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  1. [quote user="AnOther"]Does it really needs to be an original, a foglight is a foglight isn't it ? [/quote] yes but they don't make them like that any more - however as all that was required was a photo of the rear lights working with and without the foglight on the rear bumper it didn't need to be permanently fixed, if you see what I mean ;)
  2. well I finally got my RHD car registered in France - the visit to "Les Mines" was nothing more than a visual check that everything was as in the spec. Yes, they do check all the manufacturers plates and the number stamped into the chassis (they're keen on those!) No rear foglight though - and although it's not obligatory for the CT it is in the spec... "so if originally it had a stick of rhubarb attached it would have to have one now?" was the question I was asked when I tried to find an original 1995 Niva rear foglight...
  3. [quote user="Quillan"]I am sure I saw something about this somewhere, I did a search but can't find it so I apologise in advance if its been answered before. Can you pay an English Sterling cheque in to a French bank account here in France if the name on the check matches the name on the account and is this covered by this new European charge thing. [/quote] yes you can. No problem. The charges will differ depending on your bank, the value of the cheque, if there's an 'r' in the month, and if the bank manager fancies you :)
  4. in France, they can't take your primary residence from under you however much you owe. If it's a secondary residence, however, wave it good-bye if you can't afford to keep it up.
  5. I have a 'partial certificat de conformité' because the car in question is RHD and these were never sold in France! I will have to go via 'les mines' - which costs. I also need a CT réussi to go with my dossier - I'm still working on that!
  6. [quote user="Clair"][quote user="hoverfrog"]ultimate chocolate mousse (my (French) grandmother's recipe)... "Nigresse" ...[/quote] Would that be "négresse"? [8-)] [/quote] probably meant to be, but neither of my grandparents are around now to talk about spelling mistakes :)
  7. ultimate chocolate mousse (my (French) grandmother's recipe)... "Nigresse" 1/4lb chocolat (cuisine) 1/4lb fresh butter (unsalted) 2 dstsp castor sugar 3 eggs Grate the chocolate, 1 melt the butter 1 sugar,mix in the chocolate and add the three yolks of eggs. The whites are beaten to make snow (sounds daft to me) Put in the fridge and serve with dry gaufrettes. My grandmother's recipe - as recorded by my grandfather :) ...and OH! is it good :).
  8. in France you have to scrap your car at an agreed scrapper - although you can sell it for parts (sans CT) anywhere! You may be surprised to note that sometimes you can scrap a car and be charged for it. Mostly it depends on the garage that scraps it - and if they can recuperate any bits from it. It costs someone - somewhere, so if you can trade good tyres (par example) against damaged bodywork then you could walk away without having to pay. Leaving it in the garden to "grow over" is also an option - commonly seen in Limousin :)
  9. for what it's worth - I bought my last house "tout à l'égout" - then the large green machine fell in something while doing our new roof - turned out to be related to sewerage (it stank!) Apparently the OUTLET from the old fosse septique had been connected to the mains, and there were all these tanks before that we didn't know about... "tout à l'égout" does not mean it's direct :)
  10. not long after I moved in a neighbour I'd never met before called at the front door to tell me my sheep were down on the main road at Credit Agricole. "Me**e!" I exclaimed without thinking, then apologised. She laughed and said it was "very french!"
  11. just follow the instructios in the leaflet that came with! >If you can't follow those instructions... I'll take my coat! :)
  12. [quote user="teapot"]Please drop Andrew (Poolguy) a PM or an email he won't want to miss out but is often very busy.[/quote] Andrew's contact rang me Monday afternoon - too late :( I do have 4 of the slabs here though - and a promise of some steps to be made from them :)
  13. you're joking, surely! I'm "orange pro" - and although they promised me phone within 24 hours and ADSL within 15 days when I moved house it wasn't until over a month later that it got sorted out! Even then, if it hadn't been for the friend of a friend I would still be in the land of the unconnected now...
  14. yes - or do something with them! Acte de vente next Monday - any left then will belong to the new owners.
  15. bang in the middle of Limousin - 5kms from Eymoutiers (soon to be 10 kms!)
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