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  1. The Notaire should have written to the Mairie as soon as the Compromis had been signed, they then have two months to decide whether to buy it or not and until the Notaire receives the written 'yay' or 'nay' from the Mairie the sale can't be completed. In addition if the property includes land over a certain size then the farming organisation SAFER may also have the right to buy, this again should have been sorted out by the Notaire from the start.
  2. I've organised three Orange fibre installations this year, this is what I've noted - They will send the Livebox to your home address. The technicians will push for the easiest option for them when choosing the internal location of the new socket and it will need to be near an electric point to plug-in to the Livebox as the supplied fibre cable from the new socket is very short, don't let them bully you into drilling a hole in the wall if there's a chance it will fit through an existing gaine. Our house is over 250m from the main fibre point in our hamlet and a team of four managed to hook up everything from there and install the internal box inside three hours so 60m should be a doddle. Before you order from Orange check other providers - Free, SFR and Bouygues as they may be cheaper. Do not pay the set-up fee as you can do everything yourself from changing the pass code to adding in booster boxes.
  3. Perhaps I'm being thick but I can't access the blog, is there a full www address?
  4. I thought you were a French tax resident and the property you are selling is your principal residence?
  5. I take it your passport wasn't stamped either leaving or coming back into France?
  6. We've just sold a UK property that we've owned for more than 30 years. HMRC have been informed of the sale as required but do we have to tell the Impots even if there is no CGT (plus-value) and if so how?
  7. I've always thought that you couldn't disinherit children here with regard to property no matter whether the will was written under English law or not.

  8. [quote user="Catalpa"]
    We sold some land in the UK about 4 years ago. We advised tax office in France about the sum we received and the reason for it but we were told (and I can't remember or find the correct wording right now) that as the asset sold was 'fixed' in the UK - land, buildings, etc - any taxation would be levied by the UK tax authorities, not France. And that's what happened - the fact we were France-resident was irrelevant.

    What impact Brexit may have on taxation relating to future sales is way beyond me.


    As a French tax resident you have to account for your 'worldwide' income which would include the profit on the sale of any asset such as land or property, if that wasn't the case why do you have to declare here the income from UK rents?
  9. The SCI won't just die a natural death, you have to formally close it and submit a final tax return. As for the consequences of doing nothing who knows, the authorities have your address in the UK I presume so they can easily track you down and use the UK court

    system to come after you for any outstanding debt.

  10. Taper relief certainly does apply here but I don't think you can offset the loss against the profit. In addition you've got to notify HMRC of any sale regardless of whether you've made a profit or not, you could get fined if you don't.
  11. I know several holiday home owners who are going to apply for a CdS as a means of skirting the Schengen 90 day rule.
  12. I went to a stage last week and the atmosphere compared to a previous experience was muted to say the least, still an enjoyable couple of hours in the sunshine after a picnic in the countryside.
  13. For the first few weeks we had fish and chips from the local van here but as we always saw them as a 'treat' they lost their appeal and we've stopped having them.
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