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  1. Thanks to the Duchess for her input and yes we will be renting parts of the building out.  The location is the main reason that we have chosen this particular chateau, that and the size, land, looks, price and proximity to the town.  The train to Paris and the coast are also a large concideration and we must not forget the ski season. All of our friends and relatives think we are quite mad but they have always thought that anyway, we like to live very much outside the box.  We have a very open mind and believe life is about the journey.  I have looked at your web site and your home is very beautiful.
  2. We don't have unlimited funds but we do have a business which allows us to live and work anywhere in the world.  We are not worried about the up keep as we will be saving so much money by moving to france from the UK. Thanks to the administrator for the practical tips, this will be our 5th project however it will be our largest.  We have only ever gardened 2 acres before and I am looking forward to the challenge.  We have tractors and such like for the land.  The only things we have not done before are roofing plumbing and the french electrics. I have a concern that the workmen will be a little spasmodic, we do have english specialists but we are loathe to use them as we believe in using the local craftsmen, so we will have to see how it goes.  Thank you for the correction of "chateau" as singular and I thought the french like the idea of the peasants living in the big houses "vive la revolution"!! any one seen the old vodka ad!!
  3. Thanks for all your replys kind of what we thought, in answer to the last post there are too many family members now to be bothered to do the work so they all want their piece of inheritance. I dont know how long we will live there we a bit like gypsies but we are in our thirties and too much energy to waste on boring stuff over here.   Our parents are getting involved an they are in their early 50's they are in the US and have had enough of live there. So onwards and upwards.   Thanks again
  4. Hi   My family and I are looking to buy a chateaux, holes in the roof old plumbing and tricky electrics.  We can see all the possible downsides but still keep marching forward. Could any one add to my list of "already reason, not to buy", I doubt it will put us off, as falling in love is never something done with the head but I believe in being forewarned perhaps allows you more preparation. All comments greatfully received even the most negative.
  5. Hi  Are there any english people living or working in Nevers that could point us in the direction of plummers roofers and electricians.   Any help greatfully received
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