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  1. That won't work anyway. Dorchester does not have an airport. I get to Dorchester fairly easily. Kick off is at 5.00 pm so I have just 10 days to sort out my outfit and organise the big screen at the reception in Dorchester Museum.

    Maybe I will hold back until after the England/Scotland game.

    What a great original posting! Best for ages. Thanks!

  2. Agree! Nobody knows precisely which way the rates will go. There are well informed opinions about how to get the best rates. I have only recently discovered the excellent rates provided by CurrencyFair compared with my high street bank. You will certainly need to check what is being offered by several companies.

  3. That sounds worth checking. I have never checked the gearbox oil level and will now try to find out the operating principle to help assess the potential problem. Unfortunately all that will have to wait for our next visit in July.
  4. Thanks Dave. There is a spring tensioner on the drive belt for the cutter but the propulsion drive belt is just linking the two pulleys between the motor and gearbox. I had suspected that it was simply wear and tear but hoped to avoid buying a new belt and stripping the mower to put in on.

    Looks like a morning working before mowing again.

  5. I have a third hand sit on mower which has had a hard time cutting my grass. It has recently been unable to ascend some short, steep inclines due to drive belt slippage. I realise that there are many different designs out there but, in general, is it likely that there is a mechanism to allow me to tighten the belt? I have an Electrolux generic drawing but no handbook. It looks as if the only adjustment may be by moving the whole motor system.

    I would appreciate any helpful advice.

    Thanks, Alistair
  6. Last year, and they didn't log in again to read the answers! Maybe they just read them as a visitor.

  7. [quote user="Chancer"]And by a first time scammer, sorry I meant poster.[/quote]

    That was the first and last post and visit to this forum by the OP but, as usual, everyone else benefits in some way from the comments made by the more regular forum members.
  8. Thanks for the alert. BF phoned us to rearrange our booked crossings in March and April. They said that the Etretat is having new stabilisers fitted. The BF website has a brief message stating that due to technical reasons the ferry will be operating with freight only. Normal service will resume on May 11th.

    I am not sure how the new ferry, Baie de Seine, is affected but it is just as well it has been brought into service.

  9. Thank you everyone for your colourful stories. Overall it would seem sensible for us to travel by more conventional transport. If it was just me, I would give it a go but the dog comes first perhaps a little behind my wife who would also have trouble with any more than a slight swell.

    So it is back to the timetables and as a last resort we could go through the tunnel, my favourite crossing, but it adds 50% to the journey. Cruise ferries then I suppose will be the final choice and we will fit in with their timings.

    Regards, Alistair
  10. It looks like we may need to use the BF Fastcraft ferry from Portsmouth to Le Havre in a few months time. Does anyone have experience with these ferries and how do you think a DOG would get on during the crossing? We are used to the cruise ships both with the dog in the car and in a cabin but have never travelled on a Fastcraft.

    We would welcome any views on these vessels even if you do not have an opinion on the effect on a dog in the car.

    Thanks, Alistair
  11. [quote user="Rabbie"]Just checked with Mrs R Abbie - a vet - that if you are UK resident then you will be OK with vaccination every two years. Good luck[/quote]

    I have phoned DEFRA to make sure that we can expect the validity date in the passport to be accepted without any problems and they categorically state that this is the case.

    We are UK residents so that part of the system is satisfied. I was also trying to find out if crossing any of the other borders could produce a difficulty.

    Thanks for your comments.
  12. We have been using pet passports for our dogs for many years and have given the dogs annual rabies vaccinations. Our old, experienced vet said that even if the vaccine stated two and now three year validity it would be best to vaccinate every year. This was not for health reasons but to avoid complications if we crossed frontiers in Europe, such as Spain, Germany, Italy and Switzerland, during our long holidays in France.

    This year we have our new puppy (now 16 months old) and an annual booster would be due next week. I would rather save the time and money as we are both retired and have a greatly reduced income. Has anyone experienced a problem with the extended rabies dates in the pet passport when travelling out of, or back into France or any other combinations of country hopping?

    Thanks, Alistair.
  13. We have travelled on this route several times now as Portsmouth/Le Havre is our favoured journey. The main advantage is the use of Pet Friendly cabins for our puppy.

    The meals have been fine and are similar to those on the other BF ferries( but not the expensive restaurants).

    BF have now taken over the old LD berths and time slots which makes it even more convenient for us.

    We are pleased with the current arrangements because we can use our BF membership and take care of our young dog.

  14. It is almost certain that it would be worth having the badge regardless of which type. We have been using Sanef for many years now and have no doubt about its advantages. Already mentioned above there is the comfort of sitting in the car without any climbing, jumping out or other acrobatics when alone in a RHD car. It means my wife can stay asleep through the peage gates.

    Even with a roof box we can pass through the reserved toll gates, often overtaking tens of queuing cars in the other lanes. Another advantage is using the 30 kph lanes where you do not need to slow much below that speed. These are becoming more common every year.

    The downside is that there is a small price to pay (you have the details already) but I am very happy with the overall value for money.

  15. Our last dog was on his fourth passport and the renewal each time was simple and free in the UK. Our French vet reminded us that they could issue one if we were caught with a full passport while in France.

    We have not come across the "extra pages" possibility.

  16. [quote user="Pierre ZFP"]

    [quote user="cooperlola"] ......  what you need is clay to fill the "dents" ...............But this is just an impression.  [/quote]

    Oooo please tell me that was intentional   [:D]



    Are you a dentist Pierre?
  17. Dave,

    Do you think you clients would like a fountain in their pond? This would not only move the water but would also aerate it. Avoid a high spray or you may experience water loss in high winds.

    The earlier comments about the power of the pump seem justified but this may be related to the cost of the pump. A good quality, high capacity pump usually costs several hundred pounds/euros.

  18. [quote user="nomoss"]

    That's really strange, I thought the government scheme to provide free plumbing repairs for British holiday home owners would have covered it.





    Please explain. I would love to have free anything!
  19. It's time to tackle this problem with a different method. We had two disgusting looking, scaled wc pans. My wife spent many hours trying to improve them with little effect. One day, while she was out shopping I decided to act.

    I had bought several sheets of "wet 'n dry" sanding material that I knew we're in my tool bag. It had originally been used to rub down filler in my rusty car body many years ago. This is perfect to sand off the scale in the wcs., All that is really required is the final burst of bravado to plunge your hands down the loo. After just one hour all the residue was clear leaving a near perfect ,white, glossy surface.

    I was quite popular - for a few days. I think that wet n dry is available in Brico.
  20. We had a new boiler installed about 12 years ago. It is manufactured by Frisquet and was recommended by our plumber. I thought it was very expensive at 3000euro fully fitted but later discovered that all quality boilers are expensive in France, even more so now.

    An early, and only fault, was a failure of a safety valve that was fixed for about 25euro. It can be controlled via a remote, wireless thermostat/timer with several useful functions. It has operated perfectly, giving loads of hot water and while simultaneously driving eight large radiators. The Frisquet web site gives some basic information with prices but the leaflet given to us by the plumber is worth looking at before deciding anything.

    We are happy to have accepted the plumber's advice and would buy from the company again, hopefully in about twenty years time!
  21. We bought our maison/residence secondaire 12years ago. With hindsight we should have checked many aspects that we discovered too late. Fortunately the whole adventure turned out well and we love our house, the garden, the neighbours and the surrounding area.

    We visit as often as possible and for as long as possible. Friends and family are frequent visitors and our Grandchildren still find it exciting spending a week in our clutches, away from their parents. Even the dog(s) love it !

    The affair has been expensive but very rewarding.

    No regrets.
  22. I expect the ferry operator would be unwilling to allow anyone to check-in through their gates unless the outgoing ferry was leaving in a reasonable time. Your question of how long after check-in could you wait before travelling from the port (or on the Shuttle) is worth following up with DEFRA. DEFRA advice is sometimes loose and ambiguous.

    Following on from previous comments, it is advisable to carry a full set of documents regarding the initial and subsequent treatments as well as the current Pet Passport. Check every entry by the vet before leaving the surgery.
  23. Come back Clair. I agree with the only other reply. Please help us compare prices.

    Thanks, Alistair


    [quote user="allanb"]

    I think (but am not sure) that he mentioned something like 10 bar as a typical main supply pressure, and 4 bar as a pressure that would be adequate for the house.


    I am surprised at these figures. Maybe that's because am in a region that has a maximum pressure of 3 bar (about three times the pressure in the UK). I can understand why the plumber put in the reducing valve. What pressures do other members have?


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