This also applies to the famous 10% deposit for house purchases as well .
  24. Here is the French advice to EHIC card holders. http://www.cleiss.fr/particuliers/je_viens_en_vacances.html Remboursement La feuille de soins datée, signée, avec les vignettes des médicaments collées, accompagnée de la prescription et d'une copie de la carte européenne d'assurance maladie ou du certificat provisoire de remplacement devront être remis à la C.P.A.M (ou la CGSS dans les DOM) dans la circonscription de laquelle les soins ont été dispensés. Vous devrez préciser votre adresse permanente ainsi que vos références bancaires (nom de la banque, adresse, code SWIFT, n° de compte avec code IBAN ou BIC). or in English Reimbursement Once you have dated and signed the feuille de soins and attached the vignettes, you should send the form to the local CPAM (or CGSS), together with the prescription and a copy of your European Health Insurance Card or Provisional Replacement Certificate. You should also fill in the feuille de soins with your permanent address and give your bank details (name of bank, address, SWIFT code, account number and IBAN or BIC). So it appears that CLEISS and NHS direct are singing from the same hymn sheet,and are giving the correct advice, while your advice is incorrect. There is no need to PM me for the link to the advice, as I have given it in this post..
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