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  1. I think this decision could be tied into tomorrow's health committee meeting here following which there may well be more restrictions.
  2. Pecresse is the only real threat to Macron but may not even reach the second round so the odds are for five more years of stagnation under Manu.
  3. The practicalities of sending migrants back to Iran, Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan make that idea impossible surely?
  4. The UK troops in Poland have two roles - a small group of Royal Engineers are there at the request of Poland to advise on strengthening the border fence etc whilst a larger group is part of a NATO force of around 1000 troops from Poland, Romania, the US who are 'on manoeuvres', neither UK group is tasked with directly preventing the migrants from entering Poland.
  5. Just to be clear, if you are a French tax resident but a UK tax payer then you can still get the 40% back.
  6. That depends on your personal circumstances I believe - https://www.french-property.com/news/tax_france/pensions/
  7. If you're not a UK tax resident you'll get the 40% back, you have to declare the lump sum here but there is a fixed rate of tax (currently 7.5%) and a 10% allowance on the whole amount so the overall tax hit is really 6.75%.
  8. I've always thought the biggest threat to France is the French themselves. Macron is the 4th president I've experienced since moving here and just like his predecessors he's been unable to push through the radical changes that are desperately needed because the general public won't accept change of any description. They are programmed from birth to live a certain way and any attempt to alter this results in meltdown and protest such as the Gilet Jaune disruption in 2019 which ended in a climbdown from the government. Macron has already tried to head off similar protests over rising fuel and energy costs by handing out 100 euro bribes to a huge chunk of the population and promising price freezes until Spring next year which no doubt will be extended until just past the election date. I cannot see any other result than another five more years of EM because the opposition is so fractured but it will be closer and more interesting this time.
  9. The French will target the fishing ports where UK trawlers land their catch as that is really what the dispute is all about.
  10. We have similar conversations with my retired in-laws in the UK as we do with retired friends here, they all live in their little protected 'bubbles' and cannot relate to what we have gone through as a couple who have moved here to work and raise a family. That's not a criticism, just reality.
  11. The Notaire should have written to the Mairie as soon as the Compromis had been signed, they then have two months to decide whether to buy it or not and until the Notaire receives the written 'yay' or 'nay' from the Mairie the sale can't be completed. In addition if the property includes land over a certain size then the farming organisation SAFER may also have the right to buy, this again should have been sorted out by the Notaire from the start.
  12. I've organised three Orange fibre installations this year, this is what I've noted - They will send the Livebox to your home address. The technicians will push for the easiest option for them when choosing the internal location of the new socket and it will need to be near an electric point to plug-in to the Livebox as the supplied fibre cable from the new socket is very short, don't let them bully you into drilling a hole in the wall if there's a chance it will fit through an existing gaine. Our house is over 250m from the main fibre point in our hamlet and a team of four managed to hook up everything from there and install the internal box inside three hours so 60m should be a doddle. Before you order from Orange check other providers - Free, SFR and Bouygues as they may be cheaper. Do not pay the set-up fee as you can do everything yourself from changing the pass code to adding in booster boxes.
  13. Perhaps I'm being thick but I can't access the blog, is there a full www address?
  14. I thought you were a French tax resident and the property you are selling is your principal residence?
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