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  1. The CT report advises you of things which do not mean a failure or a return visit. The next list of items require a return visit within two months with the fault corrected. The failure I had which was severe brake imbalance at the rear did not require the car to be low loaded and I could drive it to the garage to have it fixed before a contra visit. Agree with separation of test and repair work
  2. freesat is UK free to view Satelitte TV. freeview is UK free to air digital terrestrrial TV - french equivalant is TNT If you have a dish in the UK then a properly aligned dish in France and your UK box will receive the same programes. You will not receive freeview in France
  3. With a properly aligned Dish you will be able to watch the same HD programmes you can receive in the UK. With a properly set up aerial you will be able to what French Digital TV some of which is HD.
  4. Concensus on net seems to be than life may be as short as two years in Southern Spain where large dishes,lots of sunshine and marginal reception mean any deterioration leads to regular replacement. Equally loads of 10 year plus LNBs must be in use in Northern GB and Sky do not seem to inundated with calls about LNBs. However everbody agrees performance can decrease with age or abruptly stop. I would see what happens when weather cools down or sunspot activity decreases.
  5. One other thought if it is better first thing in the morning try cooling LNB with garden hose. If it improves LNB is nearing the end of its life. Check the sheaths on the cables are in good condition first though.
  6. De Gaulle brought in the legislation during the Algerian Civil War. Permission of the mother of the groom is needed. Main idea was to secure pension and inheritance rights where child was conceived prior to death of groom.
  7. Yes a Sky box does receiver channels from 29.5 degrees. For instance Classic FM is 0106. Last time I checked my set up was running quality of 80% and signal strength of 85% versus quality 100% and strenght 95% on the default transponder
  8. Where did you buy the bath ? What diameter is hole ?
  9. I suspect the missing channels are on Eurobird at 28.5 degrees East as opposed to the Astra satelites at 28.2 degrees. We are having trouble with Classic FM. If you look at the Lyngsat site you can check which satelte is used for your channels. Current Atmospheric conditions probably not helping. You can at a risk to quality on other channels have you dish optimised for 28.5
  10. Sounds like he was trying to get his 11 hour break in so he could work normally next day. http://www.loffice.org/doc/la_reglementation_car.pdf?phpMyAdmin=65753404ab13368c7e436b1fc617ac8d I think I would complain
  11. If it were my problem I would advertise, on one of the English language forums, for somebody with a UK registered car to tow it back to the UK.
  12. If somebody had a country cottage in say the Lake District in England and said they had Sat TV and I found all they had was French TV I might be a bit upset
  13. Broadly dealers have to account for VAT on the profit they make selling second hand cars not the full price. Attached note covers it in more detail https://www.alliance-leicestercommercialbank.co.uk/bizguides/full/usedcar/parkes-vat.asp But the VAT they account for is not recoverable by a VAT registered business nor I suspect on export
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