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Sarkozy caught telling porkies?


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Well at least he was there, who could remember if it was the 9th 10th or 16th after all this time, the 9th has been spoken about enough over the last 2 decades to have stuck in ones head.

Anyway he has a star witness, Francois Fillon remembers meeting him there!

But why oh why do poliicians see the need to be on Facebook???????????

As an aside most of the French channels were saturated with coverage of the event last night, I particularly liked the domino cascade started by someone who looked familiar to me, turned out to be Lech Walesa, was there blanket or indeed any coverage on the UK media apart from the news programs?

Oh and President Obama on a video link using "teared" as a past participle instead of "torn", is that how all the septics say it or just the educated ones?

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Thanks PP.

No I have nothing but admration for Obama and have no axe to grind whether he should be there or not, the "teared" just seemed so out of the ordinary that I thought perhaps I had misheard, there was a French translation being spoken at the same time.

He did sound a little awkward when he said it, perhaps it was the scriptwriters fault, or is that how it is spoken in America?

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Not sure of your grammar but I guess you mean claims to have been.

It does tell me one thing about these people though, I was at the same young age and remember being a bit bemused when the wall came down and not really appreciating what all the fuss was about, these guys understood and took themselves there to see/celebrate it for themselves.

OK it might be argued that they had the means to do so but even if I had I would not have had the knowledge, confidence or passion to do so, the money, if I had it would have been spent down the pub.

So if Tony was there, good on him.

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