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  1. You see... you try to hijack this thread in yet another direction.
  2. What is noticeable is how a thread where the OP asked a reasonable question, and was getting sensible and helpful replies was Hi-jacked by another poster with nothing helpful to say on the topic. I think the moderators should remove such posts from the original thread and invite the person concerned to post in another topic e.g. "Moaning about everything French" or some such title so the rest of us can go on offering whatever help or information we can about the original topic.
  3. Don't worry about ALBF. He makes a speciality of offering unhelpful and un-asked-for opinions instead of any real information. Puerile attention seeking.
  4. https://www.liberation.fr/environnement/climat/en-direct-tempete-ciaran-records-de-vent-interdiction-de-circulation-electricite-coupee-suivez-toute-lactualite-de-ce-jeudi-2-novembre-20231102_LNVBNIFV5JD7TOGNBXN4YTRHVE/
  5. Lori has a point. Use the Messangerie sécurisée button top right of my picture and it goes through directly and quickly
  6. Seconded. A programme about this type of danger: https://www.france.tv/france-5/direct.html
  7. When I log into my account I have a yellow button 'payer en ligne mes impôts'
  8. I think that it is probably untranslatable given that much of the effect is in the onomatopoeia and assonance, but I had a go Verlaine.mp4
  9. This wonderful Indian summer may be about to end, but it created a nice setting for this Halloween event here: https://www.facebook.com/ville.debeziers/posts/pfbid02NJXBcT5uMmLYJ7VY6sVc7WitQeSztKr76jjFg8a4WYyd35Q4oPeHdvixSNpf3e2Pl
  10. Sometimes people organise a "Vide Grenier" but that takes a lot of organisation and fluency in French: https://vide-greniers.org/24-Dordogne
  11. Their trick is to present a bill for the year and ask you to reply if you wish to cancel, which of course one may be tempted to do especially if like me you always try to avoid Prime, but think that you may have unwittingly ticked a box when you bought something. If you do reply I imagine it may give them access to you Amazon account as you would be asked to log in. I smelled a rat and checked the sender's address which was in South Africa, so I looked the scam up on that site. What is alarming is that they had the correct email for my Amazon account.
  12. I was just been sloppy 🥸, but I would never have expected the Wooly one to quote from the Graunuad😈
  13. Thanks for those kind words. I feel it catches the mood of the times.
  14. Be aware of a fake email with a bill for renewing Amazon Prime video. It is a scam :https://www.arnaques-internet.info/renouvellement.../ Like Comment Share
  15. The proof of the pudding...my FINGers ain't wot they used ter be nor are my eyes🤓
  16. https://www.pour-les-personnes-agees.gouv.fr deals with most aspects of aging and where to get help
  17. A sombre Autumn poem by Baudelaire, which suits the mood of the moment. The video is of me reading my own translation : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Attdwwyd-Ik Chant d'automne I Bientôt nous plongerons dans les froides ténèbres; Adieu, vive clarté de nos étés trop courts! J'entends déjà tomber avec des chocs funèbres Le bois retentissant sur le pavé des cours. Tout l'hiver va rentrer dans mon être: colère, Haine, frissons, horreur, labeur dur et forcé, Et, comme le soleil dans son enfer polaire, Mon coeur ne sera plus qu'un bloc rouge et glacé. J'écoute en frémissant chaque bûche qui tombe; L'échafaud qu'on bâtit n'a pas d'écho plus sourd. Mon esprit est pareil à la tour qui succombe Sous les coups du bélier infatigable et lourd. II me semble, bercé par ce choc monotone, Qu'on cloue en grande hâte un cercueil quelque part. Pour qui? — C'était hier l'été; voici l'automne! Ce bruit mystérieux sonne comme un départ. II J'aime de vos longs yeux la lumière verdâtre, Douce beauté, mais tout aujourd'hui m'est amer, Et rien, ni votre amour, ni le boudoir, ni l'âtre, Ne me vaut le soleil rayonnant sur la mer. Et pourtant aimez-moi, tendre coeur! soyez mère, Même pour un ingrat, même pour un méchant; Amante ou soeur, soyez la douceur éphémère D'un glorieux automne ou d'un soleil couchant. Courte tâche! La tombe attend; elle est avide! Ah! laissez-moi, mon front posé sur vos genoux, Goûter, en regrettant l'été blanc et torride, De l'arrière-saison le rayon jaune et doux! — Charles Baudelaire
  18. Lehaut is quite right, except in our area Emmaus is now no longer accepting stuff. They are overwhelmed, which seems strange given the rampant poverty. There is also the Secours Populaire but I don't think they collect. https://www.secourspopulaire.fr/le-secours-populaire-recherche?tid=361
  19. The thing I find difficult to understand is hatred itself. I have lived a blessed and sheltered life as have many of us born in the UK just after WW2, with the Welfare State and free good education, but I can honestly say that i feel no hatred for anyone, and cannot imagine killing them except perhaps in blind panic of self defence.
  20. We have a very similar situation developing without the posh new development. Our Maire has a programme of 'whitening the sepulchre' by refurbishing the façades without addressing the social issues. I call it 'cosmetic surgery' or in a more colourful image " une vielle p*te qui se maquille pour attired de nouveaux clients sans changer sa cullote" I won't even begin on the plague of AirBnB and how it contributes to the scarcity of affordable housing for low-paid essential workers. As for the word gentrification I think the author is referring to Canadian French when he uses the word " embourgeoisement. In France it is https://www.linternaute.fr/dictionnaire/fr/definition/gentrification/
  21. NormanH

    Macron II?

    I sent you an article about him by mail
  22. How the French media saw the match: "le choc des détéstés" https://www.liberation.fr/sports/rugby/coupe-du-monde-de-rugby-lafrique-du-sud-remporte-le-choc-des-detestes-et-rejoint-les-all-blacks-en-finale-20231021_FW4RD4SZRNC7VPETL2SU2PGAJI/
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