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  1. https://www.atlasbig.com/fr-fr/pays-par-production-de-citron
  2. What seems to be doing most damage to Macron is his intention to reform pensions, and to make those in receipt of the RSA do several hours of Community service in exchange. MLP , strange though it may seem at first, less eager to do either of these. Her method of saving money is more aimed at removing benefits from all non-French residents, which plays well with the working-class base she targets. For a similar reason, and partly because he is the only left-wing candidate to have reached double figures in the opinion polls, so some see him as a 'vote utile' Mélonchon is making a late run, though it is unlikely he will make the last two and impossible IMO that he could win.. https://www.lefigaro.fr/fig-data/sondages-programmes-candidats-discours-dates-deplacements-scrutin-20210906/
  3. Google translate : Have you received a message (email or SMS) that seems to come from Health Insurance or its Internet platform Ameli? This message informs you of a pending refund or the availability of a new Vitale card: it invites you to fill out a form with your personal information, or even your bank card, to obtain this unexpected refund, or pay shipping costs to receive your new Vitale card? Warning ! You are most likely facing a phishing attempt that usurps the identity of the Health Insurance. The objective of cybercriminals is to steal your personal and/or banking information to make fraudulent use of it.
  4. It sounds as if it might be this: https://www.cybermalveillance.gouv.fr/tous-nos-contenus/actualites/hameconnage-assurance-maladie-ameli
  5. The main opposition comes from candidates who are more implicated with Russia than Macron is. MLP previously took out a Russian loan for her campaign and this time had one from Hungary https://www.lemonde.fr/election-presidentielle-2022/article/2022/02/02/marine-le-pen-a-obtenu-un-pret-de-10-6-millions-d-euros-d-une-banque-hongroise-pour-la-campagne-presidentielle_6112009_6059010.html and Zemmour who has openly sympathised with Russia https://www.nouvelobs.com/politique/20220225.AFP7859/a-chambery-zemmour-tente-de-defendre-sa-position-sur-la-russie.html. and is seen as having been Putin's candidate for the Presidency ..https://www.nouvelobs.com/election-presidentielle-2022/20211031.OBS50484/le-kremlin-vote-zemmour.html.... So the War in Ukraine hasn't bolstered their position even if Zemmour is Ken's favorite as he said previously
  6. A reasonable account in English of the state of play: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2022/feb/14/french-election-2022-polls-macron-le-pen-pecresse
  7. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/business/2022/03/24/po-boss-admits-mass-sackings-broke-law/
  8. The after effects of this war have haunted France ever since and so you may well see reference to it all over at the moment. I posted a link to an excellent series on Arte (with English subtitles) on another thread but here it is again https://www.arte.tv/en/videos/095161-001-A/at-war-for-algeria/ https://www.lemonde.fr/afrique/article/2022/03/17/les-60-ans-des-accords-d-evian-pour-une-memoire-decomplexee_6117849_3212.html
  9. It may be different in different places. In my town there as sales noted in March 2021
  10. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/business/2022/03/18/sheikh-unions-battle-po-ferries/
  11. And people who are immune-surpressed from other medicines. https://www.gouvernement.fr/info-coronavirus/vaccins
  12. "Doper" in French means to "administer a stimulant", 'give a boost' etc
  13. A French TV competitor, but chez moi not Provence :)) You can have the French subtitles to help catch the dialogue: https://www.france.tv/series-et-fictions/telefilms/2533083-crime-dans-l-herault.html
  14. I think that's a good idea Nick. That is why the Pass is 'suspended' as in the title, not abolished. It and other measures could be brought back if there is another increase in cases.
  15. I prefer these images of him when in relaxed mode: https://www.soazigdelamoissonniere.com/off-with-the-president
  16. Well when I posted it I was thinking of clouds of radiation ...
  17. https://www.linternaute.com/sortir/guide-des-loisirs/2593119-pass-vaccinal-c-est-la-fin-ce-qui-change-ce-lundi-14-mars/
  18. https://theconversation.com/dont-feed-the-trolls-really-is-good-advice-heres-the-evidence-63657
  19. Thanks both of you, though if I lived by the river I think an ark might be better than a barrel...?
  20. https://inforoute.herault.fr/
  21. https://www.midilibre.fr/2022/03/13/inondations-dans-lherault-lorb-en-crue-est-sorti-de-son-lit-a-beziers-suivez-la-situation-en-direct-10167174.php
  22. I am up in the centre of Town, but there is a lot of flooding down at river level, for example on the road you would come into Béziers on from your place. More is to be expected, since in places from which the water drains into the Orb there has been over 400mm of rainfall! Many of the roads are closed, for example the one from Béziers to the sea via Sauvian ..
  23. There was asparagus and the first local strawberries from Capestang (NOT watery Spanish) but at 6.50 a barquette in the indoor market on Friday. Apparently they have been brought on early by all the sunshine, though we are paying for it today as you can see on another thread...
  24. Well despite the mockery of some posters the Sirens sounded here last night, this time as an alert for flooding. They are there in case of Civil Defence types of emergencies ...
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