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  1. Thank you! I was intrigued and could not find anything about it on the Internet
  2. Don't know if there is a petition to sign! We had heard from French friends nearby that there was talk of a new airport (and I gather Tours Airport usage went up quite a lot last year) and as I mentioned, there are signs in the fields by the road, some 10 mins or so out of Loches. I had also heard that some of the cheaper carriers were looking for alternatives to Tours Airport but I cannot find anything more on the Web
  3. We have just travelled back from near Loches, and on the road from Loches to Tours there are signs apparently protesting about plans for a new airport there. Has anyone heard anything about this please?
  4. Thanks for the advice! Much appreciated and interesting!
  5. Has anyone had any experience of finding/using a Fiscal Representative, as required when selling a property over a certain value? Are there any agencies dealing with this in France and how expensive is it? Any help would be gratefully received![:)]
  6. We may be able to help! We are not far from you and had our roof redone 2 years ago superbly. Have sent you an e-mail and a private message
  7. We bought our house in the Centre region 8 years ago and also had concerns over the language issues. However, we found a bi-lingual agent who was very good and we looked for agencies FNAIM registered. My main recommendation is to read everything you can on the property buying process; we bought books on buying properties in France, magazines and spoke to people who had bought properties and attended several French property exhibitions and spoke to all the professionals. As a result, when it came to the point where we had found the property we wanted, we felt very confident about the process and the questions we needed to ask BEFORE we signed the initial contract. We went to the Mairie and made our own enquiries and did not rely soley on the agent. We also ensured we had any suspensive clauses we wanted put in to the contract. The whole process went very smoothly! Happy searching!
  8. we submit all our readings via the internet. We went on to the EDF website and asked to submit internet readings and this has worked without any problems. Hope this helps!
  9. Hi!  We are about 20 mins away from Loches and also have a holiday home there which we visit several times a year. We will be back in UK by mid-August but would be happy to meet up on another visit
  10. We booked a return trip with LD lines last week to go out for 5 days and it cost £39.50[:D]
  11. We have a place not far from you. I have sent a note to your inbox.  We have had a place there for a year, so may be able to offer some help!
  12. Thank you so much to everyone who replied - it was really helpful!  We are going to try and scare it off next time we are out there!  If we find a miracle cure, we will pass it on! Just one point though - does anyone know if they are a threat to small babies? our niece is going out there in August and will have a 2 month old baby. The animal is up in the top of the roof apparently. Thank you !
  13. we  bought a house in the northern Indre last year, and happily told our friends to use it for a holiday.  On the first night, they heard lots of odd loud noises and when these continued, they decided to wait up one night and see if they could find out the cause.  A very cross pine martin emerged!  (We have an undeveloped area of the roof with a high small open window)Any suggestions as to how we can  get rid of it? Do we need to get a specialist in?  I presume that if we can get rid of it, we just need to get  the window blocked up.  Are there any deterrents anyone knows of please?  As a city dweller, I have not had much experience of them!  
  14. we bought our house a month ago  and the notaire said that he would write to the EDF and water companies regarding the change of ownership and would ask them to write to us at our UK address.  To date, we have not heard a word.  Can anyone advise us how long initial notification from the untility companies normally takes please?  We would hate to get cut off!!!!!
  15. We have a property which has a few outbuildings, two of which - a barn and an old house for restoration - we have been wondering if we should sell off.  They could easily have their own entrance, would not require a shared access road and would have about a third acre plot.  If we wanted to do this, how do we go about it?     
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