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moving from uk to gard region, need advice and friends

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Hi there, we are looking at a property near Uzes in Gard and I would love to hear from any brits that have moved there specially mums with young kiddies.  My husband speaks fluent French I only speak a tiny bit!!!  we have a two year old and a baby on route. Hoping to move over there in January so our little one will be 3 and the baby 7 months.  I only know about the area through the internet. Im worried about having a young baby and not being able to speak the language specially if I need a doctor or God forbid a hospital!!  Do the health centres in that area speak English?  Its going to be hard to begin with so I really will need some support of friends, that I will hopefully meet that already live there or around that area.  I hope this forum will help me out. Any advice would be appreciated!!!


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Can't really offer advice, but I recall one summer day a few years ago, when we found ourselves (accidentally) in Uzès on the day of the horse-running through the streets. The town was packed, and at lunch-time the restaurants were doing great business - as long as you wanted moules-frites!  A lovely day, and the town seemed very pleasant. I hope you enjoy it.


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Murphyworm ..................

You've obviously settled on this area and I'm sure that you'll be very happy here.  Your concerns over healthcare are understandable with two very young children, but I can only speak from experience in this very area:

  • our GP is German, excellent and speaks fluent English
  • our dentist has good (if less than fluent) English
  • absolutely no idea re arrangements for very young children, but doubt that they're primitive

Do pm me if you'd like any further info or just a chat about the area. Would be happy to try to allay any fears or research any specifics for you.  



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