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  1. One of the funniest things I've ever read on here.😀
  2. That's certainly not the case for the Democrats Dave which is why it's puzzling they've allowed Biden to stand again, he was meant to be a 'one term' president whilst the party found a younger candidate for 'the future'. It seems that stopping Trump is more important than anything else.
  3. It's far more fundamental than who's the more bent Biden or Trump, these two old white men are only candidates people are likely to be able to vote for. How crazy is that?
  4. Anyone else's Avis not available online yet?
  5. We moved to try a different way of life, however we had certain advantages - already had a house in 17, I had a job lined up plus an additional income and we had kept property in the UK in case things didn't work out. Thanks to Brexit and the loss of FOM we couldn't do that now and although we're now back in the UK we feel very lucky to have spent 18 mostly happy years in France, the kids have certainly benefited from the experience and none have expressed any wish to leave the country.
  6. Surely it's much easier for everyone to simply show some respect when they reply to an individual's post.
  7. Ken's holiday sounds great ... for a millionaire. Having been to the States many times over the past 30 years we came away from our trip last September knowing that we won't be going back, it's becoming so expensive now making it out of reach of the vast majority which is probably a deliberate policy to ensure it becomes the playground of the wealthy.
  8. We sold our car a few weeks ago and insisted on an instant SEPA transfer as payment, I was able to check with the bank that the funds were cleared before we handed over the keys.
  9. What do you think of next month's electricity price rise Ken following on from February's 15% increase, totally justified so no one should moan or outrageous profiteering given that France is a net exporter of electricity?
  10. Is it a moan or stating a fact, summer in tourist hot spots is not always fun for residents?
  11. Ridiculous comment as usual, why can't people just be 'accepting' of others or do we all have to be bigots to be normal?
  12. The housing market here has changed very quickly due to the interest rate rises which has spooked the banks into tightening their lending criteria, mortgage deposit requirements have shot up to 35% from 10% just two years ago.
  13. That suggests ALBF needs to try harder.😀
  14. So it's the fault of the police for millions of immigrants being housed in lawless 'sink estates' across France, glad that's cleared up because there was me blaming successive governments for ignoring a big chunk of the population for decades.
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