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  1. https://www.huffingtonpost.fr/environnement/article/les-previsions-meteo-d-evelyne-dheliat-pour-2050-sont-effrayantes_209460.html
  2. The site that the banana linked to is a paid service. I don't know where the 60% comes from either, unless it is Fiscallia themselves, fishing for more business? At 95 € a shot, no less!
  3. Our switch switches back to "auto" automatically after it has been in manual mode, but perhaps older installations are different?
  4. Hmm, not sure about this, the Linky *could* stop the switching to heures creuses during the day (for those that have this) so anything (such as a water heater) that usually works only during HC would not work, but these type of switches can always be put into "forced" mode. The tariff would not be the same though. Unless someone who knows more about this than me could explain?
  5. Oh, do please stop trying to plug free walking tours!
  6. The trick with Apaisyl is to apply it as soon as you notice that you have been bitten, before you start to scratch the bite.
  7. Oh I do agree about the mossies Lori, we were absolutely plagued by them, despite checking every possible place they could be multiplying in. Tiny little beggars, but bitey ones, it was impossible to sit outside without getting bitten. We had 3 tubes of Apaisyl scatted around at all times, plus one of those clicky things. They seem to have all gone now though, bliss!
  8. Oh my (insert deity of choice)! That's just awful.
  9. Is "pot" and "kettle" an insult?
  10. Did you have to do anything special, or just a normal post?
  11. What I did to achieve this. Paused AdBlock, Adblock Plus, Blur for this site. Using Google Chrome, I clicked on the three dots at the top RHS of the Google window to expand the list, then clicked on more tools, developer tools. That opens a panel to the RHS of your screen. Then went to "Application" at the top of the panel (you may need to click on the two little right arrow sign to get to it). I ticked the "including third-party cookies" and clicked on "Clear Site Data", then went down to unclick "Cache storage". I opened a new Google window (or close Google and re-open), went to the forum, signed in again and, without closing the dev tools window on the RHS, started a new topic. It sounds more complicated than it is, but I hope this helps.
  12. Bl**dy hell, I think I've managed to start a new topic!
  13. The error code was EX1364 , if that helps the powers that be
  14. I just tried, using incognito mode, but still not possible. I could select the topic (you have to click on the topic group, which then gives you a drop down list), but still got the "oops, something went wrong" message.
  15. We could perhaps blame cabin fever, due to being shut inside to avoid the blazing heat? Except that some posters seem to be oblivious to the fact that their posts are insulting, no matter what the weather.
  16. I do hope that the original poster isn't still waiting for help, the post is over 10 years old!
  17. I expect the reply was from a spammer, with a link to a site selling something. When that post was deleted by a mod the forum software would have shown the post previous to that as a new post, and bumped it into the recent posts.
  18. Or, my pet hate, repackaging slightly smaller, but the price stays the same! Really have to study the price per kilo. I noticed yesterday that my mini bounty bars were not the same size as the ones I had bought a few weeks before.
  19. As ALBF has said, it depends whether it is constructible or not. If it doesn't have a certificate d'urbanism then it will only be of interest to farmers, and non-constructible land is dirt cheap. An agent can do a valuation of the land, even if you won't be selling it with them, but there will be a fee. Also be aware that land that may have been constructible some years ago may now have changed its designation to non-constructible.
  20. Chessie, there is information on your right to complain in the link below ... https://solidarites-sante.gouv.fr/systeme-de-sante-et-medico-social/parcours-de-sante-vos-droits/modeles-et-documents/guide-usagers-votre-sante-vos-droits/article/fiche-25-les-voies-de-recours-en-cas-de-dommages-lies-aux-soins#:~:text=liés aux soins-,Fiche 25 %3A les voies de recours en cas de dommages liés aux soins,-Établissements de santé As for the nappy, and being strapped to the bed/chair, my mother in law here in France suffered exactly the same treatment. Despite our complaints, we were told that she was a danger to herself (as she had suffered a stroke, and was unsteady on her feet) and that they didn't have enough staff to be running around helping people to the toilet all the time!
  21. Chessie, was the epilepsy medication Lyrica/Pregabalin? It is also prescribed to control nerve pain, so should not have any *unexpected* side effects for someone without the condition. But (big but) Lyrica needs to be started on a very low dose, as one of its well known side effects is dizziness or vertigo! Not in the medical field myself, but I DO take Lyrica.
  22. Oh I don't know ALBF, if I threw a stone (hard enough) it would land in the garden of French, English, Australian, Welsh, Dutch, Portuguese or Belgian neighbours. Perhaps not completely multicultural, but most of them have French nationality, yet retain a part of their own heritage and culture. It has never occurred to me to ask if they are proud of their heritage, but they all root for their own when rugby or football are concerned, yet also join the celebrations, without hesitation, if France should win.
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