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burnt tops on quiches


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Why not the booze?  It's not the Careme yet, is it?

My neighbour has a copin who makes the most wicked Pineau.  Now I don't like Pineau as it reminds me of cough medicine but this Pineau, made with Cognac, is definitely more-ish!

BTW, I have made the pastry case this afternoon, alas, using the foil, the ceramic beads, all the paraphernalia.  But, it looks OK and I have wrapped it in foil to take away with me tomorrow.

And, Jan, I do like the sound of your recipe.  I have a recipe book (I think it's a Good Housekeeping one) from 1970 and I must say that the recipes are all very homely and economical.  Don't call for out -of- season or exotic ingredients.  If I compare say, the cheese scones from there with Delia's, I can see how much richer  and more expensive Delia's recipes are.

I quite like the simplicity of the old recipes (in fact, am rediscovering them now everything's gone so expensive) and they remind me of a gentler age (I mean as compared to these brash times) when it's OK to use, say, tinned soup as in your recipe instead of something more expensive and time consuming to do.

In this book, the list of ingredients are always shorter than that for similar, "modern" recipes and, I think more tellingly of all, the portions are so much smaller but then we didn't have an explosion of obesity in those days, did we? 

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Old recipes are best in some respects, especially this time of year with casseroles and stews.  My 27 year old Slo Cooker Book recipe for liver and bacon casserole is rich and yummy.  I have two Good House Keeping cook books.  One printed in 1968, the other in 1989.  The Devil's Food Cake recipe in the 1968 version is far superior to the 1989 version.  OK, calorie wise, maybe not so good, but I can't tear myself away from the old recipe.  As for Marguerite Patten, well, all sorts of lovely recipes using easy to obtain ingredients   The 1968 version has a section in the middle on different coloured pages with dishes from around the world, but the 1989 version doesn't have this.  The christmas cake recipe in the 1968 version is also spot on.  However, the chutney recipes in the 1989 version are good, especially the apple chutney and green tomato chutney.  Also the Indian Apple Chutney - same recipe with a few extra spicy bits.  Great with a curry.

I made a victoria sponge cake using Delia's recipe the other day and it came out like a biscuit, it was so thin.  Although Delia's Bread Pudding recipe is delish.

I also have the Lark Rise to Candleford Cookbook, but I've not done anything from that yet.  Maybe one day.

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I'm with you on that.

My dear grand mother, who is still alive ( and I'm 44) ,  hand wrote a book for me, with her best recipes, and believe me it is a treasure.

I showed it to some friends who said " this book is precious, really"..

Good recipes, sometimes easy , sometimes not so much, but always delicious.

My gran was an excellent  cook, often referred to as a " cordon bleu " . ( I say " was " because unfortunately now, she is bed ridden following a brain stroke..)

Today, yet, for lunch, I ve cooked chicken Garam Massala, my son is crazy about it ! [:)]



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Suninfrance, I have a GH cookbook from 1975, a few years later than yours, and another dated 1998, bought because my beloved original book had fallen apart due to much use. Until I bought that I only used recipes in the FH magazines.

I love the former, now in even worse condition, and hate the latter. It's got recipes in much smaller font, and given a lot less space generally. I got it before my eyesight worsened, but didn't like it.

Since reading your post, I've decided to go to my local charity shop with the latter tomorrow, and to go online to Amazon to look for something like the former! Thank for that spur to action! ;o)
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