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  1. thank you.... I feel alot happier now thinking my son can stay at the maternell with his friends and A school that has been very good for my daughter with great teachers of which 4 can speak English. they dont speak English to my kids always french. But when my kids ask something in English at least the teacher understands what they are asking and can then help them. and because of this my daughter now 5 has really excelled in learning French. . thanks for all your help everyone.
  2. thanks for all the replies. My son is in Moyen and my daughter grand. but next year she goes to a private school. we have not moved yet will be in 2 or 3 months. I know the kids can stay until the next school year change. Im going to visit the mayor on Saturday in the new village. will be interesting to see what he says about his school. plus I have to think that my son will be getting another 7 months of learning French so will have had almost 2 years of it under his belt...... so will be ok going into a school that no English exisists?
  3. what is that? and who do I ask? the village mairie they are in? thanks
  4. hi has anyone moved to an ajoining village to where the kids are already in school, to find out they HAVE to attend the school in the new village? is there a way I can keep my kids in the same school they are in now???
  5. hi everyone I live in Thoiry west side of Paris area 78. Im a mum of 2 and in Sept they both will be at creche a school full time. so its time for me to get learning this language. Im desperately looking for classes either in my area or Paris that cater for someone tha cannot get there till they have dropped the kids at school. I just cant seem to find a part time course anywhere. only student full day courses!!! can anyone help me???
  6. Hi again....  since joining I seem to get so much comfort in the fact Im not alone!!!  we are moving to west side of Paris next July I have a 3 yr old daughter and 11mth baby boy.  My daughter at them moment goes to nursey school 4 days a week and absolutely loves it. my 11 month goes twice a week.  Lovely to have a break!!!  anyway this French move is due to my husband working in Paris for the last year he only comes home on weekends so its really tearing our family apart specially my 3 yr old.  so I decided to give in an dmake the move.  to be honest Im scarred sh...less about it all.  we have Ellie enrolled in the local French school who say the teachers do speak some English.  Im worried about how she will fit in..... shes going to be so confussed!!!  has anyone gone through this with a 3 yr old????    I really dont want to put her off going to school.  I will also have to go to school as I dont speak much French.  so the first month or so Im dreading as I will be alone in a village with people I cant even talk too!!!  Ellie cant got to school until Sept so thats nearly two months I will have to be stuck at home with her and the baby.  please someone tell me its going to be ok......Its been so hard already bring up my kids because Daddies not around.   thanks Lisa
  7. Hi everyone..... just wondering if there are any mums out there west of Paris around the Ramboulette area. Im moving over with my husband who is fluent in French.  he has been working in Paris during the week and returning to us in the UK on the weekends.  so we decided to move to France.  we have a 3yr old and a 10 month baby.  The whole move is scarring the hell out of me as I dont speak French Im worried about my 3yr old fitting into the local French school.  I just wondered if there are any English speaking familes I could at least open a line of communication with in that area????  we are moving to a village called Villarceaux outside Thoiry. lisa muir 
  8. hi everyone Im a newy to all this.....Im very hestitant as we are moving to France in July. My husband speaks fluent French and has been working in Paris during the week returning at weekends.  So I have been stuck at home with   3yr old and a 10 months baby.  I have agreed to move over there as I know they will get a good education but its all scarring the hell pout of me!!!  I only speak a few words in French.  We have enrolled our 3 yr old in the local school but my problem is that she wont start until Sept we are due to move on the 1st July right when the French start their 2 month holiday!!!  I will surely go stark raving mad being not only stuck in a country I dont know the language but with two young kids and my 3 yr old if not at school is a REAL HANDFUL!!!  Here she goes to nusery school all the time even when the big schools are on holiday. my 10 moth old also goes twice a week.   Do they have play schools in France where I could send her during the school holidays????  hope someone can help as Im really worried.  also if there are any Eglish people living in the Ramboullette area I would love to hear from them. We are moving to we are moving to a place west of Paris called Thiory. ok I await some help.  thanks Lisa  
  9. Hi there, we are looking at a property near Uzes in Gard and I would love to hear from any brits that have moved there specially mums with young kiddies.  My husband speaks fluent French I only speak a tiny bit!!!  we have a two year old and a baby on route. Hoping to move over there in January so our little one will be 3 and the baby 7 months.  I only know about the area through the internet. Im worried about having a young baby and not being able to speak the language specially if I need a doctor or God forbid a hospital!!  Do the health centres in that area speak English?  Its going to be hard to begin with so I really will need some support of friends, that I will hopefully meet that already live there or around that area.  I hope this forum will help me out. Any advice would be appreciated!!! Lisa
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