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  1. Yes, it's genuine (if that was what you were asking?). The name change has been in the pipeline for several months.
  2. "Things like caller display, call signal, extra message services etc. These are all paid for extras to your fixed line bill " But with this tariff, they are all included, aren't they? Ce forfait comprend : ... Des services offerts et activés automatiquement : la présentation du nom, le signal d'appel, le transfert d'appel The only additional charge seems to be if you actually use the Call Transfer?
  3. "artistically presented by a craftsman cook then " "Craftsman cook" does sound a bit clumsy to me; how about simply "artistically presented by a true craftsman"? My thinking is that, given the context, it's pretty obvious you're talking about a cook and not a potter!
  4. I'm a big fan of Currencyfair, but the problem (in this respect) is that each transfer has to be by BACS, so 3 days in and another 1-2 days out. Depending on how little you're happy putting through at a time, and how much you need to change, that could take quite a while!
  5. Unless there's been some recent legislation... My current prescription (issued last July) is renewable for one year. The previous one was worded slightly differently; renewable once a month up to twelve times. (This is for Ventolin and Symbicort, so not particularly heavy-duty, and I was diagnosed aged 4, so it's not a new development that needs to be monitored more regularly).
  6. Thanks all. Unfortunately, as the assorted agricultural 'stuff' we inherited with the house didn't include one of Mik's 'shredders', I think we'll be going for Bosch. Thanks again.
  7. Hi We seem to accumulate ever-bigger piles of prunings - just the usual stuff, shrubs, hedges, roses and some conifers - that's too big to reasonably compost and/or too spiky to leave where we have animals, so I think the time has come to buy a garden shredder. Does anyone have any recommendations regarding good makes, models, functions to look out for (or avoid), etc? Given the difference in price, I'd prefer an electric model as, while there's a fair amount of stuff throughout the year, none of it is particularly heavy duty (anything too large to shred/chip just becomes firewood). I've done a little research and Bosch Rapid models seem to get good reviews generally. On the other hand, as I've been very impressed with our Stihl brushcutter, I'm also tending towards a Viking GE105 which seems good value for money. Thanks in advance
  8. Hi Allan This might vary depending on what versions you're using, but it should be something like this: in Safari preferences, under General, you'll see an option for "Default web browser"; simply select Firefox from the list.
  9. [quote user="knee gel"] if you mislay/lose the card you lose the money that's on it and can't reclaim it. [/quote] If you notify them, they'll block the card to prevent aany further transactions. For any transactions in the interim: "We will refund any incorrectly executed transaction immediately unless we have any reason to believe that the incident has been caused by a breach of this agreement, gross negligence or we have reasonable grounds to suspect fraudulent activity." If using a debit card, the Fairffx card is loaded within about five minutes, so you only need to load as much as you need for, say a shopping trip or for a day's spending. And of course, the card's useless without the PIN for personal transactions. We've had a Farifx card for some time, and are really happy with it.
  10. "I think that I read somewhere (someone please correct me if I'm wrong), that the guarantee under UK banks only exists if you are resident in UK. I do stand corrected on this." No, the FSCS covers you (up to its limits, of course) regardless of residence.
  11. "Does the insurer pay for the fitting of the counter?" Free fitting, €60 to remove at the end of your contract (I'd be getting that back in Year 1 alone. "Oh and is the breakdown cover included?" From memory, optional extra at 0.03c per km. If you google "code promo amaguiz", there are usually codes available for either the first 1000km, or one of the other add-ons, free for the first year.
  12. Thanks Brodie I've done some reading on French forums and most people seem pleased with them (those who can get past the "it's too cheap to be any good" mindset!) A couple of people with claims were happy with their handling, which is always the acid test, so I'm going to sign up myself next month. Thanks again for the reply.
  13. Hi Gardener Any chance of telling us what site you're using, so I can add it to my favourites for next time? Thanks
  14. Hi I know of two that sell Muntons and Brewferm kits: http://www.lebonplan.fr; not used them myself, but a friend rates them. http://www.brouwland.com; my order worked out slightly cheaper here than lebonplan; good customer service, and a wide range of equipment as well as the kits. Based in Belgium. Or if you're ordering enough to warrant a fixed delivery charge of £15, try http://brew-it-yourself.co.uk; don't expect them to reply to emails, but they do publish a phone number. Hope that helps.
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