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  1. Anyone know anything about the roadworks near Poitiers Airport that is causing delays getting to the airport?
  2. If the Scots get independence will this mean they will no longer be part of GB? If so where does this leave Murray's win in the context of the 'last British winner'?
  3. I would sell them with the proviso that there was no comeback on me should the buyer be turfed out for whatever reason.
  4. Most benefits should be means tested rather than withdraw some based on poorly researched data - Sicily is warmer than Northern France for example.

    However the WFA is quite small so if those pensioners really need the extra £200 or so to survive then I think something is very wrong and maybe they shouldn't have left the UK.
  5. Currently social charges are not payable on UK rental income under the 'double tax treaty'. However the article hints that this may change for expat landlords who pay no UK tax on this due to the tax allowances available.

    I see this as clutching at straws in attempt to screw every last centime out of those seen as wealthy.
  6. Hindsight is a wonderful thing but it was an obvious folly not to allow the funds from council house sales in the 80's and 90's to go into building replacement affordable housing stock.

    As a solution to the current housing shortage the government should be building affordable rental properties on brownfield sites via either LA's or Housing Associations. This would boost the construction industry and the economy in general. It's all very cutting spending but by this government's own admission it will be several more years before the UK economy has any decent growth.

    In addition the obsession with owning your own home has to end with renting not seen as the poor man's choice.
  7. Your second post is a bit harsh Wooly as I would guess several members here own BTL's so the inference that they are 'scum' for daring to legally own property in order provide themselves with an income or future pension is somewhat offensive.

    We have four children and the chances of any of them being able to buy their own home before they hit thirty is zip. However that doesn't stop them renting and maybe that's the way to go for the future.
  8. As someone who was more than smacked as a child I made sure that I never treated our children them in the same way whilst they were growing up. Hopefully the way they were brought up will ensure any children they have are not smacked, punched or kicked no matter what they have done.
  9. The difference between France and the UK is that here you a leader and government who haven't got the balls to try and change things.

    Only 10 percent of French workers belong to a trade union but the power they wield is frightening and with a socialist party in power nothing will change on that front.

    It does make me laugh though that a year ago everyone was celebrating getting rid of Sarko but now Hollande's popularity is at rock bottom because they realise he hasn't got a clue how to run the country.
  10. Both the EU and the IMF have said that France has to change if it is to remain competitive in Europe let alone the World.

    You have a PM and a government who have no idea how to tackle the ever rising unemployment and the only reforms they have come up with seem nothing more than tinkering - taxing the rich etc.

    The power of the unions needs to be curbed and tough choices taken on the 35 hour week, social benefits and pensions.
  11. This happened to us a couple of years ago when buying a dishwasher. We had used this company before without an issue but within a day or so of paying by debit card (therefore without payment protection) we received confirmation that the company had gone bust.

    We lodged our claim with the liquidator but there will be no dividend so we're stuffed. The only plus point is that if you have got an invoice you can claim the TVA back via your annual tax return.
  12. When learning to drive our kids were told that you must have the insurance certificate, licence, carte grise and CT available for inspection by gendarmes. However they were also advised not to leave the carte grise in the car as if stolen it could be used to get cloned plates.
  13. What a farce, a show that is supposed to unearth UK entertainment talent is won by an act from Hungary.
  14. Slightly off topic, how can this country prosper when it's leader makes these sort of basic errors.


  15. With the cost of living and unemployment soaring and a Government powerless to stimulate the economy just how bad are things going to get here?
  16. [quote user="Mr Ceour de Lion II"]Surely all war is illegal? I've always thought it a bit weird to call the Iraq war illegal, yet no other war gets tarred with the same brush.


    That's a bit simplistic.

    Sorry Poland, we did say we'd join in if you got invaded but having consulted our lawyers they think we might be sued so have decided to stay out of it.

    Bush and Blair persuaded the UN etc that Saddam had some WMD's (which he did) and therefore he had to be taken out. They used the legitimacy of UN support to invade. IMO Blair was brainwashed by Bush which just shows what a feeble PM he was. I also find it very ironic that he is now an official Middle East peace envoy.
  17. Through family tree research I found three cousins of my mother's (who she'd never met) who were living only five miles away and who are now in regular contact.

    On the flip side I also found out that my late father's favourite uncle had an affair during WWII which produced a son that he (the uncle) never knew about.
  18. We look after several rental properties here and have made all of our UK clients aware of this problem but none seem to be willing or able to ensure their renters have any sort of insurance to cover damage etc.
  19. I see myself as an English Anglo-Saxon without an accent despite being Norfolk born and bred.
  20. Concur with all of the above.

    Wouldn't advise too rural as you might spend several hours a week in the car - shops, bank, doctors etc which obviously has an impact on the cost of running a vehicle.

    I also wouldn't worry too much about an 'English enclave' as you can pick and choose who you associate with.

    Can recommend Dept 17 but don't have a house to sell!
  21. Could it just be that Peugeot, Renault, Citroen and now Honda are producing cars that no-one wants?
  22. First marriage - threw it out of the sky roof during an argument, never did find it. Can't understand why the marriage didn't last.

    Second marriage - can't get the bugger off, better keep this wife.
  23. I've got a Stihl 171 and love it.
  24. I work with a French guy who speaks Franglais which actually makes things harder. I would much prefer he sticks to French but he is so keen to learn English I don't have the heart to tell him.
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