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  1. A further point which may apply to some of us is the extra protection offered to people over 70 https://www.priorite-seniors.fr/habitat/peut-on-expulser-un-locataire-de-plus-de-70-ans/
  2. With advancing age is it really necessary to OWN a property? I rent a more comfortable place than I could ever hope to buy, and am no longer responsible for repairs. The landlord even replaces the filtre on the air-conditioning. I still have my barrel as well but it increasingly feels as if it were filled with wet sand and hung around my neck, so I am thinking of getting rid of that and just renting.
  3. I haven't been into a supermarket for over 5 years, so the problem doesn't arise for me. Fresh food I buy either in Les Halles or in one of the weekly markets, and the sort of bulky or heavy items I need from a supermarket ( loo paper, detergent etc) I order online to be delivered and get the receipt in my email...
  4. Perhaps because the power cuts are local not national, so the app needs to know where you are so it can give you warning of the situation where you are at the moment?
  5. To encourage repair and recycling .. https://www.midilibre.fr/2022/12/15/montpellier-un-ado-de-14-ans-est-decede-apres-avoir-ete-percute-par-une-voiture-apres-le-match-france-maroc-10869014.php See here for qualified repairers https://annuaire-qualirepar.ecosystem.eco
  6. https://www.monecowatt.fr/ they reckon to warn by 17h the evening before..
  7. I ate too many problems so I am ****ting solutions..
  8. A clear well-explained video typical of Le Monde which is my favourite newspaper
  9. Thanks for doing that Dave 😃
  10. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2022/11/18/veteran-who-gave-food-girl-france-second-world-war-reunited/
  11. I hope I won't end up in one, but I did have a good experience a few years back in a convalescent home, which is not unlike one of these institutions, except that the residents are a bit younger and still have most of their marbles... https://www.mfgs.fr/clinique/clinique-mutualiste-jean-leon
  12. Thanks a lot for the link, but..3000€ though😰
  13. There might be a plaque like that at the restaurant where they keep a table for me each day unless I phone to cancel. The other day we joked that when I am gone they can put up a sign 'This table is at last available' as it is in a rather nice sun-trap position 😀
  14. Pity about that as I find them very good. I suppose it might also be difficult for non British people to open a UK account at a distance, but as I have never tried I can't be sure..
  15. https://www.thefreshreads.com/of-truth/
  16. I bought a tricycle 8 years ago, thinking I was going to be able to use it easily in the little town in the Ariege where I was living. I was terribly disappointed to find that with the problems in my right leg I couldn't even manage to bend it enough to let that pedal turn over, and I had to get someone else to ride it to the local 'troc' where I sold it a a huge loss. I wish I had seen those two videos; they might have encouraged me to perservere...
  17. It shoud be possible to make a transfer from your your UK bank if you have the IBAN number. I can understand you closing your French account if you have no property here, but my French account (Boursorama) is free so it can't be said to "charge for the pleasure of having your money" https://www.boursorama-banque.com/banque/compte-bancaire
  18. https://www.anil.org/ has most of the regulations about letting, but I know of no regulation that prevents you from selling it once the let has finished. Whether there are tax implications around the sale may be another thing
  19. I decided to accept the professional advice of the Pharmacist, so have waited the three weeks, but I have no information as to why that should be the case. As to the Pharmacy/Nurse issue I can understand the sentiments of those who wish to support their local Nurse. It may well be one of those things that differs between town and country living since my 'own' Nurse (in fact a team of three) prefer me NOT to ask them for such things as vaccination or blood tests since they have so much demand from other patients with serious problems. They have looked after me between them for 25 years including excellent help with such things as stoma care but it is difficult for them to visit as they have to find a place to park (and regularly receive parking fines, which seems very unfair) and don't much like leaving their car unattended in our dodgy back streets, so while they would be there if I really needed them they like it if I make the effort to go to the lab on my scooter for the blood tests, and to the pharmacy for vaccines. I can see that this might be very different in rural areas
  20. I've had a really nice and fruitful day today. For I start the weather was lovely and sunny; even more important than that was the fact that I got lots of things done AND everybody was so very nice for a change! I started by collecting my new reading glasses. There is the new system here by which the lenses are free, and then you can either choose a small range of free frames, or choose something else to your own taste. In addition the opticians offer a second pair just for Reading, but made to your prescription, for an extra euro, so I got my main pair of bifocals (for the computer screen and the keyboard) PLUS a second pair to carry about with me for when I go and read a newspaper in a cafe for example. As I had chosen my own frames rather than the free ones I had to pay a bit, but for the two glasses it only came to €56. The optician was very helpful, and spent time getting them to fit properly etc. I even had a coffee thrown in ! I came out feeling I had a very nice experience and a good deal. Then I went to buy some new laces for my old pair of boots. There is a good shoe maker near my house, and he went to the bother of finding the best laces, but in addition he took the boots off; thredded them, put them back on me, and tied them in exactly the right place. Again excellent personal service for 5€ I have asked him to re-heel them, and do a small repair, and they will be ready by Saturday. Then to the pharmacy for the top up covid vaccinations (my fifth) where as usual nothing was too much trouble. We what all wearing masks of course, and I commented that is was we couldn't see each other smile, but one of the other customers, a large African lady, said that you can read people smiles in Their Eyes, and we all looked at each other and agreed. I had achieved everything I wanted to do do by 11 o’clock, and I came away feeling really happy with the world.
  21. And is she equipped to store the Covid vaccine at the correct temperature ? Do you think that a pharmacist (not "someone in a pharmacy" to use your disparaging term) is less well qualified than a Nurse? (Pour être pharmacien, il faut être titulaire du DE de docteur en pharmacie.Les études durent entre 6 et 9 ans selon la spécialité choisie (6 ans pour les spécialités officine ) 😇
  22. This is going round in circles when Dave and I have already explained it. A worked example: you say the two bills come to around 2000€, so: Say 1200€ TF and 800€ T dH. Suppose you leave at the end of June. 1)You owe 800€ T dh (because you were there on the 1st Jan and it is a second home so no exemption.) 2) If the Notaire arranged a pro-rata payment by the new owner you have already received 600€ in the sale account for the new owner's part of the bills and there remains 600€ at your charge.... BUT you have to pay the whole 1200€ now, the 600€ you owe plus the 600€ you received from the Notaire from the new owner 3) If there was no pro-rata you owe 1200€ anyway
  23. I have my vaccinations done at the Pharmacie, but even there there seems to be some confusion about the the two. I had the one for 'la grippe' (for which I had received a prescription from Amelie) on the 25th of October at my usual local pharmacie, but as they don't do the Covid one I went to another one down the road for the Covid 'troisième rappel' (5th dose) to be told that either you have them together the same day in different arms or you have to wait 3 weeks between vaccinations. I can't find any confirmation of that on-line however and a friend of mine had the covid one a week after the 'grippe' one... To be on the safe side I will wait till Wednesday for the COVID one, but it shows that even the people giving the vaccine are not totally clear about things. Purely out of interest why don't others have the injections done at the pharmacie? Why ask a nurse ?
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