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  1. Weather:


    U.K. weather forecast said severe winds and rain last night may cause some coastal flooding.

    I haven't caught up with the news today but have not heard of cancellations.

    Sounds as though you have made the right decision.


  2. Good luck Coco, hope all will go according to plan.

    When we first started having work done by French, well established  artisans approx. 5 yrs ago, some asked for some money up front when presenting the devis, though they waived that aside and AFIK we have never paid anything in advance.

    Now we know them all very well they seem to trust that we will pay up (which we do of course) even though we often disappear back to the U.K. while they are working.

     Bon courage and fingers crossed.


  3. So it isn't just me then.

    or me!

    I wish they had the equivalent of the 1471 service, but they don't


  4. [quote]I know you have to sign an attestation to say that you have owned the house for more than two years, and whatever "age" the house has to be, then I presume mine has surpassed it (1734) as all previous...[/quote]


    Sorry I can't help with the correct rate for the barn conversion.

    I know you have had your house for a while now but for the benefit of others reading this I am fairly certain that it is only the house that has to be over two years old to qualify for the 5,5% TVA (if that is applicable to the job required) so if someone had only just purchased an old house they would still qualify.



  5. VMC ? = "Ventilation Mecanique Controle" I think

    (sorry I can't manage the accents on here)

    We are having two of these fitted and this is one of my most recently acquired pieces of house terminology.



  6. All is now revealed!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    When I went into Google and spelt the word properly there was loads of information!

    Angela and Missyesbut you are both right.

    The Bleuet (flower) was chosen because of the colour of the uniform of the young soldiers, who were known as "Bleuets",

    Note: I tried to put in a link here but my computing skills are not up to it


    P.S. I shall now go away and write BLEUET 100 times for homework


  7. Thanks for that Missyesbut.

    I was at an Anglo- French party on Saturday night and a charming French man gave me more or less the same explanation, saying that poppies and cornflowers are both flowers of the field. The British chose the poppies as their symbol and the French chose the cornflower as a symbol for France. I hadn't thought of the tricolore connection.

    I was in France for Armistice day this year our local Maire read out the official words and then kept adding odd sentences with his own comments.


  8. However, I do believe that schools are obliged to provide toilet paper and soap, things for basic hygiene.

    This situation of dirty toilets, lack of paper and soap etc. sounds horrendous and not what we would would expect in this century. Do they have an equivalent "environmental / public health / sanitary inspection department" within the French system? if so I would be inclined to mention the matter to them if the school is prepared to do nothing about it. After all if this occurred in a restaurant, if reported it would be in danger of being closed down.



  9. [quote]I think the original Saint Catherine story was that she was a religious girl who was married against her wishes and refused to sleep with her husband or give up her religion. As a result, she was tie...[/quote]

    Chrissie, thanks for giving us the rest of the story.

    Re. the Danish custom, I think the Swedes have a similar one but not with pepper pots.


  10. Why do the French wear a Bluet de France (Cornflower) sticker for Armistice day ?

    We have our Poppies in the U.K. which I think are a great symbol. I have looked on the internet but cannot find much information.


  11. Molly, I think this Catherine was a martyr and she was burnt hence the connection with the Catherine Wheel.

    Maybe someone else can tell us the whole story.


  12. Gert

    I have sent you a P.M.



  13. Why not just say that this has been posted on the wrong forum and be done with it.


  14. Jc

    I have Swedish friends who will not swim in the Baltic (at their local seaside) as they are worried about what is coming over from Russia, post Chernobyl.

    A difficult topic this one and there don't seem to be any easy answers.


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