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What Are Differences between French, American and British Humor.


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Norman, it's only 10ish, and you've made my day !! [:D]

Talking about humour, I also love Florence Foresti, exceptional in " l'avion de Barbie", for instance..


Gad El Maleh is great , know about " Brian is in the kitchen  " ??[:D] ( remembering when he started learning English in school ...). 

http://youtu.be/7SSkObIf9Ic   ( starting with " I made love with a girl sayign " oh my God , .. and I wondered " how does she know about my first name ?? " [:D][:D][:D] )


I love Franck Dubosc   ( Le Campeur )

http://youtu.be/YEO8DPBcd0k   " You take the apéro ?? " [:D]

http://youtu.be/AfxKIlBDCls  " la bagarre"

 Anne roumanoff    " on ne nous dit pas tout " ( 11/09/2011) ( starting with DSK/ Diallo)



The one I dislike is Jean-Marie Bigard, too rude, really, and I'm not easily shocked !

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I have ambivalent reactions towards Remi Gaillard, but some of his sketches are hilarious - others are just a bit too slapstick, or even a bit cruel - what I do like is his  disregard for authority...take your pick, there are LOADS of them, and he is fairly local to me.


Another local comedian, who is fabulous on stage - always full house whenever he appears. I don't know how well-known he is nationally, as he is quite alternative - Daniel Villanova. Not many videos, unfortunately...


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[quote user="Visvaldis"].... I wonder how the average French person would react to Monkey Dust.[/quote]


Giv'us some I'll tell you. 

American humour to me is : Woody Allen, Bob Hope, Georges Burns, Jack Lemmon & Walter Mathau... not much contemporary as you can see so can't really say... though I did like the satire and  irreverence of 'The Daily Show' with Jon Stewart.

French humour : Coluche, Thierry Le Luron, Guy Bedos, Fernandel, Bourvil, Fernand Reynaud, some lyrics in Pierre Perret's & George Brassens songs, Anne Roumanov ... It's been so long that I've listened  to or seen any French comics [:(]

British humour : Monty Python, Have I got news for you, Not the 9 o'clock news, the first serie of Little Britain (2nd and any subsequent were gross and repetitive) with Matt Lucas and David Walliams and their latest offering 'Come fly with me', Wallace & Gromit, Rowan Atkinson, Billy Connelly, Peter Cook and Dudley Moore, the 2 Ronnies, Kenny Everett, Only fools and horses, any hard gritty humour from some northern comedians... 

Definitely not a fan of Benny Hill (I don't understand what my father sees in that kind of humour, absolutely laps it up), Tommy Cooper, Ken Dodd, Bruce Forsyth, Terry Wogan. The latter 2 are not truly comics they just think they are funny ....

Oh dear ... shows I've been in UK rather longer than originally intended [:P]

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Thanks much for the names, I'll do some research.

I never found Bob Hope to be very funny. But Jon Stewart is humorous. Stephen Colbert is excellent because of his sarcasm and wit. Generally, too many American humorists are fearful of breaking American taboos, and losing audiences.

I also like Bill Maher for his political and social views. He's bold and fearless.
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I don't find Florence Foresti funny at all. I think that she would be if she were a better mimic. I'd mark her quoi, 2/20 and that is just for effort.

The old french comedians who have made me laugh the most are deFunes and Bourvil. deFunes in Rabbi Jacob, I was on my knees crying with laughter  at that film and that was when I hardly understood any french at all.

My taste in comedy is eclectic, but does not run to Benny Hill or Jerry Lewis, or Jim Carrey etc I enjoy slapstick until the person doing it is acting like they are retarded.



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Getting back to the OP. That's what I wondered, how the French react to biting social and political humor. Also, I might add religious to that. I know many Americans would be outraged if their religious beliefs were the subject of humor.

I always have the feeling that France would not be so swift to condemn any humor which goes beyond the conventional.

My personal views are like the adage: Nothing is sacred.
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Comediens are a bit love them or hate them, I cannot stand Florence Foresti, something about her makes my skin crawl, Franck Dubosck does so in equal measure but he is undoubtably talented and I do find a lot of his stuff very funny, its just he always seems so smug and in love with his-self, a true celeb perhaps.

My favorite is Dany Boon, he is very very popular around here but then is probably a cousin to 90% of locals!

Rabbi Jakob what a great film, this is my favorite scene with a different soundtrack


Bourvil, - just hilarious in pretty much everything he was cast in.


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I have a liking for comedians who ridicule traditional values for their absurdity. For instance, the type of style which make the bourgeoisie boil with rage and demand that such comedians should be censored or jailed. I do not count myself among the bourgeoisie and view many social conventions as ridiculous. For American comedians I especially like Bill Maher. The so called 'decent, hard-working patriots' despise him with a passion. He's been called insane, anti-American, a communist, and various other names. But I appreciate what he says, like 'never underestimate American stupidity'.

Since many years I have admired the Surrealists and Dadaists for their ridicule of society. They did not present their views with humor, but had plenty of criticism for society's holy cows.

I know that my mode of thinking is not popular and likely to be condemned. However, as a nihilist, I believe life is absurd. That includes society. I think more comedians should have the courage to view accepted social attitudes as absurd.

This is why I am interested in comedians in France and how the outcasts are treated by the public.

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