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  1. The French lost and now are playing the game of complaining which is the only one at which they are really the World Champions 🤣
  2. https://www.arte.tv/en/videos/100810-000-A/the-heirs-of-the-paris-commune/ It is in French but subtitled in English
  3. That is what I heard too cajal, so it wasn't 'illegal' as such. On the other hand the person charging down the ball is supposed to remain behind the try line until the kicker moves and some people were questioning whether he had. In anycase what's the betting that the Rugby World Cup receives much less attention in the French media from now on 😈
  4. I am no specialist in the finer points of Rugby as I said in a previous post; but just as French commentators are biassed so French sportspeople tend to crow in Victory and whine in Defeat, more especially since the latter is more often the case than the former.
  5. https://www.theguardian.com/society/2023/oct/11/when-bedbugs-move-into-your-home-every-night-we-sleep-in-fear
  6. Apparently a wash has to be at a minimum of 60°C...or you can put things in the freezer for 3 days at very low temperture
  7. To be fair CRICKET commentators aren't too bad. I saw a couple of the Ashes tests this summer and they had a neutral commentator (can't remember if he was Indian or Pakistani) plus one from each country
  8. I'm not sure that 'awash' is quite the appropriate adjective....😏
  9. I know very little about Rugby but as it is a hot topic in Béziers who in the distant past were Chamions of France 12 times (https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bouclier_de_Brennus ) so I have to seem interested. I find the French TV commentators on France 2 and TVI so totally chauvinist (as they are in the Tour de France) that I triad a hack to ITV.... and there a shrill voices HARRIDAN was going on an on so I had to switch ofv...
  10. It sounds to me as if they haven't given you the allowance against tax paid at source in the UK on your wife's Civil Service pension. They should calculate what would have been paid on that if all had been payable in France then deduct that from your tax bill....
  11. Did you fill in the separate section 2047 revenus de source étrangère et revenus encaissés à l’étranger (2047) which then is transferred across tp 2042.? This is explained here: https://www.impots.gouv.fr/particulier/questions/comment-seront-imposes-mes-revenus-percus-de-letranger
  12. As ssomon said mine is automatically entered on the declaration in any case it would be at 7DB Best look at official sources as I used to say quite often https://www.impots.gouv.fr/particulier/emploi-domicile
  13. http://george-orwell.org/down_and_out_in_paris_and_london/13.html
  14. I eat 'out' every day in a few regular haunts and never have a problem.😛 As for three weeks’ holiday in Europe (per year) The area in which I live is a major holiday destinantion food shops costing £56 per person per week I spend about 75 euros including my eating out £1,500 worth of clothes per person annually I doubt I spend more than 300 euros a year On the other hand there is no mention of such major expenses as a 'mutuelle' which can easily come to nearly 2000 euros a year at my age.
  15. This is the link to the site that deals with the scheme mente mentioned https://www.cesu.urssaf.fr/info/accueil/utiliser-le-cesu/le-service-cesu/le-cesu--quest-ce-que-cest.html
  16. Don't forget that if you have a 'résidence secondaire' either rented or owned you pay taxe d'habitation, and in some places it has been sharpy increased to make up for the loss of income from its abolition on one's main place.https://demarchesadministratives.fr/demarches/residence-secondaire-fiscalite-et-imposition https://www.francebleu.fr/infos/economie-social/residences-secondaires-decouvrez-la-liste-des-nouvelles-communes-autorisees-a-majorer-leur-taxe-d-habitation-2355775
  17. As a matter of fact ssomon knows what he is talking about, since he has visited my rental😎
  18. Quem deus vult perdere prius dementat.
  19. Yes she will be a loss to the Forum
  20. I have 3 small French pensions from different "Caisses"so have had to jump through all the hoops French pensions are calculated rather differently from the UK State Pension. For a start there are a I think 42 different branches each with different conditions that have been negotiated in partnership with the Unions over there years. If anyone here has a teachers' or civil service pension that's give some idea of the model since the amount you receive is based on three factors: how long you have worked; an average figure( which is calculated differently in the different branches) and something called the 'taux' https://www.service-public.fr/particuliers/vosdroits/F21552 Remember that there is a difference between the number of years you have to work to qualify for a pension, and the age at which you can take it. I believe that now in England you qualify for a full state pension after 35 years contributions (although I am open to correction on that), but you can't take it before 67 (in my day 65) In France you have to I have paid 42 years contributions, and this is going up on the new plan, so while you might be allowed 60 or 62 many people will not have paid full contributions by that age. Another difference is the way in which contributions in which contributions are calculated. In France contributions are calculated in France it is 'trimestres' ad if by chance some of them are not 'complete' (that is to say that not enough hours have been worked to count as a full 'trimestre' you can find yourself with some incomplete years. There is no equivalent to the OAP: pensions of calculated according to the above rules, so there isn't a single standard pension, although in some circumstances there is a minimum, BUT there are many people on very low pensions, often women who did not work in their own right for example. One final difference is the retired people in France continue to pay some social charges( in bands according to their income) unlike in the UK where retired people do not pay National Insurance. I am not putting a case for or against the present reform or the protests against it, but I am trying to warn against making easy comparisons of very different systems.
  21. Si vous n’avez pas encore de numéro de sécurité sociale, demandez-le à l'organisme qui correspond à votre situation : Vous êtes salarié, travailleur indépendant ou vous exercez une profession libérale Contactez votre caisse primaire d’assurance maladie (CPAM). Vous êtes sans emploi ni activité Contactez votre caisse d’assurance maladie
  22. https://www.ameli.fr/assure/droits-demarches/principes/numero-securite-sociale
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