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  1. Cullen Skink (scottish smoked haddock soup) 
  2. Due to circumstances beyond ou control(redundancy and vendors dragging their heels) we now find ourselves in the position that we will have approx.1 years cover from our NI payments and will then need to find full health cover(not top up) for about 4 years after that. We always knew that we would have to fund our health care for a few years as we are not working but it will come about quicker than we thought. We have money put aside for this but wonder if anyone is using a supplier for a health care policy that they can recommend. We neither of us have any ongoing or chronic medical conditions or family history of heart or other medical problems. Any recommendations put there?
  3. Thanks for the advice. A local antique centre sells this brand of wax so I will go and check it out.
  4. We bought our property last november and didn't find out until we turned up to sign the final paperwork that according to the mayor of the commune the property had 'no drainage'. This was a surprise to us and the estate agent who had not been informed of this although the notaire had the letter which was dated July. After a lot of phone calls we discovered that what the mayor meant was that the drainage did not comply with the new requirements due to come in in January. The vendors then agreed to go halves with us on the estimated cost of the new system and we eventually signed for the property about 3 hours later than planned following the notaire receiving e-mails from the vendors agreeing to her holding back part of the sale price. The mayor of the commune was also the head of the local water board and I suppose he has quotas to hit as I understand that he is insisting that all older properties sold have 'no drainage'- not just those sold to foreigners.
  5. Our property has some old internal beams in the stone walls. What should I treat them with? I don't want to stain them or anything like that, and there is no sign of insect infestation so thats not needed.I didn't know whether to wax them with a liquid wax or use something like Danish Oil just to bring out the grain and beauty of the beams. What can you suggest? 
  6. The advice about different flours will be very helpful when we move to France soon. But one thing I need to know. Clair suggests using T55 flour for cakes. Do you need to add a raising agent to that ? I would assume that you do or is there a french alternative to SR flour?   
  7. Interested in the replies for this as we are in the same position. Is it allowed on the forum for you to give us the name of the company you bought from and what do you do with the car when you get it to France? Just reregister it?
  8. Mac

    White Goods

    Thanks for all the advice. I think my first job must be to go round local traders and see whats on offer and then I'll check out the bigger boys.
  9. Mac

    White Goods

    Just about to move to France. Finally about to sign Acte de vente. I will need to buy some white goods,in particular a gas cooker(bottle) and a washing machine. I have checked on the Darty website but I can't remember any of the other suppliers of these items. Does anyone have suggestions of the best places to buy? We are or will be in the north dordogne and will not be on line there until after christmas so on-line purchases may not be an option unless we can order from UK for delivery to french house. All suggerstions gratefully received.
  10. Can you please say where for someone about to move to the area? Same venue as last time really doesn't help me!!
  11. Thanks for the answers. So when I start paying my taxes ( foncaire & habitation) I just go to the marie and get a permit?
  12. In the UK- at least where we live-you are not allowed to use a van to take items to the local rubbish tip as that is deemed a commercial vehicle. Does the same apply in France as we have a large van which we will be using when we first take possession of our house to clear garden rubbish ect? Also in UK you can take most things to the council tip and seperate out into different dumping areas e.g garden waste,small amounts of demolition rubbish,old carpets ect. Can these be taken to the dechetterie in France and where can I find a list of rules or will they be different for each area?
  13. Why do you need to change your licence for a french one? I thought that a UK driving licence was valid in France.
  14. It would be handy if people could indicate roughly where they are when talking about coverage for mobile phones. I need to get a new one when we move to France but a lot of the comments about coverage are useless as I don't know where you are
  15. I'm so glad I saw this post. I was begining to think that I had a serious medical problem.I too get headaches after drinking red wine-even if only 1 glass. I intend now to keep a diary and see if its just one sort of red.
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