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  1. Perhaps Ken would answer these simple questions - is the planet warming and can man do anything about it?
  2. I was aware of the blog post and saw the BBC drama about the Prof, he worked at the Climate Research Unit near where I used to live. If that's the sum total of the 'proof' that NASA commit data fraud that's pretty poor.
  3. If you won't accept research results from a body like NASA who have continually studied weather patterns and the climate for decades then what possible proof can anyone give you that mankind is responsible for what we are experiencing now?
  4. I have already acknowledged that since the dawn of time there have been numerous dramatic 'weather events' all over the world but what is happening now is that these events are becoming more frequent, in effect the 'weather patterns' have changed. This is a short and simple piece from NASA which explains what I mean, the first two paragraphs from What is Climate Change? are the most relevant. https://climate.nasa.gov/global-warming-vs-climate-change/
  5. Ken, do you believe that any of the recent serious weather events are a result of mankind's mistreatment of the planet over the last 100 years or so?
  6. Are you really saying the scientific community supports your theory that the climate is simply evolving naturally and the change is not man made?
  7. Throughout time there have always been 'once in a century' events, unfortunately these are now far more regular and this is down to 'man made' global warming.
  8. Another denier of global warming. Having been caught up in Hurricane Ian just four weeks ago and witnessed the devastation first hand it's clear to see what we have done to the planet. We're likely to have record high temperatures this weekend followed by a week of solid rain, that's not evolution but a complete destruction of normal weather patterns.
  9. Whilst I agree that to some extent the media can 'make or break' a politician's career it is the individual themselves who takes the conscious decision to climb the greasy pole of politics and they do so in the full knowledge that should they screw up the media will be merciless.
  10. This just about says it all. Liz Truss is a Norfolk MP which is my home county, it has always been 'blue' and currently all but one MP is a Conservative. Yesterday the local paper did a calculation based on the latest opinion polls which showed that if an election took place tomorrow only one Conservative MP would keep their seat, I'll give you one guess who that would be.😊
  11. After the latest round of 'u-turns' what is the point of Liz Truss remaining as PM?
  12. How many think Liz Truss will still be PM at Christmas?
  13. I see you didn't answer the first question. The healthcare system in the UK is in meltdown with massive staff shortages, record waiting lists and chronic under funding, if you really think it is better than here then you need your bumps felt.
  14. And how many of those French persons have lived in or even visited the UK? I'll need a hip replacement soon and if I have it here I can choose when and where, in the UK you'll join an 18 month+ waiting list, you think that's better?
  15. You said in 'a worse mess'. Of course the country has it's problems but compared to the UK it's well run.
  16. During his Tory leadership campaign in July Hunt stated 'Corporation tax cut not sexy, but necessary'. Spin on three months and now Chancellor he's done a complete turnaround and raised CT by 6%!
  17. I was also castigated for suggesting that based on her performance as a minister she'd be useless as a PM, I don't feel smug just a sense of despair that the competence level in UK politics is so low. Sadly, a GE is still two years away so the country will sink further in the mire before it has a chance to recover.
  18. I'm assuming you need to be able to fly to the US which is actually not that easy from France unless you're okay with non-direct flights. Paris is pretty much the only city that has direct flights so I would look for somewhere that has good connections to the capital or pick a city that flies to London or Amsterdam where the choice of flights to the US is excellent, Bordeaux's airport is expanding and flies to both daily.
  19. Well if the thread is now about Queen Liz as opposed to Queen Elizabeth let's see how the former gets on after the funeral today when the spotlight returns to Westminster, details of the energy price cap help are non existent so the general public and businesses will want to know how much they'll be paying from next month.
  20. I have followed her career because she's a Norfolk MP which is my home county, if you look at the new cabinet it is now stuffed with her best buddies in parliament who belong to the 'East Anglian mafia' a term widely used at Westminster to describe the block of MP's representing the region. All Truss has done so far is make a speech about cheese and be photographed sat on a tank trying to imitate Thatcher, if you think that makes her suitable PM material then god help the country.
  21. No contradiction at all, my opinion of her is based on her record as a cabinet minister in various positions and because of that I don't believe she is fit to lead the country. However, she put herself forward and she may surprise me and the vast majority of the UK public and actually do the job better than her predecessor (which shouldn't be too hard), my hopes aren't high though. There is such a dearth of able politicians now in the UK, the likes of Truss wouldn't have got anywhere near the top job 20 years ago.
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