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  1. Have had our house in France for nearly 20 years, seriously considering moving over shortly..we are 63 and 60...would be selling our UK house and living on the proceeds,with no income...my question is Would we have to have Private Medical Insurance or Can we apply to CPAM/PUMA.....I understand its 8% of your earnings, but as we have none, would it be 8% of our UK house proceeds. Has anyone else done this recently. tia
  2. Hi Derek, we went through Rouen in Jan, you are directed off the A28 miles from Rouen, ignore this,keep on the A28, you are then directed off just before you reach pont mathilde. You come to a junction with Petrol station opposite, keep to left and turn left, in front of you is a large church, drive to the left of church, signed by a Green Evereux sign, about 100 metres after church you fork right... if you keep on this road, you come onto the But,Mcdonalds,Ikea site next to the Motorway, then you can rejoin the motorway. You can follow the Green Evereux signs, this will take you over the Pont l'arche and rejoin motorway towards Evereux,Dreux etc. Hope this helps
  3. not to sure... they are still alive, their victims arent, but the victims families could want to see justice. I would imagine if Jimmy Saville were alive, he would be facing an investigation.
  4. I second all the other comments. Missed on the forum and in your life Time is a great healer xx
  5. [quote user="Rabbie"]It used to be that a policeman's word was automatically accepted in Court. Now I hope people will not be so trusting.[/quote] My son was involved in a court case, on oath the policewoman said the my sons car was facing south after an accident, when it was facing north (she implied it had spun), also she also claimed that she stayed with the vehicle until it was picked up by the recovery trailer - she wasnt there, we were. Also an off duty police officer stated he had seen my son earliier on the road, yet he didnt stop at the actual accident, but put his witness statement in 3 days later!! My advise, in case of accident, take as many photos as you can, road markings,vehicle damage etc - ours proved vital. A lot of money was wasted on a trumped up dangerous driving charge,which fortunately the jury realised and gave not guilty. Unbelievably, my nephew drove uninsured in someone elses car,crashed at high speed, killed his best friend, injured the driver of another car - and got 18months in jail,2 year ban - disgusting. Dont trust the police or the justice system anymore
  6. One of my neices mentioned on Facebook that as from 16th Jan, they had the right to use instagram pictures without your consent,
  7. Diversions They have always worked for us, unlike UK, where you get one sign then they stop. WTFAIG Verges Lovely cut grass verges, unlike UK, left for wildlife, why would they want to live next to a road?? Street Lights Our hamlet has lights on all night, unlike UK, they go off from midnight - 5.30am and we live in a town. Will probably think of some more...
  8. My french is getting better (being deaf doesnt help,try next time lip-reading the local farmer delivering your wood!!!),as I rarely understand the reply,but I do believe that we should make every effort to learn. We have a second home in a small hamlet and I always carry pen and paper as I can read/write French pretty well, My hubby and our neighbour converse for ages in franglaise and both seem to understand each other (lots of hand motions help) Was amused on our last visit, we had to visit the Mairie, there was a note on the door. 'If you require assistance in this Mairie, please ensure you either fully understand/speak french, or bring someone along with you who does'
  9. Can do better than that Thiere, Cooked potatoes diced, fried in oil to which mustard and herbs have been added - yummy. Lovely fresh salad. But as Judith says one between two is ample, but we prefer ours rare, ours are done for about 40 mins but not turned over, the fat is reduced to a thin crispy layer,mmmmmmm
  10. Sweet We do ours on a charcoal bbq, grill on the highest level and cooked slowly... hubbys domain, sits watching the bbq, beer and pistachios to hand. Im doing all the bits to go with the duck, so scrummy, our favourite. Hubby cant get on with gaz bbqs at all. Lidl coal at 2.99 a bag,ready to cook in 10-15 mins
  11. I know its winter...... We do ours on the bbq,fat side down,herbes de provence sprinkled on the meat, all the fat drips out. Turned over for the last 3-5 mins. You can always keep warm around the bbq
  12. [quote user="jacko19"] Chancer wrote " With being able to nominate a second account holder these problems are no longer an issue." Thanks for that Chancer - didn't realise this had changed could be very useful - will have to find out if you can do this when an account is in place or just at initial stage. [/quote] You can only nominate when opening the account. Will be doing this next year. So often I want to travel over but cant on my own. On one of our crossings, we had to use the manned check- in booth and hubby was asked for proof of who he was as well as giving his bank card, we had often thought of lending it to our sons,but his put us off.
  13. a lovely tribute to a very brave lady xx My thoughts are with you at this sad time xx
  14. What can I say that hasnt been said.... she will be truly missed. With sincere condolences xx
  15. [quote user="Patf"]Like the others, I come onto the forum each day to see if you've updated, and just hoping for better news. Pat. xx[/quote] ditto...........didnt think I would ever care for someone whom I have never met,but have been inspired by her bravery and positive attitude...xxx
  16. Not the news you wanted to hear, my heart goes out to you both,after all you have been through..x
  17. sending my very best wishes xx
  18. Spare a thought for those of us who are deaf or hard of hearing (1 in 7 of the population). Door entry systems are out for me,cant hear if someone replies or buzzes to show the door is open,these are so common now to prevent unwanted visitors,but so hard when you cant hear. You have to tell everyone if you are alone, aircraft staff,ferry staff,rail staff, if you cannot hear announcements properly - been left on trains, because didnt hear announcements - not funny Need a vibrating alert under my pillow, in sync with the fire & smoke alarm,should there be a fire/emergency. Have to always advise hotel/accomodation staff, that I will not hear them knocking on my door in case of emergency,they need to use their keys and hope that the staff are made aware, not always the case- hence I dont travel alone
  19. I had my ATOS interview a few months ago here in the UK, I retained my benefit,had to then attend an interview at the local jobcentre, because the benefit is now ESA (Emp.loyment and support allowance) to help me go to work - advisor useless as usual. She advised me that the ESA was only payable for 6 months (ends Nov) and then it would be means tested,I cannot find anything in all the paperwork I have received to confirm this. Will wait to see what happens in November.
  20. How many times to people have to be told: Do not give your bank details to anyone over the phone Hopefully this thread will re-inforce this to people.
  21. [quote user="woolybanana"][quote user="Frederick"]Having been chosen to carry the torch I see that Doreen Lawrance got to lead the carry on of the Olympic flag as well . Politics ? Or have I missed some past sporting connection she once had ? I have every sympathy with her over the loss of her son and her fight to get justice for him . But when you read a very deserving child chosen to carry the torch had to tearfully turn down the offer because the parents did not have the £214 plus Vat to pay for the torch I dont think the right people got to carry the flag . [/quote] You mean people PAID to carry the torch? That is nothing short of disgusting. [/quote] And then re-sell them on Ebay,no wonder...disgusting
  22. When the cycling is finished, they have to put all the speed bumps down that they removed for the race. Lots of new tarmac too around Boxhill, wish they would do some of the roads that we have to use day in and day out Cant believe they wheeled Sir Paul out again, after his dreadful performance for the Queens Jubilee. Tom Jones was brilliant for that, should have been him
  23. Just scroll through the channels and you come to 24 BBC Olympic channels - humax box channels 150 - 174
  24. Hubby has to drive into London at the moment for work, absolute nightmare. |Hired Forklift, delivery from 20 minutes away took 3 hours, it was wanted on site at 830, got there at 1130. Three hours to get home and it hasnt started yet. Be glad when the b***** things over with. We couldnt even get the North Korean flag right at the Ladies football, they showed the South Korean one. Numpties
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