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  1. I've seen this done in London just outside our old house. The repair lasted about a week. One way to keep pot hole fillers employed for life!

  2. If it was a new install then I would give consideration to solar but popping in a new ballon will just be a matter of 'plug and play'. The only cost being the ballon and and a bit of pipe work. Solar would add €+++++ to the cost. I reckon 15 years to pay for itself (but major replacements parts needed in 10), so not really an option.

  3. Cheers Chancer,

    Thanks for the reply and yes I did mean a ballon. Re brands, I was thinking which ones have better insulation, quality of build etc.

  4. Hiya All,

    I need to replace our electric hot water boiler and I need advice on good brands to buy ( and bad ones not to). I looking to buy a 100l tank and I've looked online but not knowing the reputation of brands here in France, I'm a little hesitant to make a purchase. All advice welcome and many thanks in advance.

  5. [quote user="Maricopa"]Just for info Richard-R, Olonzac is in Hérault (34) (just).[/quote]

    So it is, my mistake. If I'd know I would have to cross departmental borders, I would have thought twice about going !!!!

  6. The next book/DVD swap is on Tuesday 7th July 2009, from 10 am until 12 noon. Location: G20 Supermarket, Olonzac. For further information of future book/DVD swap meets visit: http://www.lfn.org.uk/

    For a location map see my 'Life in France' blog.
  7. I'll stand for Brits in France. Being an MP is a cushy job and I promise let to let the wife charge any porno videos to expenses :) :)

  8. Great photos. I head out into the vines from time to time to shoot photos and videos for both my 'Life in France' blog , my wine blog and for a few village sites I have. Must admit this last year or so the poor weather and being a lazy sod has limited my picture and video taking :(

  9. No trouble with them being kept clean in France (if they had them) give that everyone drives on the white line!!!!!

  10. I use and Mac and connect via Orange (DLS) without any trouble. I use my own router/modem (netgear) and not the one they try and flog in some of their packages.

  11. [quote]


    The point I was making was that we have not suffered the huge unrestrained 30%+ hikes in utility bills (because they are still thankfully public companies) and council taxes.

    In the UK I have to pay £930 council tax for the privelege of sleeping in a garden shed! and the electricity rises take my breath away, mind you EDF bought the local electricity board so I am in effect subsidising my consumption here.


    Are there really "French wages of say 40,000 - 80,000 euros a year" around you? The average household income in my local town is €12,000.



    I was using "40,000 - 80,000 euros a year" for an example and there's money in these hills that's for sure, given the number of new cars in the village, many of which fall into the luxury 4 saloon bracket (Aude/BMW etc.). AND no I'm not just down the road from Nice, but in rural Aude (Corbieres).
  12. We lived in Israel for a while and where often asked by Israeli's if we where Jewish, because my now wife is dark. The word Jew was passed around with never a hair raised. Same with everyone of the Jewish faith we know in London, and that's a lot. I can understand a member of the French Jewry not being over pleased being called Juifs, given the history!!!

  13. [quote user="NormanH"]"the costs of car/house insurance, taxes foncieres and habitation, water

    and electricity have hardly risen for me during that period"

    I find car insurance much higher here, or would do if I wasn't priced out of car ownership

    Taxes foncieres and habitation are about 1200 euros for small flat.

    Water 75 euros a month

    Electricity 80 euros a month.

    I have been able to cut down, but don't know any more how that compares with the UK

    The cost of food I can't compare, but it certainly seems to be hurting the French

    see here  seen on another Forum


    Yikes 'Water 75 euros a month ' we pay 150 euros a year for water ( we payed £1200 a year ~ 6 years ago in the U.K. for water, fixed rate and no chance of getting a water meter)

    Electricity is 150 euros a month and the cost of food, well I would say it's risen by 10% a year for the last 3-4 years. If I had to earn a French wage of say 40,000 - 80,000 euros a year, I would say it would be far cheaper to live in the U.K. given French taxation.

  14. You can buy them fresh in the Grand Frais store, but not sure how wide spread they are. Also if you have a oriental restaurant local you could ask them. Our local (Narbonne/Aude) Grand Frais stocks an excellent range of oriental fresh fruit and veg.
  15. I don't mind the 'hunt' but now it is 7 days a week, they start just across the river from us with howling dogs a 6.30am and the worst is they are lazy [email protected] and don't venture far, so while we are taking coffee outside, all you can hear his the sounds of shots ringing out in the valley. You see them here standing by the roadside, rifle in hand waiting for the boar to come to them. I've found over the last few years hunters having less and less regard for other members of the community. So much so, that a lot of residents who never bothered one way or another have become anti-hunt, even if not voiced out loud.

  16. I always cook a whole duck on our rotisserie. Perfect every time.

  17. try www.cg(followed by department No).fr you should find useful links.

  18. [quote user="Clair"]As long as they're on the tree, they're his. If they fall on your land, they're yours, On the roadside, they're anyone's.


    Hence the term 'Wind Fall Tax' for fruits that are not of your labour.

  19. I think Foire aux Vins is still running in the supermarkets and there are some excellent Bordeaux bargains to be had.

    Blanquette de Limoux and Cremant de Limoux are excellent value and can be spiced up with a slash of Creme de Cassis
  20. Shop online. We have brought every thing from our Smeg oven, light fixtures, moble phones and even the kitchen sink (I kid not).

  21. There are a lot of porkers in France. During the summer months they come down from the north and and let it all hang out on the beaches here (Aude). The local population on the other hand is slim for the most part. Outside of the summer it is unusual to see obese people.

  22. It is even worse then the old website, and thats saying something!

  23. La Trompette des Morts, I can resist buying them and serving them to guests :-)

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