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  1. Hi, have sent you an email through the website
  2. Looking for suggestions on the best way to move an old bike from the UK (Bristol) to near Toulouse, its a 1959 Triton so riding it down, while not out of the question, is going to be hard going. Anyone coming from SW UK to anywhere in France with a van? Anyone put a bike on the SNCF in France? Any other suggestions most welcome... I want my bike!!
  3. Connect the 2 PC's together using a CAT5 CROSSOVER cable into the RJ45 connections on each PC The PC that has the modem connection, go to Settings -> Network Connections and right click on the modem connection, enable sharing, et voila! Firewalls may cause a problem, it may also be wise to set both PC's in the same workgroup (right click 'My Computer' - > Properties -> Computer Name) Good Luck  
  4. [quote user="Krin"] I think .com will probably be best as we will be aiming at a fairly wide target audience. [/quote] More importantly - where are you going to host the website? location of hosting should be decided by your target audiences location
  5. [quote user="tenniswitch"] Have any of you done this?  Do you know the settings I need?  I'd be very grateful for assistance on this. [/quote] This is what you need (along with your username and password) - Country - service VPI VCI Protocol Encapsulation France* 8 35 PPPoA LLC   I would also invest 50 euros in a proper ADSL modem
  6. [quote user="Gluestick"] Oooh! Can't use that! It deletes cookies!![:-))][:@][Www] [/quote] Ahh but you can, just add the cookies you want to keep to OPTIONS -> COOKIES -> COOKIES TO KEEP - et voila! all your fav sites are not touched [quote user="Gluestick"] I like your site, Mike: very clean and crisp. Loved the homepage graphic, too. [/quote] Merci! Nathalie, I think you accidently sent me a Private Message recommending i use your friend to build me a website - LOL, thanks a lot!
  7. >> Also, I will be looking for someone to design said website.  Anyone interested? Yes, using the link below can you send info on the project
  8. Seeing as i cant list it here, although this forums description implies you can  - where best to post our 2004 Espace for sale? Flog it seems to have gone
  9. try this? http://www.south-france-gite.com/buy-france-property_205.htm
  10. Just use the active function here: http://www.completefrance.com/cs/forums/TopicsActive.aspx
  11. >>I agree that a lack of 'mark as read' or 'posts since last visit' is a right pain; http://www.completefrance.com/cs/forums/TopicsActive.aspx
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