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Long term lets to French people working locally


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We have had our gite for 4 years and up until now everyone renting it has either been from the UK or French people just wanting to rent for a short period.  However we have suddenly begun receiving enquiries from people who are employed locally wanting to rent it for several months. 

I am aware that if the period of stay goes past October there are different regulations - we cannot evict people during the winter etc.  However, can anyone point me in the direction of some standard French terms and conditions for letting furnished property for a period of several months?

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My main concern would be the compulsory checks:


documents à annexer au bail


dossier de diagnostic technique

Il comprend :
  • le

    diagnostic de performance énergétique (à

    compter du 1.7.07) ;
  • le

    constat de risque d'exposition au plomb (à compter du 12.8.08)

  • un

    état des risques, dans les zones couvertes par un plan

    de prévention des risques technologiques ou naturels et

    dans les zones de sismicité (renseignements auprès

    de l'ADIL).

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    Medium term!    We can't do long term cos we have bookings from next March onwards.  However as far as we have been concerned up until now 3 or 4 months was long term!  I do realise that it isn't - however it is very different to the way we normally let the gite - hence the enquiry.

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    We have been thinking this over extremely seriously - and given that we already have a booking for next March (ie during the period when people can't be evicted) we have decided that we won't do any lets for people working - just carry on with the way we have been doing it up until now: holidays, house hunting etc.

Many thanks for your help.

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