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  1. Thank you for all of your responses! Indeed, we have considered the situation having a vengeful seller and possible gossips and bad feelings spread around in the neighbourhood. That is why our enthusiasm about the purchase is also subsiding. However we still wrote the seller a letter today in which we ask to see the ‘diagnostic d'assainissement non collectif’ in order to be able to consider the situation and to possibly find a friendly solution to it. If she does not agree to letting us see it, it is clear that her reasons are only excuses. Our notaire did tell us, tough, as much as that the pre pre contract which is signed is binding her too. If nothing else, at least we have learned from this incident. And maybe we should indeed be happy if we get out of it without further costs. I am not sure if I understood pachapapa correctly, but is there somewhere a forum concerning SPANC questions? If so, would you be able to add the link here?
  2. Will, Thank you very much for your quick answer and for the attached links. We did not use an agent. Our notaire nor hers have been very active in trying to conclude the deal or advising us. The cheque was more of a guarantee that we will proceed with buying of the property. Now we have it already back because she want's to back out from the deal. According to her she has already made so many concessions. Therefore we think she will not agree to a lower price because of the septic tank. If anybody else has any experiences about having septic tank installed or adjusted, we would be happy to read from you! Tiara
  3. Hi, I am new in the forum and would appreciate any help or comments concerning the problem we are facing in our process of buying a house in France. We signed a pre pre contract with the owner at 31st December 2010. On the paper was stated the property, the price and the size of the land. After lot of other difficulties the vendor found out that the septic tank is not according to the new rules set in the 1st of January 2011 in France. Now she wants to back out from the entire deal by sending us back the check we gave her as a deposit. She claims that she is not responsible for the new requirements of the septic tank since the contract was signed last year before the new requirements were set in. According to her she can’t anymore sell the property for the agreed price. We have not yet signed the ‘Compromis de Vente’ because the paperwork from behalf of the vendor has not been completed (amongst other things because of this septic tank issue). Has anyone had similar experiences? Does the vendor have a right to back out? Can we force her to sell or are we entitled to compensation if she backs out? We really like the house!
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