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Do Dishwashers has self-destruct timers after 1 year old?


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My 'Indesit' Dishwasher after only being 1 year and 1 month old has decided that it does not like to heat the water anymore. Do you think manufacteurs put a timer on them to stop working after a year ?.

Local repair shop has quoted me 218E to repair it as it's aparently the control board that is faulty...did wonder if they were having me on as being a English woman only speaking basic French.

It cost me £219 in the Uk before we moved out here. I told him that it will be cheaper to buy another one, so not too worry, but since having a quick look at our local store, was amazed to see that the cheapest was 305E and was a brand I have never heard of.

Can anyone recomend who I could try or an online shop they can recomend that you have purchased from as I am not familar with any of the online stores that come up on a search.

Many thanks, Vida
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When we bought this house 7 years ago a washing-machine was in with the items bought from the seller so he could make a quicker exit.We had in hand a new washing machine in case of problems.7 years later the spare is still a spare even though the original is put to almost daily use. Was every day when the B&B was up and running with 5 years very heavy use. The only problem we had was looking up the makers name on the web, unfortunately the same as a porn star in America and no I won't post the name, just surprized the machine is so square.

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