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  1. page relating to 1as and 8TI etc [IMG]http://i44.tinypic.com/2i9rqxx.jpg[/IMG] I hope it will be readable, edit can someone make these links work please?
  2. OK the notes for 1AS are quite long, and there is a section there that relates to Régime des fonctionnaires civils et militaires; but it doesnt' specifically mention pensions originating from abroad Onto the notes for 8TI Conventions internationales, fonctionnaires internationaux, travail à l'ètranger , lignes TI à TN it is as I have always done. I am happy to scan the relevant parts and post it if anyone wants to go with the book
  3. Ah yes, I did the same last year and posted my email reply here too, (though I had put it into english) and I was told 8 TI ! I have in front of me the Guide Pratique du Contributable for this year and I'm just reading the note for 1as now, so i will get report back in a few minutes.
  4. lovely thank you. I don't know your circs but if its any help if you get a governmental pension taxed in the UK, then you put it in 8TI according to the help notes for 2047
  5. May 9th and either I can't find it or have missed the annual debate about what exchange rate we should be using! So come on what is it ?
  6. Thanks to both Idun and Norman, we'll continue with him on ours then.
  7. I'm happy to keep him on mine , less paperwork. I understand that the extra part will help reduce our tax bill, but does it have any disadvantages ?
  8. Last year son now aged 20 was included on our tax form, this year he has had a letter saying that he can register in his own right. He doesn't have any declarable income, so until he does or reaches 25 is it better that he is included on ours?
  9. We can't speak ill of the dead? Can I hold people to that when Gordon Brown, Tony Blair or any other out-of- favour-on-this-board person dies ?
  10. I won't mourn her passing and that is about as much as I can say on the subject without getting banned!
  11. Woolovers are great . either the UK £ site or the € French one. Great deals, frequent special offers, one postage cost even if the send things individually and excellent quality for not much more that you'd pay for market tat.
  12. When people thought this was a straightforward arson case and Widdicombe was first in the queue to say that no one could call Mick Phillipot a bad father, the question of his benefits etc mattered not one jot. Now he has been found guilty of arson and motivated out of his desire to try and frame an ex girlfriend. He stabbed a girlfriend when he was in the army and working and killed kids when he was receiving benefits. The guy is a thoroughly nasty piece of work, full stop. edited
  13. I have noticed that the more right wing elements of the uk press and the tory party seem to have renamed welfare payments as "handouts". However there are a number of issues here. Firstly workers pay National Insurance to ensure when they fall on hard times and lose their jobs or cant work through illness that they are "insured" but too many people now see this as some kind of private savings pot to which if they have had full employment throughout their working life that they are suddenly entitled to in retirement. Secondly there are those that cannot work through disability illness who suddenly find that the rules are being changed and those who were classified as disabled/ unable to work through illness one month suddenly find thanks to IDS that the rules have changed although their illness may have not , and they lose their benefit with little warning or planning and are then labelled as " fit for work" or benefit cheats by the daily wail. The real fraudsters in whatever shape and guise are there, but I don't think they are prolific as the government would have us all think and of course they need clamping down on. but thee NATIONAL INSURANCE system was set up to help those in most need and that is how it should remain, if a person has had the ability or luxury or working full time in secure employment for 40 years,, they should give thanks not moan that they haven't been able to take anything out. Would I or could I survive on a state "handout",? not blooming likely and neither would I want to try. The UK has a duty of care towards its citizens , and should support the less able and I am glad that I live in another country which does the same. If the rules are that people who leave the UK can claim winter fuel allowance , then that is that.Though I think it should be means tested, so that those who need it most get it regardless as to how much you may have "paid in".
  14. [quote user="sweet 17"]Can someone please say what "tajine spices" are? Personally, I am not that keen on olives, especially in cooking, though I have used a few black ones when making something à la Landaise. I will nibble on a few "special" olives, those very expensive ones in oil and garlic that you buy in markets or épiceries with a nice glass of something alcoholic but all our French friends seem to love eating the things. I really cannot, for the life of me, see their attraction. [/quote] The tajine spices I use are ready blended and sold in a plastic pot, the marque is la conquete des saveurs . In my local supermarket, their range of spices is never with the schwartz ones etc but with the dried fruits and nuts and they are always much cheaper. I forgot to mention that the recipe has a couple of chopped onions in it too.
  15. [quote user="Benjamin"]I am deeply disturbed by the attitude of some posters to immigrants which, to be brutally frank, are more rooted in the UK of the 60s, 70s and 80s. I grew up near to Wolverhampton as a teenager and young man and I worked in Wolverhampton for a time. Enoch Powell's Rivers of Blood speech in April 1968 set the tone but my opinions were formed, erroneously as it happens, from listening to white people around me. Over the years and watching the immigrant population grow out of their initial environment and begin to integrate into their surroundings (be it housing, jobs or outward lifestyles) I gradually realised that my opinions were wrong. I am pleased to say that it's been a pleasure to have them changed. I liken it now to how, since returning to live in the UK almost three years ago, we have, and continue to, adjusted our opinions of the younger generation. Grow up. Get a Life and move on but don't blame immigrants for all the country's woes. [/quote] A virtual pint to that man. A banker, a Daily Mail reader and a benefit claimant are sitting at a table sharing 12 biscuits. The banker takes 11 of them and then says to the Daily Mail reader, “Watch out for the welfare scrounger, he wants your biscuit”. The benefit claimant can easily be replaced with immigrant. What is happening in Greece , eg The Golden Dawn racists (that the UK and western European really don't want to report on and you have to search a bit to find it) is really shocking. The West has lived beyond its means for years and whilst politicians look for new places to plunder, the people look for scapegoats and they are always societies most vulnerable.
  16. Try this one http://ec.europa.eu/justice/civil/family-matters/successions/index_en.htm
  17. It may be worth having a look at this which may be useful in you case eg no children http://ec.europa.eu/justice/civil/family-matters/successions/index_en.htm8BLpTJM5
  18. That is the exact same conversation I have to have with my Mil far too often. It is very frustrating, she blames immigrants for everything despite the fact she moves in a very white world,the only contact she has with foreigners is in the NHS or on some cheap UK holiday and she reluctantly sings their praises. Last time I decided to hit them with some facts but they actually told me that they prefer to go on their "gut instinct" and what they can see. If they last that long they both plan on voting for the UK to leave the EU as if that is going to turn the clock back to 1950s Britain and with no thought as to how it might affect their very much European grandchildren.
  19. Not for the purists perhaps, but the recipe came from a tub of preserved lemons. I cooked it in the slow cooker and it was a hit. I had more lidl cuisses de poulet than the original recipe needed so it was adapted it a little. 8 Chicken thighs 2 lemons quarted ( the original recipe used preserved lemons but they aren't cheap and I used plain lemons the next time and they were fine) 3 or 4 Carrots and courgettes fairly thick cut; 4 (or more) potatoes halved or quartered depending on size though you can jiggle about with the veg) green olives, I used a sachet of stoned apero olives. good glug of olive oil. 6 soup spoons of tajine spices large wine glass of water; All of it goes in; give it a stir from time to time and adjust liquid as needed. The spices I used thickened with the water, chicken and courgette juices, you may need to add a little water but don't drown it. Very nice with some bread to mop up the sauce. As I said not for purists but a simple, economic and tasty meal and served a lot. Mrs G EDITTED needs a couple of chopped onions too.
  20. Any political party that has the ability to attract the knuckledragging dregs of humanity whose politics were at more at home with the almost defunct BNP, is no cause for a party.
  21. All clean now. Mrs G bought some javel tablets from aldi and put three down let them fizz and within hald an hour it was spot less. I think that the limescale must have been affected a bit by the spirit of salts as the tablets on their own haven't made a great difference to the loo upstairs. We do plan on changing the downstairs bathroom eventually but we have a visitor next week that can't do stairs;
  22. I have now put the whole bottle in and I'm amazed nothing has happened. The bowl has been scrubbed, left and scrubbed some more and it has barely made a difference; God knows what the last owners ate! Tomorrow, the water will be drained out and Mrs G will throw everything she's got at it; including the pumice stone suggestion.
  23. Nay, it was in with the paint, next to the white spirit. The label says to dilute 1:4 but as the bowl already has water in it, can it go in neat or will it fizz and splutter too much? If it can go into the bowl undiluted, with the water already there how much will I need? I have a litre bottle of it. Gloves and goggles are on standby.
  24. Cillit bang hasn't even made a whimper, so i'm going to try again to find it today. Though they do have a habit in shops locally of putting items that you think would be in one aisle with similar products somewhere completely different just to challenge or confuse the customer :/
  25. Having searched the forum and discovering that old lime scaled lavs are not exclusive to chez nous, I ventured out to find score some acide hydrochlorique and cannot find any. I have bought a couple of other things that promised to do the job and have failed miserably, (not tried the caustic soda yet) brico depot, bricorama and castorama are within range as are most super markets, can anyone post a picture or link to where I can find it in France, if not I can get some from Amazon. It is a very thick crust
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