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shortage of French culture?


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French culture is a diverse subject, just like what defines art, and then look at the Turner prize! I have done a few postings on Films, and many others have covered films and music, I think culture is what ever you think it is, there was even a theme on what defines French culture, is it just art, films, books, music or is there more?
I, for one think it covers all of the above, and anything that people find is cultural to France for them.
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The lack of cultural contributions may be because a large proportion of forum contributors in France are here for the pleasures of the French countryside; an old thread concluded that in rural areas the culture that is of interest is social culture - few people have time or inclination to travel to cinemas, theatres and the like
which leaves reading and that is of limited interest as far as the forum goes, I suspect limited by the language
come to think of it language limitations may well limit interest in culture for many anyway

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Could we agree that there is 'culture' - what a sociologist would mean, the way of life of the people, and 'Culture' - the stuff that costs a lot of money and often involves people realising that they are about to marry/kill their long-lost twin or gets hung on walls?

They are two different things, yet in these threads they are mercilessly entwined...

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