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  1. I use raclette in a cauliflour and broccoli bake, along with finely sliced onion, and bechamel. I just poke slices between the florets, lay some on top then pour over the bechamel. Breadcrumbs can be sprinkled over before baking but I prefer not to. Regards, the boy.
  2. What is your favourite traditional British starter, (ideas needed please). regards, the boy
  3. Yes, that looks like the one. First one Ive seen in our neck of the woods. Many thanks for the replies. The boy
  4. Saw a different bird on a fat ball in the woods today, any ideas please. Definately a member of the tit family, smaller than a great tit, but similar colours, with a white patch on the back of its head. Regards, the boy.
  5. Sampled the blended wines yesterday, hic! The pineau type wjth eau d' vie turned out quite well, if a little sweet and really full bodied. Not being an expert on wines I wouldn't know if this is normal in pineau type wines. The blend with port is an absolute winner and very enjoyable, maybe a little too much so! Thanks for the ideas, Regards, the boy.
  6. I made a wine press this year and managed to produce 50 litres of a quite palatable rosé and 12 gallons of cider along with the red fruit wine I am now blending. How about you?
  7. Sampling........difficult job but someone has to do it! I will be interested in the result of the blend. Regards, the boy.
  8. I use shoulder (epaule) for both sausages and pork pie. For the pork pie I also include some belly (poitrine) for the fat content. Regards, the boy.
  9. Our local dyslexia theatre company have decided on "annie get your nug" for this years production. The boy.
  10. Many thanks pitway, I'll give it a go, let you know the results. Regards, the boy
  11. Hi chancer, meat turns brown at around 62 degrees c, so if you want your lamb, rare, keep the core temp under that. I prefer other meats, cooked to a temp. of around 83/4 minimum, but that is only my preferrence. Regards, the boy.
  12. Thanks sweet 17, sounds good to me and the bonus is I have a few bottles in the cave. Regards, the boy
  13. Many thanks for the detailed reply. Regards, the boy.
  14. Must disagree ref. the tomato's pachapapa, wouldn't be summer without them, greek salads, also making jars of passata for sauces etc. Be lost without em! Regards, theboy
  15. Hi sweet 17, new chutney's we tried this year were spiced plum chutney and pear and walnut chutney. Both turned out really well. You might even consider onion chutney which is always a winner when eaten with cheese. regards, theboy.
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