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I know of two that sell Muntons and Brewferm kits:

http://www.lebonplan.fr; not used them myself, but a friend rates them.

http://www.brouwland.com; my order worked out slightly cheaper here than lebonplan; good customer service, and a wide range of equipment as well as the kits. Based in Belgium.

Or if you're ordering enough to warrant a fixed delivery charge of £15, try http://brew-it-yourself.co.uk; don't expect them to reply to emails, but they do publish a phone number.

Hope that helps.

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 I used brew it yourself  uk shop to get the beer making kit from, and very good service it was too.

Dog , on the site  http://www.brew-it-yourself.co.uk/beerbase.php if you are after the taste of a certain beer, eg fullers pride, they find something that tastes similar , woodfordes admiral reserve in that case.

I have found what I was after in France now, thanks to the google links and some Coopers classic old dark ale will be en route soon [B][B]

Cheers all

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