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  1. I'm new here. Just found it and just registered. I was surprised that it was "a bit" slow (both in looking at threads and in user activity). I noticed there was a list of people who were logged-on and it was not many so I was not using it at a busy time (at least I hope not). This topic is quite "informative" and seems to show where the problems are. I just seem to spend my time waiting. The comments on functionality here are very true. In my short time here I've noticed that where you are answering something somebody else has asked, you can't quote it decently like you can on other forums. You have to cut/paste from the other post (and no text formatting options to highlight it). We live in 2004 and technology can do this (plus all the other things). Could have been an interesting forum but I have to say "I can't be bothered" as my first efforts here have been just too much hard work.
  2. I moved into my house 6 weeks after purchasing it and there were letters from the utilities waiting for me. However, it was my agent who took the readings and contacted the utility companies rather than the notaire.
  3. Most DIY stores sell it in 25L containers (sometimes they have smaller pots). There are several brands, one is called something like Xylophene - or rther that the brand as they do other stuff as well. what I've seen is "Traitment des bois multi-usages" (and there are several different makes. Its a thin milky liquis. Unsure about how good it is for rot, or if its just worm/but killer in wood.
  4. No idea about your particular area, but try the Yellow Pages (http://www.pagesjaunes.fr/pj.cgi?). Even if your French is not very good, you will find some of the artisans will appreciate you trying and will endure your efforts. Once you have found one artisan who is good and helpful (and most are), they all know each other. You will possibly find that they will come round and look very quickly. Many will then take ages to get a quote (Devis) to you (many months) and can take even longer to actually do the work. There are exceptions but this is what I've found round me. These TV programs where you phone an artisan and they are doing the work are complete rubbish (unless in an emergency).
  5. Don't forget to add VAT to those prices and, if in UK (or your French cards are not secure on the internet and you have to use a UK card), there may be exchange rate and currency transfer charge. The funds fro calls last a limited time and there are rules around that so be careful and make sure you read all the small print (its not too horrible stuff, but there are constraints). If you have other processor intensive stuff on your computer, then this can cause audio drop-outs every couple of minutes. Don’t mean to sound negative but there are limitations. You may have some issues if running a web server and firewall software on your computer Whilst Skype has more limitations than some others (e.g. Wozie), it is somewhat more reliable software (and is available for MACs).
  6. I think part of the difficulty and cause of dissatisfaction with the program are that it is not what it presents itself as. I saw one or two then gave up. It seemed to present itself as a sort of factual documentary – describing what these people had done and how they were progressing doing it. However, it appears it may actually be entertainment “dressed-up” as documentary which I disagree with. It is hard enough these days to know what parts of what is being reported are true, subject to bias or just untrue and presenting entertainment as a factual documentary does not help. Things like are they talking about £400000 or €400000. Is that the cost of the property of the amount borrowed by the mortgage. I did not realise that the “Nigel” was involved which and, from his previous efforts makes the possibility of “convenient errors for dramatic effect” quite probably. I may not enjoy the style of presentation, but that is me and others may like it. Anybody can chose not to watch the program. However, people wishing to move, planning, etc. are often “hungry for information” (I know I was before I moved) and thus, even though they may not enjoy the program, still watch in the hope that they can gain helpful insight and knowledge as to how thing work in France. For people (including myself with the Nigel/Nippy farce) who watch for information and insight the program is particularly poor as it only pretends to present facts, providing fiction in a plausible format. (I’ve just found this site and registered. Is this site always so slow or is Saturday a busy time because its pretty “snail’s pace” stuff. Also does not like my browser very much !!!!!)
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