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  1. I agree about the wrong connections theory. I did exactly the same with a new thermostatic mixer with identical results. I even took mine off and returned it as faulty and it was only when I was installing the new one that I realised what I had done. So I reversed the feeds and it has been fine ever since. [Www]
  2. There must be Norman as I have not received the forms for a couple of years now. I vaguely recall there being a box somewhere about saving paper by filing online and I suspect I may have crossed this which has resulted in just a reminder to file online. I'll remember to save this next year as it seems to be the only notification of the teledeclarant number under these circumstances.
  3. If you filed online last year and they haven't sent you the forms this year you should have had a 'notice to file' - just a one page letter telling you to file online. The teledeclarant number is on that. If like me you threw this in the bin then use the contact us button on the impots website and give them all your details including date of birth and they email you the references you need in a day or so. It's a very efficient service.
  4. Hello dear. I've just clicked reply to your post and I have been able to login using exactly the same details as on the main login button i.e. those which I was told were incorrect ! [8-)]
  5. I wonder how we stand on existing balances though. I topped up ages ago in the knowledge that a chargeable event every 80 days was enough to keep my credit. I would still expect that to be so. I won't be renewing though - I think these expiring credits are theft and should be looked at by the EU. [:@]
  6. Text blue or black on blue ! Text too small ! Horrible images down the sides !! For me a forum is about being able to read the content but these changes seem to make that as difficult as could be.[:(]
  7. Update - went to Perigueux tax office this morning and was told to ignore it ! Apparantly in their system micro-BIC is the same as AE and I am still registered as an AE. [:D]
  8. Thanks papaver. That's a relief about the TVA. What I mean about the extra 10% is that under AE my charges would be 20.7% of turnover but under micro-BIC I would pay 45% on 66% of my turnover (after 34% abattement) i.e. 30%. Are you trading as a business advisor ?
  9. I work mainly in UK but occassionally get requests to give some support to clients online from France. I decided the best way to stay legal to do this was to register as an Autoentrepreneur as the actual work/fees involved would be minimal. The registration all seemed to go well and I received a siret number describing me as "Conseil pour les affaires et autres conseils de gestion". This seemed about right. Followed by lots of papers from RSI, RAM, URSSAF etc. However yesterday I received a letter from the impots office informing me that I was registered under the Micro-BIC regime and the TVA regime de base. This regime will cost me 10% extra in charges and I certainly don't want to be TVA registered (if that's what it means). I intend to go in to question this but would like to be pre-warned if I have missed something. I know some professions cannot come under AE but had thought I was OK. Has anyone else had any experiences like this or had an AE registration refused ? What happened then ? Thanks.
  10. Thanks both, that's exactly what I was looking for. The Optimale package is the one I had seen before.
  11. I'm sure I read somewhere of a package where Orange bundle line rental and internet all in one deal but search as I may I cannot find it on the Orange site. We currently pay separately (FT) for our 16€ per month phone line then (Orange) 33€ for broadband/TV/free calls/livebox rental but we don't need the last three items. I just want a phone and broadband line. Have I dreamt this ? Is there a cheaper deal ? Can anyone point me at it ? Thanks in advance.
  12. [quote user="Joe"]They are already in school buses.[/quote] Blimey, that's enlightened. They'll be testing for smoke behind the bike sheds next ! [:P]
  13. On a trip back to UK last summer I injured my wrist. On arriving at A&E I was asked for my name and DoB. The receptionist typed this into the system and asked if I still lived at ***, an address I left when I was 9 years old ! (that is over 40 years ago). I told her no, I now live in France. She simply asked for a UK contact address and that was it. No ID, EHIC, nothing. I may have been lucky but it didn't even seem to cross her mind that there may be an issue.
  14. [quote user="NormanH"] France is in the Euro.. Why post here if you don't feel part of the community? [/quote] Which community Norman ? The forum ? France ? The EU ? The Eurozone ? I don't think being part of any community denies me an opinion or obliges me to blindly follow it's follies. If this community were to elect a communist government I'd have some things to say about that too. The post related to Cameron's veto and whether 'we' are now marginalised. I assume 'we' is the UK and as a UK citizen my views were given from that standpoint. The whole euro project has been a  farce which events are now showing and the ludicrous attempts to fix it in arrears are a farce too. Unfortunately the UK will be dragged in to the resulting mess anyway. By the way I have an interest because I still have a business, a property and money in the UK but live in France. I'm a true European [:D]
  15. Aaah.... Labour governments of the 70's. I can almost smell the candlewax.
  16. I don't see the problem ... we weren't in the euro and we're still not in the euro ! There's talk of a 2 track EU but that has been the case for the past 10 years hasn't it ? I see no case for the UK being asked to bear the biggest hit in the EU sorting out a Eurozone problem. UK didn't join because they foresaw the problems that eventually arose so why should the City have to pay to bail it out. I see the Press are saying UK is now isolated. A bit like the lifeboats were isolated from the Titanic I guess ![:D]
  17. and what will be the knock on effects regarding Sky et al refusing to supply their services to Continental users ? Interesting...
  18. Sara, it would be helpful if you put your location in your profile. Disaster seems to follow you and I'd like to know where to avoid [:D]
  19. [quote user="NickP"]If you took the trouble to read properly and understand what I wrote, you would realise that my comment  about Margaret Thatcher alluded to her being the architect and leader of the "I want it now brigade" But of course your right wing leanings wouldn't allow you to understand or believe that could be true. [:D][/quote] That's disingenuous. Her philosophy could be said to be 'I want to work for it now' as opposed to 'I want someone to give it to me now'. Guess where the latter came from. [:D]
  20. [quote user="NickP"][quote user="Simon-come-lately"][quote user="NickP"] Norman wrote: I would see the roots earlier than Blair and Brown, in the period that launched the power of the Murdoch press, and deregulated markets. Absolutely Norman, Maggie and her co-Horts have a lot more to answer for than the Labour movement. [/quote] Oh for goodness sake change the record - what utter rubbish!!! This isn't about politics !!! Get a grip....and stop making excuses..... It's about bad parenting and yob / gang / mob culture which has somehow become unchallenged in the UK. So these scum don't know the difference between right and wrong ?? B**llocks !! They want it, they want it now and they have absolutely no intention of working or paying for it !  Simon :-) [/quote] Bit like people who can't express themselves without resorting to bad language. [/quote] I thought he expressed himself extremely well, unlike resorting to sterotypes about 1980s politics. Most of these thugs weren't even born when Maggie was in power. They've grown up under handout Labour. Watched a bleater on Sky News just now saying it was because parenting classes had been cut [:-))] and yoof clubs were closing in Slough. I don't see this lot playing pool in the Scout Hut !!
  21. All this talk of those at the bottom, underclass etc is total b***ocks. They are at the bottom because they are lazy, feckless and scum. Being in a gang is not a career, robbing and thuggery is not a career. Both are lifestyle choices. This moral bleating for the poor souls is frankly sickening and some thought should be given to hardworking people whose livelihoods and homes have been destroyed by these low-lifes. My father was born the fourth child of deaf and dumb parents in the slums of the Meadows in Nottingham. His father died when he was 2 years old. He was 7 when the war started. He left school at 14. He never felt the need to join a gang, loot a shop, rob a person, assault a policeman. He brought up 2 sons who went to University. He worked hard, he had morals, he contributed to society. To hear that these 'poor' kids with their Blackberries are doing this because they have the same background as him is utterly disgusting. Theya re doing it because they are greedy and immoral and it's time the rest of society threw the book at them. They don't need policing they need rounding up by troops and putting in camps and then made to learn the work ethic. These are the children of Blair and Brown and the celebrity culture. Take what they can for as little effort as possible. And before anyone raises bankers etc. I put them in the same category, it's not an excuse for the current violence. [:@]
  22. Just a thought ... if this is a residence secondaire presumably it won't be used by your friend in the winter but will be by the neighbours ? Could he just say he can repair the bridge now if they make a contribution but it will have to wait till next summer if they don't ? Who is liable if a heavy lorry falls through it ?
  23. I completed all my account opening online with World First. They did try to ring but I was out so we did it online but I don't imagine getting a call is a problem. The charge for online transfers under £5000 is only £10. The better rates can still make it worthwhile but I still keep an account with 4X Currency who are free but offer lower rates.
  24. I've just started using World First. Transferred £5000 today at 1.1258 with no fees and I send the money to them today and it is in my French account tomorrow. Their online system is also excellent, it took me 30 secs to do the deal on their system and another minute online with my bank to send them the funds. www.worldfirst.com
  25. My lad is now 13 which seems to be phone-envy age. We're happy to upgrade his current clunker so I've been looking at touchscreen phones and packages from providers. I have to say I'm fairly tech-savvy but the complexity of these packages even in English leaves my head spinning. It seems to be what they don't say in the blurb that's the important bit so I'm worried that I'll sign up for something with 2kb internet allowance and he'll be disappointed. So can anyone give me any recommendations ? Phones and a contract for about 20ish € a month. He'll want voice, text, internet, music and camera and anything else cool teens like. I may have to manage down his expectations but understanding what I'm getting would be a start. My phone only does speaking and texting so that's where I come from !
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