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  1. I'm assuming you need to be able to fly to the US which is actually not that easy from France unless you're okay with non-direct flights. Paris is pretty much the only city that has direct flights so I would look for somewhere that has good connections to the capital or pick a city that flies to London or Amsterdam where the choice of flights to the US is excellent, Bordeaux's airport is expanding and flies to both daily.
  2. Well if the thread is now about Queen Liz as opposed to Queen Elizabeth let's see how the former gets on after the funeral today when the spotlight returns to Westminster, details of the energy price cap help are non existent so the general public and businesses will want to know how much they'll be paying from next month.
  3. I have followed her career because she's a Norfolk MP which is my home county, if you look at the new cabinet it is now stuffed with her best buddies in parliament who belong to the 'East Anglian mafia' a term widely used at Westminster to describe the block of MP's representing the region. All Truss has done so far is make a speech about cheese and be photographed sat on a tank trying to imitate Thatcher, if you think that makes her suitable PM material then god help the country.
  4. No contradiction at all, my opinion of her is based on her record as a cabinet minister in various positions and because of that I don't believe she is fit to lead the country. However, she put herself forward and she may surprise me and the vast majority of the UK public and actually do the job better than her predecessor (which shouldn't be too hard), my hopes aren't high though. There is such a dearth of able politicians now in the UK, the likes of Truss wouldn't have got anywhere near the top job 20 years ago.
  5. I think Truss is dreadful and shouldn't be in government let alone as the head but she is so we'll just have to judge her on her performance over the next two years.
  6. Not quite what Truss said, her exact words on being asked whether Macron was a friend or foe were 'the jury's still out'.
  7. The Queen was one of the few 'constants' in the ever changing world and the speed of her death from the meeting with Liz Truss on Tuesday has been a shock. It will alter the perception/tolerance of the Royals which I hope Charles accepts and understands otherwise the calls to become a republic will get ever louder.
  8. Starting a 'discussion' on why people insult each other is hardly likely to make the forum 'come alive'. I'd rather chat about real life topics such as climate change and it's affect on our future lives.
  9. The most noticeable changes for us have been in the weekly food shop, so many of the basics have gone up and/or are in short supply. Diesel is around 1.76 in 17.
  10. All of Liverpool's tickets were paper at their request despite UEFA's concerns over fake tickets.
  11. As I understand it, Liverpool wanted physical 'paper' tickets as opposed to ones accessible by a phone or tablet and UEFA agreed, this gave the opportunity for fraud although the claims that this happened on an 'industrial scale' is way off the mark.
  12. Not sure which forum you're referring to so can't comment Nick.
  13. I don't often post primarily because there are very few posters so you tend to get the same people saying pretty much the same thing all the time, add in that some are overly aggressive and it's not a pleasant experience to engage in any sort of discussion.
  14. If ALBF thinks anyone bar Zemmour is better than Macron then he needs his bumps felt, Europe would shudder if MLP got elected.
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