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Sieg Heil!


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"The incoming left-wing coalition government in Germany is set to push for a so-called ‘United States of Europe’ through the creation of a federal EU superstate, confirming concerns long expressed by Brexiteers."


Considering Germany's dominant role in the EU, financial aspects in particular,  it seems the Fourth Reich will be enacted shortly.

Macron's apparently cosy relationship with Merkel has already sown the seeds.

Now, bearing in mind the staunch anti-German feeling of so many older people in France, one wonders quite where this might lead?


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Assuming that there would be a vote or referendum in each EU country on this, would France vote as it did on the  referendum on the Treaty establishing a Constitution for Europe, held on 29 May 2005 to decide whether France should ratify the proposed Constitution of the European Union?

France was the first country to reject it with a resounding no vote with 55% rejecting the proposal on a turnout of 69%.

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